5 Ways Video Marketing Helps SEO
by Julie Weishaar
August 8, 2023
5 Ways Video Marketing Helps SEO

SEO is changing.

Oh well, it has never for once been stable due to constant rollouts of new algorithms by search engines like Google.

Moreover, most SEO marketers are already used to the ever-changing trends, but some are not, especially startups.

The problem is that failing to keep up with these changes can lead to a drop in your traffic and the number of leads coming in. Fewer leads mean less ROI and possible management crises.

You must employ new SEO strategies, like video marketing, to ensure your online business does not get stuck in these muddy aftereffects of algorithm changes.

Video marketing involves using real-life videos, animations, or motion elements to promote your products, brand, and services. And here’s why it is essential for your SEO.

1.   Increases Time-On-Page

Time-on-page, called dwell time, is a visitor’s time on your website. While this metric does not directly impact SEO for Google, it does for Bing.

Videos and other visual elements are highly engaging by nature.

Moreover, your visitors will likely prefer video content to blocks of textual content. And this can lead to increased visitors’ time on the page.

Since time-on-page is one of the signals Bing watches for quality content, more time spent on your website means more possible chances of ranking higher on SERPs.

We get it! Bing does not have as much traffic as Google. But every pie is something.

Also, while increased dwell time is not a ranking signal for Google, it can help you gain more customers.

Once visitors spend more time interacting with your brand, it becomes easier to pitch your services, compared to when they only last a few seconds on your page.

2.   Drives Indirect Traffic and Backlinks from Social Media

Social media branding is one of the hottest topics today. But that’s not without reason.

There are approximately 4.9 billion active social media users globally, and Facebook takes the lead with around 2.9 million monthly users.

However, search engines do not consider social media a direct ranking signal.

Instead, it can help you generate more traffic and gain quality backlinks which are both relevant to SEO.

Anytime you create valuable content with an original video piece, you can share it on social media platforms for users to engage.

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While your social media followers might not meet the count, you only need a single reshare by someone with an enormous fanbase.

When that happens, more and more people see and engage with your post.

This continues until it gets to someone who finds your video resourceful and worth linking back to. And voila!! You’ve earned yourself a backlink.

Backlinks are among the most vital ranking signals for all search engines, including Google.

Combining it with quality content gives your website more chances of ranking higher than another website with none.

It’s also important not to forget that social profiles are considered part of Google’s search results.

So anytime you make a video post and share it to your profiles, there are tendencies for it to appear on search. And that indirectly brings in more traffic to your website.

3.   Adds Credibility to Your Blog Post

Ever gone through HubSpots’ posts or perhaps Search Engine Journals?

Their content’s authenticity comes from the words they use and the video sources they add.

Adding a video to your posts tells visitors you’re knowledgeable about the subject matter.

Let’s say you set up a video webinar with a top-level industry marketer where you both share some actionable and valuable content.

People love real-time interviews and are more likely to give precedence to blog posts containing such webinars than those without.

This will lead to more dwell time and content engagement on your website, which can indirectly let search engines know that you have valuable, not regurgitated, content.

4.   It Helps You Rank on the Videos Page

You can find the videos page on the top bar of Google’s front page.

This page displays content-linked videos from websites and YouTube in response to search queries.

Say you created a blog post on CRMs and linked an explanatory video to it.

Google takes the video as part of organic search results just as it does for social profiles.

So as your blog ranks on the ALL page, your video ranks on the video page.

And in most cases, your blog post might not even be in the top ten results for a particular keyword.

Yet your linked video pops up on the video page. That’s like an indirect source of traffic to your website.

To ensure your videos rank, you must optimize your videos’ title tags, captions, and alts wherever possible. But be careful of keyword stuffing, as most search engines will penalize that.

5.   Videos with Transcripts Provide Link-Building Opportunities

We’ve discussed how video marketing can help you generate backlinks on social media.

But social media is not the only place people see your content.

There are websites and businesses on the web looking for unique data to back up their content.

And anytime you create such content, especially in a video format, these websites are likelier to link back to it.

That’s also where videos with transcripts come in. You are writing out whatever you’ve said in the video to ensure people with hearing difficulties can follow through.

However, most websites make the mistake of using a transcript generator to craft highly disorganized transcripts.

Instead, you should hire a good writer to articulate your videos into a valuable blog post.

That gives you more link-building opportunities since websites link to your video and blog post.


Video marketing has many benefits for online businesses, especially when it comes to SEO.

Doing it well puts your website in a good spot to receive quality traffic and exposure, real-time engagement, and credibility.

You can use video marketing to improve visitors’ dwell time or time-on-page by implementing proper marketing strategies.

A good video is also a source of backlinks and indirect traffic, especially from social media.

Moreover, adding interview videos and webinars to your blog post gives it more credibility.

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5 Ways Video Marketing Helps SEO

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