Essential Video Tools You’ll Need for Your Production Space
by Julie Weishaar
January 24, 2023
Essential Tools You'll Need For Your Video Production Space

If you’re in video production, having a studio and the right video tools can give you room for creativity.

As long as you have somewhere with enough room for storing your equipment and moving around, along with minimal distractions and abundant lighting, you can create a video production space at home.

To maximize your output’s quality, you must ensure that your home studio contains all the essential tools you need.

This way, you can work efficiently with high-quality equipment within reach.

To get you started, we’ve compiled a list of the key tools you’ll need for your video production space.


Traditionally, camcorders or professional video cameras were used to capture high-quality footage.

But equipment like this can be pricey and bulky, making it difficult to use in various settings.

Fortunately, modern cameras are both more accessible and portable.

Mirrorless cameras are a popular choice for video since they are more compact than DSLRs while having the same benefits of versatility and lens variety.

Additionally, they produce better video quality, even if you buy one of the more affordable models.

The Canon EOS R6 and Sony Alpha a7R V are great mirrorless cameras to buy that feature this smaller form while being just as functional.

They also feature optical viewfinders, which preview exactly what the videos will look like before you even capture them.

This lets you determine beforehand whether your raw footage will be adequate for post-production.

Lighting Tools

A crucial aspect of video production is lighting. Lighting is integral in determining emotion and highlighting a frame’s subject.

For instance, if you want to depict intimacy in a scene, you can use soft lighting that focuses on two characters within a dark room.

In this way, lighting can help you communicate your message to your viewers without needing to include it in the dialogue.

You can invest in an entry-level 5-in-1 reflector like those from Godox or Andoer, which feature white, black, gold, silver, and translucent surfaces.

Each can result in varied results when taking a photo or video.

For example, a white reflector can yield brighter highlights, while a gold one can produce a warmer tone.

You can also get an LED softbox lighting kit if you want something more versatile.

Consider starting with brands like Neewer and StudioFX. These feature kits with everything you need, including stands, color inserts, light bulbs, softboxes, and umbrellas.


A tripod is non-negotiable for video production, as it stabilizes your shots. With a tripod, getting the angles you want is much easier.

The 3-Legged Thing Bucky is a lightweight carbon fiber stand that can be very compact when retracted but can reach 6.2 feet.

It also features a ball head that can accommodate heavy cameras.

The Gorillapod is also a great option since it has a good grip on almost any service, making it great for mounting cameras on tables for close-up shots. It’s best to invest in a versatile tripod.

Audio Recording Equipment

Sound is just as important as visuals when producing video.

An external microphone is thus vital for making the sound in your video crisp and clear.

However, the built-in microphones that come with your cameras aren’t always the best for this.

The Blue Yeti microphone is perfect if you’re looking for easy use and versatility.

It also has excellent sound quality, so that you can use it for anything from vlogs to cinematic videos.

Meanwhile, if you’re looking for a compact wireless system, the Rode Wireless Go is a fantastic option.

It’s hailed as one of the best wireless varieties because it’s lightweight, making it perfect for shooting while moving.

Video Editing Software

Video editing software ties in everything that you need for video production.

Most video creation platforms, such as Renderforest and InVideo, include a video editor in their programs to edit premade templates or start from scratch.

It lets you piece together different parts of your footage while removing unwanted audio and video.

Video editing software is in high demand, so its developers seek to provide the best quality features for combining playback, editing audio and visual components, adding special effects, and more.

Adobe Premiere Pro is one of the top programs for professional-level video editing.

It has an accessible, user-friendly interface that is easily customizable.

This lets you access the sections you most frequently use more efficiently.

You can also check out Apple’s iMovie program, which includes unique features like editing depth-of-field, so the focus of a frame is more easily emphasized.

It also features ready-made video filters that add a cinematic finish to your video.

A video production space in your home can take your career to the next level.

You can unleash your creativity and freedom at any time of the day by having everything you need reach within.

Essential Video Tools You\'ll Need for Your Production Space

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  1. Ryan Biddulph

    All good Julie. Lighting is a huge factor, as is the camera. We have a decent camera a bit below high end but still fabulous. Shooting with natural sunlight at the proper angle makes for dazzling shots.

  2. Julie Weishaar

    Hi Ryan,

    You definitely need good lighting to highlight your wonderful locations. 🙂

  3. Summer Diya

    I agree with Ryan about the natural lighting too.. Unfortunately most of my shoots take place after sunset, so some tools Julie mentioned are worth the investment… Researched Godox and Andoer… soon.


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