What Are Product Marketing Videos? How To Use Them in SaaS Marketing
by Julie Weishaar
August 6, 2022
What Are Product Marketing Videos

What is a product marketing video, and how can you use it effectively for SaaS (software as a service) marketing?

The SaaS industry is undeniably fast-growing and gaining more momentum.

No doubt about that. But with the myriads of businesses out there, you might never be able to stand on equal footing with other competitors without doing something unique.

And that’s where product marketing videos come in!

What Are Product Marketing Videos?

Product marketing videos are audio-visual presentations, testimonial interviews, and other videos targeted at increasing awareness or encouraging product adoption.

54% of people prefer video content to a wall of text from their in-house brand. Another 84% claimed that watching a video promoting the brand would persuade them to make a purchase.

So instead of boring your customers with too much stroke-like information, you can compile a short video that says everything in seconds.

Video content can define your product’s benefits or help potential customers shorten their learning curve.

Interestingly, SaaS companies using product marketing videos experience an increased yearly ROI (returns on investment), doubled lead generation, and increased conversion rate.

How To Use Product Marketing Videos In SaaS Marketing

While you might have all it takes to create a product video, you still need to employ some strategies to maximize your marketing efforts.

Moreover, an improperly set up video marketing campaign can damage your SaaS business’s reputation instead of making it.

Here are the best ways to use product marketing videos for your SaaS business:

Let Product Videos Do The Talking On Your Homepage

Most potential customers will likely come into contact with your homepage before any other section of your website.

And that is where conversion starts, except if your leads come through social media campaigns and other sources unrelated to search engines.

SaaS businesses should use an introductory product video on their website’s homepage and landing pages.

This video must streamline your customer’s product purchase journey and give them a general understanding of what services you provide.

A study showed that landing pages with a product video have 80% more conversions than those without one. So, don’t bombard your customers’ screens with tons of boring texts and overused sales copies.

Product videos on your homepage should contain features and benefits of your product or services provided.

You should leverage customers’ pain points and give them a quick overview of how your product can solve their problems.

A maximum recording time of 5 minutes is enough to impress and retain new customers.

However, you must be careful of stuffing your video with too much information. After all, it is mainly an introduction video, not a how-to video.

Create Product Videos For Social Media Marketing

With over 4.14 billion active users, social media is the right place for SaaS companies to grow their revenue.

You need to create product videos that are well-detailed and engaging for social media campaigns on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Youtube.

Also, product marketing videos used on social media differ from those used on the homepage of a SaaS website. The former is mainly for redirecting customers to a landing page or your homepage.

So product videos tailored for media platforms must be as short as possible and filled with natural allures.

They should convey the necessary information that prompts users to click the call-to-action button.

Make use of a catchy thumbnail and headline to increase the conversion rate.

Build Trust With Testimonial Videos And Client Interviews

SaaS companies can create video interviews of past clients and customers who found their products helpful.

Now, this is not the place for animation. You need to prioritize the use of photography when creating these videos.

Invite your previous successful clients, and prepare a dialogue or script that lets them know which line to follow when testifying about your products.

Each interview clip has to be uniquely different from the others.

For example, if your company provides CRM software, CMS, marketing hub products, and operations software, you need to create a different clip specific to each of these services.

Another good strategy to market SaaS products is to get video testimonials from reputable clients.

88% of customers believe in brands that have third-party testimonies and recommendations.

Use How-To Product Videos To Facilitate Product Adoption

Customers are primarily concerned about how they can use your products to solve their problems.

And if there is no resource to help them sort out all these “how” questions, they will likely check out other brands for answers. That is where explainer videos, also called how-tos, come in.

68% of consumers prefer an explainer video to learn about a new product over infographics, texts, presentations, and other content types.

In contrast to introductory product videos, how-to videos do not focus on benefits or features.

Instead, users are given a comprehensive walkthrough of how a product can be used.

One of the most reputable SaaS companies, Hubspot, has a YouTube channel containing several videos on how customers can use its services.

Each how-to video on their channel features a single product, how customers can use them, and a perfect way to get the most out of what they purchased.

Like Hubspot, other SaaS brands can use how-to videos to shorten their customers’ learning curve and encourage products’ adoption.

Proactively Showcase New Products And Updates

SaaS companies can proactively use product marketing videos to showcase new updates and product releases.

This is a similar tactic employed by movie industries and top tech giants like Apple whenever they have a new update.

Spark excitement for a new product release or a significant update that resolves your customers’ long desired requests.


Product marketing videos can help SaaS companies improve their customer retention rate, revenue turnout, and brand reputation if appropriately used.

Moreover, only a few will spend much time reading through blocks of text.

So instead of irritating your customers with an unnecessarily cluttered homepage, a product marketing video can do better.

What Are Product Marketing Videos? How To Use Them in SaaS Marketing

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