Why Animated Videos Make Great Business Profile Videos
by Julie Weishaar
September 16, 2023
Why Animated Videos Make Great Business Profile Videos

We live in a crazy world where everyone is running around like chicken’s without heads.

Time is our most valuable and limited resource these days, so we must act FAST and EFFECTIVELY to get our marketing message across.

Animated videos are an engaging method to help you tell your business story in a way that will grab visual learners’ attention.

Did you know that 90% of the information transmitted to your brain is visual?

For this reason, brands are shifting their focus on social media towards visual content, especially engaging videos.

We are all inundated with information and advertisement overload, so what tends to happen is that our business messages are falling on deaf ears. People do not have the time to “listen”.

This fact puts the onus on you, the business owner, to use the 3-7 seconds you might have of a potential customer’s attention.

So, how do you grab “their” attention? We already know that:

  • 92% of marketers cite video as an integral part of their marketing strategy.
  • 87% of marketers say that videos have increased traffic to their websites.
  • 48% of consumers want to watch videos about a product or service they consider buying.
  • 83% of brands say that using videos helps their lead-generation efforts.
Video Marketing Statistics

The Answer is Pretty Obvious…You Need to Use Video!

Videos come in different formats and have many purposes so how do you decide which style and which purpose?

I suggest starting with a business profile video. Why? Because it is an introduction to what your business offers to your target market.

However, do not stop at ONE video. Having a variety of engaging videos and animation for your business is very strategic.

Including some cartoon ads can add some variety to your library in your YouTube channel.

Yes, that is right, creating just one video is only the start. You need to build a suite of videos to help drive traffic.

Why Animated Videos?

Now that everyone knows the importance of using video in their marketing, what can you do to cut through all the noise and grab the attention of your target market?

The best way is to attract and engage them with animated videos. They are highly effective when used for lead generation.

Many potential buyers do not want to talk to a salesperson when they are deciding whether to make a purchase or not.

Videos and animations attract and engage consumers to move down the process and can influence sales in later stages.

Why do Animations Work Better Than Other Types of Visuals?

People today have short attention spans and will only devote time to content that resonates with them.

Animations keep the viewer’s attention, evoke emotions, entice your audience to watch more, and spark conversations.

Animations can add fun to business messages, are less intense than other content formats, bring concepts to life, and are enjoyable to watch.

When presenting complex topics to an audience, animations make it easier to understand by simplifying otherwise difficult issues.

TED-Ed is an excellent example of a YouTube Channel with over 12 million subscribers that uses animations to show how complex processes and mechanisms work.

The goal of any video is to keep viewers around long enough to see your call to action. Animated videos talk to you instead of at you.

Memories of Childhood

What comes to your mind when you think of cartoons? Most of us think about our childhood when life was much simpler and fun.

Feeling nostalgic is a powerful emotion and one that animated videos elicit.

Everyone likes to be entertained, even when learning or doing business.

The more entertaining your video is, the higher the chances viewers will watch it and the more likely others will share it.

Animations for Any Video

Animations work well for any video marketing needs, including explainers, product releases, and especially business profiles or welcome videos.

A business profile or overview video quickly tells your company story and what you can do for potential customers.

They should not be too long,  preferably two minutes or less. Feature your profile video prominently on your website.

Do It Yourself or Outsource Your Video Animations

Numerous animated video templates are available for those who want to do it themselves, like Animoto, Renderforest, Lumen5, Canva, Invideo, and Powtoons,

InVideo_Get access to 6000+ video templates

For those who want to outsource their video marketing, give New Horizons 123 a shot.

We specialize in creating compelling, engaging, and fun videos to deliver YOUR message.

The choice is yours. Just be sure to start using video marketing in your overall marketing strategy today!

Originally published July 29, 2020; republished September 16, 2023 to update content.

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Why Animated Videos Make Great Business Profile Videos

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