SaaS Video Marketing Strategies for Higher Conversion Rates
by Julie Weishaar
October 16, 2023
SaaS Video Marketing Strategies for Higher Conversion Rates

Utilizing effective video marketing strategies can help increase conversions.

Many people don’t want to spend a few minutes reading an article when there is a video alternative to watch.

Compared to other competitors who primarily use articles to drive conversions, 87% of companies using video marketing report a more positive annual ROI.

They are a crucial component of any marketing strategy.

This article will describe video marketing and how it can significantly improve your conversion rate.

What Is SaaS Video Marketing?

Video marketing is an excellent method of marketing that involves creating short videos capable of boosting a brand’s visibility and reach.

It is very important to create short but informative video content that bridges the distance between your SaaS company and your users.

You can reach a much larger audience than ever before. Building trust and connection that results in a “visitor to client” conversion is also possible.

Few social giants like Facebook and YouTube prioritize video campaigns.

Research shows that your Facebook video campaign is 200% more likely to perform better than a text campaign.

10 Best SaaS Video Marketing Strategies 

Time is changing, and so are people. The marketing strategies that worked once won’t necessarily work again.

You must employ new video creation and optimization methods to stay ahead of the competition against other SaaS companies.

1. Use Effective Storytelling Techniques

Produce a compelling storytelling video that will entice new or existing clients to join your mailing list.

It helps in developing a relationship with your customers.

Storytelling can also pique the interest of your target audience and make them want to know more.

Popular storytelling methods include AIDA. AIDA stands for Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action.

Your compelling and engaging story draws their attention in the first few seconds.

It could be a story about how your services helped a finished brand regain its footing.

2. Reduce Your Video Length as Part of Your Video Marketing Strategy

People prefer short videos, according to research. Short videos have the highest conversion rate regardless of which platform you want to use for your SaaS campaign. 

Sevell shows that the average time new users spend on a website is 45 seconds.

Although that is not enough to boil a single tea leaf, it is still all you have to complete your conversions.

Introduce the main attention-grabbing points in the first few seconds of your video. Keep it short but meaningful.

3. Include Gaining The Trust Of Your Audience in Your Video Marketing Strategy

There are three things needed to convert a one-time visitor into your customer. They are the KLT model, which means “Know, Like, and Trust.”

You should include some introductory or welcome videos on your website. Place these videos in strategic areas such as the “About us” and homepage sections.

Including videos on your website or product page can help you gain a client’s trust and boost conversion rates by up to 46%.

Because your video is essential in conversion, you should invest in this robust video marketing strategy.

4. Upload High-Resolution Videos

One of the biggest mistakes most SaaS startup companies make is using low-quality videos for marketing. It is the 21st century, and no one, not even kids, will like that.

Free or cheap video editing tools might be okay for a start. However, that would result in few conversions.

Use quality video-making tools or request the help of a professional videographer or video editor.

High video quality is essential. Blurry videos will reduce your conversion rate regardless of how entertaining they are.

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5. Give Essential Info About The Product

Presenting your products from several angles and including as much information as possible is best.

Include product benefits and features, durability, convenience of use, shipping, and returns.

Leverage your potential client’s desires by creating highly compelling sections in the video.

People are always most interested in what your product or service can do for them.

So, ensure you go straight to the crucial details to persuade your target audience to choose your offerings instead of your competitor’s product or service.

6. Run Promotional Video Ads as Part of Your Video Marketing Strategies

Statista reveals that there are about 3 billion active Facebook users.

Social media giants like YouTube are great platforms for reaching potential clients for your SaaS company.

Using the previous steps listed above, create a promotional video ad.

Employ a social media manager to optimize your promotional video ads.

They can effectively promote your ads across various advertising platforms.

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Generally, your social media manager will also collect data and track ad conversions.

7. Create Stunning Landing Pages For Your Video Ads

Beautiful landing pages are one of the effective touchpoints in your journey to converting a prospective client.

Most prospects who click on your video ad have a great expectation of what you have to offer.

The quality of your landing page should match that of the video used for promotion.

Directing prospects to a substandard landing page will significantly affect your conversion rate. Your landing page should also include a video.

8. Include Clickable Links

Another video optimization method includes links to improve the user’s browsing or purchasing experience.

Having your potential clients search for your website manually can drastically reduce your conversions.

For example, make your film interactive by adding hotspots in the video that direct users to the product page when they click on specific parts of the video.

9. Video Optimization & Retargeting in Your Video Marketing Strategy

Google Analytics can track people who click on your video ads. It should be used to retarget potential clients.

Google also provides some attribution models to monitor all the activities on your firm’s website.

All this data is needed to optimize your videos for better placement on the website.

Several other tools exist to monitor your company’s website lead source. Find a suitable one and start using it.

10. Create Product Videos & Video Testimonials

As a new SaaS firm, you can contact some of your friends in the tech niche and request a favor.

Evidence is very appealing to people. Have some of your past or existing clients create a video attesting to the effectiveness of your services.

You should create a video for each product if your SaaS offers multiple services.

Potential clients love to see a quick review of what they are considering buying.

Final Thoughts About Video Marketing Strategies

Video marketing is one of the best ways to convert one-time visitors into clients.

As the competition among SaaS companies increases, this marketing method becomes essential.

Originally published June 9, 2023: Republished October 26, 2023 to add video.

SaaS Video Marketing Strategies for Higher Conversion Rates

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