How to Create Link-Worthy Videos
by Ann Smarty
February 26, 2024
How to Create Link-Worthy Videos

Creating link-worthy videos is important for SEO and digital marketing because video marketing is the day’s trend. ‘

By realizing the increasing significance of incorporating videos in the marketing strategy, marketers use them to increase sales.

It is not only the big brands that massively increase their budget for video campaigns.

Even the newest entrepreneurs and small start-ups are beginning to do the same.

Videos can boost your marketing tactics, from better-performing social media ads to higher on-page conversions.

But how do videos work for one of the most challenging SEO tasks, i.e., link building?

Can videos bring in organic links?

Yes, but the answer is creating link-worthy videos.

1. Plan Your Organic Visibility Strategy Around Link-Worthy Videos

The best way to get your videos linked is to ensure their organic visibility.

Publishers and bloggers use Google to find sources, so ranking higher means getting those links!

One of the more critical aspects of promotion is how you optimize the video itself.

You want it to be searchable and immediately appear on a search engine, particularly Google.

Keywords in the video file title, the upload title, the description, and the tags are necessary.

Doing some research before uploading it to find the best possible keywords for you to use (you want popular without too much competition from bigger names) is essential.

Resist the urge to latch on to tags and keywords used already in big series or videos, such as using the name of an unrelated work to bring people to your own. This only makes viewers angry, and it will backfire.

Text Optimizer is a great tool to come up with related keywords to optimize your video pages as well as create tags and hashtags

text optimizer for creating link-worthy videos

When optimizing your video page for link-worthy videos, remember that your video title will be the title, so ensure your keywords are included. Here’s a more detailed guide on video SEO.

These days, many great YouTube video editing tools allow you to create great video-targeting keywords.

2. Identify Your Competitors’ Most Linked Content

What are your competitors doing to attract links? What content generates backlinks for them, and can you create a video targeting the same topic?

SE Ranking offers an advanced competitor analysis tool that allows you to find the best-performing competitors and their most linked content:

Look at SE Ranking when creating link-worthy videos

3. Know Who You Are Targeting with Your Link-Worthy Videos

A video should be intended to deliver to the needs and interests of your target audience.

If you aim to attract links, Ask yourself: “Why would a blogger/journalist want to link to this video?”

In most cases, it is not enough to create a good video. You need something link-worthy, like stats, unique research, personal experience, or an expert opinion on a trending topic.

Again, look at content trends in your niche: What tends to attract links? And try to replicate that strategy.

4. Publicize Your Link-Worthy Videos on Your Site

Your masterpiece is finally done. You have been working on that creative video for weeks, months, or even longer, putting in timeless hours so everything is perfect.

Now it is time to post the fruits of your labor. But what if no one sees the end product of your hard work?

Will it manage to claw its way from obscurity and through the many videos already online?

This is a real challenge for most video creators. The Internet is a fantastic platform for launching creative link-worthy videos, but it competes with an endless supply to meet its infinite demand.

You have to contend with other amateurs or independent film/video makers on the web,

You also have the struggle against corporations and studios that have millions at their disposal and will launch complex and expensive marketing campaigns for even the most terrible works.

Don’t lose hope. You can still promote your video for it to attract backlinks.

Promoting Your Videos

Remember, all it takes is something interesting and a bit of luck to have a video go viral.

Publishing your videos to your site is a great way to cross-promote: Simultaneously growing your site content and YouTube channel.

You must represent those link-worthy videos on your pages if you want those links to help your site equity.

There are many ways to publicize your link-worth videos on your site:

  • Time-consuming: Create a new article and embed the video surrounded by original text (e.g., your video script). While it does take time, it’s well worth it. Moz presents a great example of that done well.
  • Effortless: Add a YouTube widget to your site. There are quite a few YouTube video plugins that allow you to use custom thumbnails, customize how the player looks, etc.
  • Easy and essential: Create a video index on your site. Create a nice page listing all your videos, a short description and a link. These links will also help your videos rank!

Using all three of the above methods may be a good idea! Don’t forget to link to your video from your email newsletter.

If you are an active video creator, setting up a separate site to curate your link-worthy videos and create more entertaining content around them is also a good idea.

You can register a .fun or a .tech domain (both are quite affordable). Namify can help you find a cool brand name to consolidate your videos under a new roof.

Check domain availability when choosing where to place your link-worthy videos

While embedding your videos on your site is a great idea, it must be noted that you may want to archive your entire channel and back up your videos regularly.

YouTube channels get banned and hacked: You don’t want to lose that valuable content by only saving it in one place!

You can download your entire channel using the Takeout platform. It’s a wise idea to save your videos locally and in the cloud.

5. Get Your Video Noticed and Shared Using Viral Content Bee

Social media is always going to be your best bet. All it takes is one person sharing a video, and it can gain hundreds of views in minutes.

You have multiple platforms at your disposal (you should be on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Reddit, and many other networks), but you need something a bit extra.

Viral Content Bee works by exchanging content with others. They share it out on their social networks, you do the same for them, and the buzz grows.

It is free traffic directly to your video. It is compatible with Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin, and Tumblr.

Viral Content Bee


A video is becoming more critical in every aspect of what you do.

Creating a video that explains something about your company, or shows your best product, is undoubtedly an opportunity that any marketer can spot.

A video can enhance your product page performance or make your article more shareable.

Videos can also make your link-building campaign more effective by giving your content amplifiers more reasons to link to you. Good luck!

Originally published May 18, 2022; Republished February 28, 2024, to add additional video.

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How to Create Link-Worthy Videos

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