Turn Your Blog Post into a Video and SlideShare Presentation
by Julie Weishaar
December 16, 2021
Turn Your Blog Post into a Video and SlideShare

Creating great content-driven SEO that is helpful and valuable to your target audience is a time-consuming task. What can you do to work smarter and not harder? Turn your blog post into a video and SlideShare presentation.

Re-Purpose Your Content

Your own quality and great content is a gift that keeps on giving. I suggest starting with a blog post that has done well for you.

We have all heard that content is king. What better way to be more productive than to re-purpose it for maximum effectiveness?

Have you been running a blog for a few years? Have you ever looked back at some of your older posts? Granted, they might need a little updating if they include statistics or other outdated information.

However, with a few tweaks, you can bring it back to life. You can also use current or fairly recent high-performing content to create a video and SlideShare presentation.

I am going to show you how I used this blog post Greatest eCommerce Competitive Risks to Small Businesses for a collaborator I work with often, Gail Gardner.

Summarize the Post

Blog posts vary in length from 500 words to more than 2000. Start by creating an outline or summary of the most salient points in the post.

Be sure to include your keywords and make sure the summary flows smoothly. You don’t want to include the entire post as that would be too boring.

In addition, using a summary makes the content easier to digest by using shorter and clearer visual content. Keep it as short and sweet as possible.

In the sample post, there are 1,205 words. When creating the outline or summary, I reduced the amount of words to 307 words.

Because this post is on the long, the summary is a little longer than I usually use for other videos and SlideShares.

Select Engaging, Compelling, and Eye-Popping Visuals

Not only are you re-purposing your content to be more productive, but also to appeal to visual learners. Many people prefer to see than read.

Remember, that people have a short attention span. And they are bombarded all day long every day with ads, articles, emails, and other online information.

When you use engaging, attractive, or funny visuals, you are increasing your chances of getting them to stay around long enough to read your content.

Start with a Video

There are many tools and apps you can use to create video content. Some of them include:

  • An easy-to-use program is Lumen5. It is a platform that allows you to make videos using their images and videos or you can upload your own.
  • If you like whiteboard videos, Easy Sketch Pro is another option.
  • Presenter Media is a prescription-based product platform that gives you access to a ton of images, animated GIFs and video backgrounds that you can pull together into one video. They also have many custom video backgrounds and images so you can add your message. I love their custom video backgrounds to use for branding.
  • You can also use PowerPoint to create really cool videos. There are many companies that sell templates to help get you started, or you can start from scratch.

For the purpose of this post, we are going to use PowerPoint because it is the easiest to turn into a PDF for a SlideShare presentation.

If you create a video from one of the other options above or with another tool, you can still create a SlideShare by taking screenshots of each frame, putting it into a PowerPoint slide, and saving it as a PDF.

From PowerPoint to SlideShare Presentation

If you are not using a template but starting from scratch, PowerPoint offers some basic templates for you to choose.

If you want to start from scratch, see: How to Create Your PowerPoint Design for a step-by-step guide.

Because I have been creating videos for many years, I tend to open a few templates and pick and choose the slides I like in different ones to combine into one for the final product.

See the video below that was created from the sample blog post.

The slide below is from the original template:

Slide One Original Slide

This slide is the result of changing the template to work for this video:

First Slide Modified

As you can see, the basic template is very similar. I changed the text and the image and added a logo.

To change the image, right click on the original and select “change picture, from file” as seen in the image below:

How to Change an Image

To change the text, highlight the text you want to replace and insert the text you want to include. One you have created one slide per each point in your outline, it’s time to add transitions and animations for your video.

The less text you have on each slide, the shorter the transition needs to be. Try reading it out loud when you play the slideshow to make sure you leave enough time for viewers to read.

To play the presentation, go to “Slide show” in the PowerPoint top bar navigation. You can then view it “from the beginning” or “from current slide”.

If you want to include music or a voice over in your video, go to “insert” and then select “audio on my PC” or “record audio”. To create the video, go to “file”, “save as”, and select the type of video you want to create from the drop down menu. I like to use MP4.

Voila, you now have created a video from the outline of a blog post.

Create Your SlideShare Presentation

Once you have created your video, all you need to do is “save as” PDF. Below is the presentation I created from that same blog post:

Another Example

I started with this blog post: Mirror Mirror On The Wall, What’s The Best Visual Content of All?

Here’s The Video

Here’s The SlideShare

And Another Example

I started with this blog post: Video Thumbnails are First Impressions for Your Video.

Here’s the Video


Here’s the SlideShare

Rather than spending your time on creating all new content, why not take advantage of your highest-performing content and reuse it?

Creating videos and SlideShares can breathe new life into an older piece of content, or add some pizzazz to newly created content.

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