Do You Wish You Had More Visitors to Your Content?

You can do so by repurposing your blog posts into video content. They rank on top in Google and keep your visitors engaging with your page longer. Longer time on site means Google sends you more traffic!

Do you want to see what a video summary of one of your blog posts looks like? Just give me the URL, and I’ll create a video. Then, we’ll review it together to determine exactly what you want. You can order one here.

Why Video Content for Blog Posts?

Creating video content for your blog posts can be a powerful tool for driving traffic to your site and increasing engagement. Video marketing is an increasingly popular way to promote products, services, and content. And, blogging is no exception.

Benefits of Video Content for Blog Posts

One of the primary benefits of incorporating video summaries into your blogging strategy is that it allows you to reach a wider audience. Because some people prefer to consume content in video format, by repurposing your blog post into video content, you can attract those viewers who may not have otherwise found your content.

Google Loves Video

Search engines like Google prioritize sites with high-quality, engaging content. Because video is a powerful way to achieve that, this can help to increase your website traffic and improve your overall digital marketing efforts.

Julie’s expertise in video production shined through as she quickly and professionally created three videos for me at Inspire To Thrive – with one gaining over 300 views on YouTube within the first few days!

Video is an increasingly powerful component of any marketing plan. It provides SEO benefits, attracts customers to your website or blog, and gives them something they can watch instead of just read.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity; get creative with multimedia content today with Julie’s help.

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Video Content for Blog Posts Improves SEO Rankings

Another advantage of video summaries is that they can help to improve your SEO ranking. By creating video content for your blog posts, you can provide search engines with additional content to crawl, which can help to boost your ranking.

Because video content is more visually appealing, it tends to hold people’s attention longer. Additionally, video content tends to be more shareable and linkable than text-based content, which can also help to improve your SEO.

Keep Your Audience Engaged with Video Content for Blog Posts

Creating video content for your blog posts can also help to increase engagement and keep your audience interested. By incorporating video summaries into your blog posts, you can provide your audience with a more dynamic and engaging experience. As a result, it can help keep them returning for more.

In Summary

In conclusion, incorporating video content into your blogging strategy can improve your digital marketing efforts. Creating engaging, visually appealing content can attract a wider audience, improve your SEO ranking, and increase engagement with your readers.

So, if you haven’t already started incorporating video content into your blogging strategy, now is the time to start!

Sample Video Summaries of Blog Posts

Google Features Videos at the Very Top of the Search Results

For example, when I searched Google for the title of the blog post, note that YouTube is featuring the video at the top of the search results. Below is the screen capture.

How to Attract Organic Links and Mentions with Content

Here’s another example of searching for the title of the blog post and finding the video featured at the top of the search results.

Using compelling videos takes your marketing to another level. With the huge growth of mobile viewers, it is NOT optional. And Julie makes it so easy. All she needs is the blog post URL to create the video, with none of my time required! Then, once the video is created, we screen share and tweak it to be exactly what I like.

We must have a video that expresses key points and includes calls to action. Julie is my go-to person for affordable custom videos because she has the skills and tools to combine multiple solutions and create videos that grab attention and provoke action. Check out her portfolio, and you’ll see why I recommend her services.

Gail Gardner

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Blog Post or Video_Which is Better for Your Business

Your site could be featured there — IF it includes videos! There is a way you can request a summary video of your best content. Just provide the link to what you want on video and other specifics and have it done for you!

Blog Post Summary: GrowMap

Gail Gardner from wrote an article called: How to Attract Organic Links and Mentions with Content. In the article, she outlines in great detail what journalists, freelance writers, and bloggers should do to get large, relevant sites to link to them.

The video summary of her article will attract professionals looking for innovative ideas on how to generate links. After viewing the video summary, if interested, they can read the entire blog post to learn more. For people who prefer watching to reading, this video summary will help them decide if they want more details.

Blog Post Summary: New Horizons 123

Are you looking for more details about blog posts versus videos and which is best for your business? Watch the video summary first and then read the full post here: Blog Post or Video: What’s Best for your Business?

Perhaps you are looking for the benefits of both to make an informed decision. However, as stated in the article, it is not an either or question. Get the best of both worlds with video summaries of blog posts.

Julie created a fantastic explainer video for, one of my websites. She not only was creative with the video, but she worked on her own and made it super easy on our team. The end result is superb, and I highly recommend her video creation services!

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