What Is Recruitment Marketing? 5 Ways Businesses Can Benefit from It
by Julie Weishaar
January 21, 2023
What Is Recruitment Marketing_5 Ways Businesses Can Benefit from It

Recruiting the right people for your business can be challenging, especially now that economic recession is the major talk of the day. And this has caused more job seekers to be hesitant to step forward.

Moreover, more than 75% of experts are passive candidates—open to new chances but not actively hunting for a job. Is this a surprise? Not at all! Highly professional candidates are mostly never jobless.

However, if you know how to plan the proper strategy, using recruitment marketing could make the process smoother.

But what does recruitment marketing truly mean? And how will it assist HR teams in putting qualified people in the appropriate positions at the correct times?

What Is Recruitment Marketing?

Recruitment marketing is a methodological process that involves attracting, nurturing, and converting skillful and detail-oriented individuals to your company with the help of highly enticing content and productive tools.

Simply put, recruitment marketing helps businesses leverage marketing techniques, including job postings, social media, jobs websites, user-generated content, aggressive outreach, and focused communication to attract top talent.

This type of marketing takes your current talent recruitment efforts to another level and improves their effectiveness by integrating them to produce a tailored and engaging recruitment experience.

So, now that we’ve discussed the fundamentals let’s get into some recruitment marketing strategies that will benefit your business in 2023.

5 Recruitment Marketing Strategies That Will Benefit Your Business In 2023

The recruitment process is usually a hectic one. There’s so much you need to do to attract the right candidates, entice them to fill in your vacancies, and motivate them to give their best.

Here are the best recruitment marketing methods to take into account if you want to attract outstanding job applicants successfully:

1. Use Social Media To Positively Promote Your Brand

First off, millions of active users are on different social media platforms, and there is also a huge possibility that your best potential employee still has no idea about your company.

To attract the right persons, ensure you actively promote your brand and get your services into the spotlight with valuable content.

According to Zety, 79% of job applicants say they’re likely to use social media for job hunting, which rises to 86% for younger job applicants. But people can’t apply to a company they know nothing about.

That’s why you must take advantage of this chance to interact with potential employees.

Share your company’s history, public events, milestones, and many other juicy content pieces while giving your current employees a satisfying online experience.

2. Add a Careers Page To Your Website To Improve User Experience

A career page is where you advertise vacant opportunities, discuss your company’s culture, and communicate your advantages.

For most job seekers, your website effectively serves as your company’s first impression.

Also, 60% of recruiters are investing heavily in company career websites.

Candidates should have easy access to your careers page and find detailed information about your vacancies or job offerings, the latest career news, and more intricate updates.

You can create blog posts or other forms of content and link them to your career page to generate qualified traffic.

3. Use Instagram And Facebook Ads To Reach New Audiences

Facebook advertisements allow you to target a fresh demographic that might not be familiar with your organization, which is another advantage of using social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook for your recruiting campaign.

Instagram and Facebook advertisements enable you to target individuals based on their present job titles, educational backgrounds, and locations.

You can also run Instagram and Facebook ads to target professionals based on their interests.

LinkedIn is another excellent platform for recruiting quality self-starters into your company.

Create a company profile and run some ads to reach more people.

Moreover, LinkedIn provides recruitment features to help you weed out unqualified applicants.

You can also go organic by creating unique content that seamlessly attracts professionals.

4. Introduce Email Marketing to Maintain Brand Awareness

Once you have a candidate’s contact information, you can use email marketing to keep your business in their minds.

Think about including job openings in emails you send to your list that highlight relevant honors you’ve received, remote teamwork, or a customer your business worked to help succeed.

Consider what potential employees would be excited about and what could make your company stand out from the competition regarding receiving their applications.

You may improve your chances of finding the ideal candidates for your vacant positions by continuing to engage your talent network.

5. Manage Your Online Reputation

Most employees provide reviews on their working experience with a company.

And interestingly, these reviews can impact your reputation.

A bad from an employee is more or less like a red flag to other potential applicants.

Online ratings also provide a means for job seekers to learn more about how current employees feel when working for your business.

So, treat your current employees well and use their reviews as a magnet to attract more suitable individuals.

Review replies are almost as significant to a potential employee as the reviews themselves.

Before applying for a position, 86% of Glassdoor users study company reviews and ratings.

It’s vital to keep a watch on all the areas you might receive feedback from employees.

In addition to the main employee review sites like Glassdoor, you can also discover staff reviews on consumer-facing review websites like Yelp, your Google Business Profile, and Indeed.


Recruitment marketing has become a strict requirement for hiring teams looking to maintain a competitive edge.

Finding the ideal combination of the strategies listed above is crucial to the success of your recruitment marketing.

Organizations that want to attract the greatest talents must put their best foot forward with specialized content, individualized communications, and a frictionless recruitment process since applicant expectations are now higher than ever.

What Is Recruitment Marketing? 5 Ways Businesses Can Benefit from It

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