Top 8 Marketing Tools for B2B Startups to Scale Their Business
by Julie Weishaar
August 27, 2023
Top 8 Marketing Tools for B2B Startups to Scale Their Business

Did you know successful brands know how to use the necessary marketing tools?

As a B2B marketer, you must balance various tasks throughout the day.

While avoiding distractions, you must complete existing projects, fulfill deadlines, devise strategies, and monitor results.

This is the problem: Not all marketers can successfully manage these tasks.

According to a survey, 84% of marketers utilize marketing automation to accomplish their top priorities.

This article will discuss 8 B2B marketing tools you should explore in 2023.

1.   Customer Relationship Management

Software for managing customer relationships (CRM) goes beyond being merely sales tools.

In addition to project planning, personalization, campaign management, and more focused marketing, marketers can use CRM solutions to generate detailed reports on potential leads. Here are a few excellent options:


Marketers can create customized lists and automate email marketing campaigns and lead generation processes using HubSpot.

The mobile edition of HubSpot offers immediate access to stats at-a-glance for marketers on the go.


Salesforce’s sophisticated client management and assessment features are available to marketers.

Important marketing indicators such as leads generated by a promotion, best advertising platforms, and unused marketing funds are all readily visible thanks to the extensive reporting options available.

Additionally, even mobile marketers can instantly access the Salesforce app to track leads.

2.   Market Intelligence

To assist B2B marketers in making more informed, strategic decisions, market intelligence solutions collect and arrange data from various sources in one place.

Let’s look at some of the best marketing tools for market intelligence:


Do you want to carry out research for Search Engine and content optimization? Then, let us introduce you to BuzzSumo.

With this website application, you will get access to the most recent online content, articles with the highest number of shares, and influential people with particular subjects and keywords.

The competition analysis feature is an additional advantage.

You only need to enter a competitor’s URL for information like organic traffic, influencers, and best-performing content.

Survey Monkey

Survey Monkey offers useful survey features that will support your market research progress by gathering customer insights.

3.   Collaborative Teamwork

Marketers can boost productivity using team communication solutions, including discussing campaign outcomes, peer reviewing copy, or giving project updates.

As Stanford research demonstrates, even the perception of working together can inspire individuals to deliver more outstanding work.

Are you prepared to boost the productivity of your marketing team? Below are some of the best B2B marketing collaboration apps:

Google Drive

B2B marketers can instantly interact on team files using this collection of Google web tools.

For example, If you are in charge of a company blog, you can use Google Docs to work together on blog post suggestions, Google Sheets to brainstorm blog post ideas, and Google Slides to deliver a blog traffic study.

As a result, marketers no longer worry about losing documents because modifications are saved as you type.


B2B marketers can communicate with coworkers directly or leverage the channel feature to structure conversations instead of struggling with the stress of sending emails back and forth.

Channels offer a centralized hub to gather suggestions from the public, request project updates, or brighten the atmosphere with a few well-placed GIFs.

Slack also integrates with other applications in your marketing technology stack.

You can leverage these connectivity options to deliver immediate notifications on key performance indicators or website traffic and get fast information directly into Slack.

4.   Email Marketing

If you’ve ever worked in marketing, then you’re most likely aware of the potential of email.

But what resources do email marketers use to complete their tasks? Here are two top tools:


B2B marketers can establish targeted lists, automate the creation of nurturing emails, and build personalized emails using Oracle Eloqua’s assistance.

It manages prospects, promotions, and social media to simplify marketing workflows.


Litmus provides several helpful web marketing tools to speed up email creation.

You can use a web-based editor to create emails, study email analytics to guide strategy and address problems preventing recipients from viewing your marketing emails.

The checklist tool aids marketers in performing quality assurance checks on emails for issues including blank text, broken links, and slowly loading graphics.

5.   Social Media Management

Marketing and Social media go hand in hand. Social media is used by 95% of B2B marketers as a component of their digital marketing plan.

So, what marketing tools do companies use to accomplish their tasks? Let’s examine a popular choice:

Sprout Social

Sprout Social, a well-liked social media management tool, can monitor social media advertising, referral traffic, and sales to track engagement and lead creation.

The comprehensive social listening marketing tools Sprout offers enable marketers to track pertinent keywords, gauge brand awareness, and locate influencers with large followings.

Also, Sprout’s competitor analysis feature aids marketers in evaluating their effectiveness.

6.   Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Modern content marketers need to know SEO best practices as businesses seek to increase their online presence.

61% of marketers report that their primary inbound marketing focus is enhancing SEO and expanding their organic reach.

Below are the top tools that marketers need to succeed with SEO:


Are you looking for new blog post ideas? Consider Ubersuggest, a free keyword suggestion tool by Neil Patel.

This tool helps marketers quickly generate new long-tail keyword suggestions.

To begin, just input a word or group of words. Then, select the best keyword chances by search traffic, cost-per-click, or Adwords competition.

Then, use the filter tools and negative keywords to finetune the results further.

7.   Website Analytics

Website analytics allow marketers to understand the consumer journey.

These technologies answer urgent marketing queries like: How are potential customers finding my website? How do users engage with the content on my website?

Marketers gain valuable insights to help them develop a strategy to optimize website copy, content marketing promotions, and other areas. Let’s examine two crucial website analytics marketing tools:

Google Analytics (GA)

The best digital analytics program, according to G2 Crowd, is Google Analytics.

Acquisition, target, and behavior are the three key GA characteristics on which marketers often rely.


Across all digital apps, this technology monitors customer engagement, loyalty, and sales.

Marketers can explore product statistics across segments or use the tool to make changes that maintain customers’ interest in various products.

8.   Industry News and Insight

B2B marketers know that staying current with trends and industry best strategies could be a full-time job.

Fortunately, this task can be automated by numerous web and smartphone apps. Below are some of the best choices:


LinkedIn is the preferred social media platform for contacting potential clients and generating leads. Statistics show that LinkedIn generates 80% of social media B2B leads.

In addition to helping marketers generate leads, LinkedIn also keeps them informed.

B2B marketers can organize their feeds, follow influencers and subjects relevant to their company’s industry, and join groups to exchange ideas.


There you have it! The top 8 marketing tools for B2B businesses.

These tools can assist you in completing numerous marketing activities quickly, from creating content to conducting research to working with your team.

Customer relationship management tools needed to retain your loyal customers, email marketing tools for consistent messaging, and analytics tools crucial to tracking your leads’ behavior will skyrocket your sales in no time.

Top 8 Marketing Tools for B2B Startups to Scale Their Business

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