How To Use Video Marketing to Improve Lead Generation
by Julie Weishaar
December 9, 2023
Use Video Marketing to Improve Lead Generation

Did you know that video marketing helps lead generation?

Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC), a popular food restaurant entirely founded in the United States of America, recorded an exponential increase of about $8 billion in its annual ROI between 2014 to 2021.

Amazing, right? But how did this food giant do it?

First off, KFC seamlessly integrated its unique video marketing strategies alongside other marketing approaches they had at hand.

From targeted YouTube advertisements featuring yummy chicken clips to television adverts and “finger-licking” street visuals.

Interestingly, it wasn’t only the ROI that got a boost. This top-rated restaurant has been able to firmly establish its presence in approximately 26000 different locations and over 146 countries so far.

Of course, the efforts to create such a success story didn’t come from creating random video marketing clips.

You need something much more unique and powerful enough.

So let’s cut the race short and find a few unique ways to generate and convert more leads with your video content, just like KFC did.

Create Tailored Video Content For Your Audience

Creating tailored video content for your audience requires understanding them first. Before conversion starts, you must find out the how, what, and whys’.

In our modern world, customers want to be understood before communicating with your brand.

That’s the same as turning you, the brand owner or marketer, into a mind reader capable of figuring out their deepest thoughts.

Using KFC as a case study once more. This brand used demographic research to discover its target audience, mainly teens, young adults, budget customers, and families.

Through these segmented profiles, KFC’s video marketers produced visuals that resonated with their audience.

The result was great since each video met the viewer’s expectations and evoked purchasing decisions.

Quick Teaser: How would the “10-year-old you” feel if you saw a well-dished and oily-drippy chicken in a television ad?

To create personalized and highly engaging video content like KFC, you should find answers to some questions like:

Who Is Likely To Buy Your Product?

If you run a game company similar to Fortnite or FIFA, you know your potential customers are teens and young adults. Of course, you still have some percentage from older people.

Proper targeting means more clicks and conversions for you. Use other demographic details like gender, occupation, and income to segment your audience.

That way, you can properly create targeted content for the right people when using video ads to promote your company.

What Are The Struggles Your Potential Customers Are Facing?

Knowing the pain points of your target audience will help you understand what to incorporate in your videos.

Since video marketing often serves as the first point of contact with your leads, ensure each video highlights their current problems and how your product can effectively solve them.

Prioritize Quality Over Cost

If there’s a problem with using video marketing for lead generation and conversion, that would be the cost of it.

A professional video creator and editor charge an average of $20,000 per video with limited accommodation for re-edits.

And just so you know – blurry videos, unrealistic scenes, poor-quality audio covers, and bland elements contribute to low play rate.

You can solve these issues by preparing a buoyant budget beforehand and allocating it to an external production unit.

Alternatively, you can employ a seasoned video producer for in-house brand work and pay monthly.

Or, you can create your own using video creation and editing tools, such as

Easy Video Creation for Content Marketers

If you’re starting, you should hire professional freelancers on platforms like Fiverr or Upwork.

That’s cheaper, and you have unlimited review chances in most cases.

Another valuable tip is to use natural elements in your videos as much as possible.

That goes for the background and environment of each clip. The earlier you capture your audiences’ hearts, the more conversions you get.

Integrate Testimonial And Case-Study Videos On Important Pages

According to recent studies, approximately 72% of consumers trust a business due to online testimonials and reviews, even from strangers.

So if you’re looking for the fastest way to convert your leads, use video testimonials.

Reach out to your previous successful clients and ask them to share a very short – probably 30 seconds – testimonial video showing how your product helped them.

Compile these testimonials into a single clip, add necessary video effects, and upload them to your homepage.

You can also place them on your landing pages in between the text content.

Case studies also work wonders for large business owners like SaaS brands.

Unlike testimonials, case studies highlight the step-by-step approaches a company takes to solve its previous consumer’s problem.

Because it is much more realistic and detailed, case studies reduce the usual conversion cycle and convince your leads to take action almost immediately.

You can place it on your product page or use it for paid advertisement.

Make Your Lead Generation Videos Short

Businesses are beginning to understand how difficult it is to retain their customers’ attention for longer periods.

While it’s true that no one wants to spend minutes reading a block of text, that’s also true for extremely long video content.

The longer a video takes, the less interested your leads are.

According to Vidyard, marketing videos shouldn’t be longer than 2 minutes.

Depending on your target audience, you might have to wrap everything up within 60 seconds or go beyond 2 minutes.

Your target audience is those at the bottom of the funnel (BOFU) or hot leads.

You can use long-duration video case studies because these people have already developed an interest in your services.

But you shouldn’t stretch the line if your leads are at the top of the tunnel (TOFU) or cold leads.

Sixty seconds to two minutes of testimonial videos is more than enough.

Track Your Lead Generation Video KPIs

Key performance indexes like view rate, engagement, view-through rate, video conversion, and bounce rate are crucial to your marketing results.

View-through rate lets you know how many viewers watched through to the end.

You should assess the video’s length, quality, and placement if the count is low.

Another performance index, like a high Bounce rate, means more people exit your website or landing page almost immediately as they get there.

That’s bad news since it could mean your video content is too boring to watch or wrongly placed.

You can see how these KPIs reveal possible problems with your video marketing strategy and how to fix them.

By optimizing your video content and campaign with the provided insights, you can convert more leads and automatically scale up your ROI.


Just like there’s no one-size-fits-all solution to marketing, video content is not the only factor of success your business needs.

But you can get remarkable conversion results from it if done well.

Start by creating tailored scripts for your audience. Give testimonials and case study videos a try.

Afterwards, turn the text into quality videos worth watching. Finally, track your video lead generation performance and see what needs to be fixed.

Originally published December 18, 2022; republished July 21, 2023 to add video. Republished again on December 9, 2023, to add another video.

How To Use Video Marketing to Improve Lead Generation

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