Taking Your eCommerce Business to Another Level
by Julie Weishaar
August 19, 2022
Taking Your eCommerce Business to Another Level

A common problem for many eCommerce store owners is stagnation. They find it easy to start the store, thanks partly to its low startup costs and great online tools.

But the growth begins to slow down after setting up the store and getting things going. If you’re in a similar situation with your eCommerce business, you may wonder how you can get out of this phase and back on the path toward growth.

Below are a few suggestions for things you can focus on if you want to take your eCommerce business to another level.

Focus on Social Media Marketing

Social media is a very powerful tool for eCommerce businesses. Social media lets you interact with your audience and display your products to a vast audience.

However, to make the most of social media, you need to do more than just post links to your latest products. You must post engaging content and give your audience a reason to follow your accounts.

Try adding more personality to your social media accounts, hosting exclusive contests or giveaways on your social media platforms, and promoting your latest discounts.

Another social media marketing strategy to explore is influencer marketing.

With influencer marketing, you essentially pay someone who is popular on social media to promote your products or store.

They share this information with their followers, who either visit your store or follow you on social media. Some people are highly influential on social media in practically every niche.

Find some influencers in your niche and see if they are open to working with you. Many of them have performed similar jobs in the past and are willing to work something out.

Improve Your eCommerce User Experience

The next thing you’ll want to focus on is your user experience. A good user experience can keep a customer coming back repeatedly.

Conversely, a bad experience can drive a potential customer away, negating all your hard work getting them there.

There are several ways you can go about improving your user experience.

One option is to run split tests, where you present slightly different versions of your website to customers and see which one performs better.

You can then see which changes positively impact and make them permanent for all users.

Another option is to learn more about online merchandising.

According to Fast Simon, a provider of eCommerce merchandising tools for retail, “Ecommerce Merchandising is the art and science of displaying and arranging products for an optimal shopping experience.”

Spend more time thinking about how your presentation impacts your customer experience and focus on improving it.

Send Better Emails

Email marketing is a powerful tool for reaching eCommerce customers.

Many customers sign up for emails from eCommerce sites because they want to know about the latest sales or receive exclusive discounts.

If you’re not already providing this information to an email list, now is the time to start. Also, be sure you’re sending emails to the right people.

For example, if you’re running a sale on a specific product, you can only send emails to people who might be interested in it based on their previous purchases.

This prevents sending the email to those people who are less likely to have an interest, which could lead to them unsubscribing from your email list.

Reduce Your Customer Service Load

One of the major components of running an eCommerce site is assisting customers. This could be helping customers find what they are looking for or helping them with an issue after the purchase.

To provide the best customer service, you need to respond to customers in a timely fashion. However, this becomes difficult if you have many customer service requests.

Consider implementing a chatbot on your website to reduce your customer service workload. A chatbot uses AI to address simple and common questions from customers.

This leaves only the difficult questions or situations to your customer service team, allowing them to better prioritize their time.

Expand to New Markets

Finally, consider expanding to new markets. Since your business is entirely online, you’re not necessarily restricted by geography.

It may be possible to expand to a new market overseas and increase the number of potential customers.

Expanding to a new market may require setting up a new warehouse or learning about new tax laws, but you may find it very lucrative.

If things are going well in your current market, start researching new markets to see if expanding makes sense.

Add Additional Ecommerce Platforms

Setting up your products on additional ecommerce platforms can multiply your earnings. Amazon and eBay are the best-known, but there are many others.

If you sell unique items, consider Etsy. Walmart and NewEgg feature third-party sellers. Watch for other big box stores to do the same.

Facebook Marketplace, Facebook shops and selling on Instagram can perform well. You can also list your products on Google Shopping.

Note that for all of these, you will most likely need to buy UPC codes.

Start Improving Your eCommerce Store Today

Sometimes, small changes can make a significant difference in the success of an eCommerce store.

With some simple new strategies, like sending more optimized emails or improving the user experience of your website, you can see significant progress.

Get started today, and your eCommerce store will be on another level before long.

Taking Your eCommerce Business to Another Level

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