4 Tips for Selling Video Marketing Services Online
by Julie Weishaar
October 19, 2023
4 Tips for Selling Video Marketing Services Online

There is no doubt that video marketing services are an essential strategy for business publicity.

We see it daily as business owners build brand awareness through YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram.

The importance of this service should make video marketing an easy sell, but most video marketing service providers still struggle with reaching their customers and making the sale.

Video We compiled five proven and actionable tips to scale your video marketing services online.

But First, What is Video Marketing?

Video marketing is a publicity strategy that promotes products and services through visual content.

We had some version of video marketing when businesses started making adverts on cinema screens and television.

Still, it has evolved into more internet-focused video content since the development of YouTube and other social media platforms.

These days, video marketing is central to most marketing strategies, creating the need for more proactive attempts to create compelling video content that resonates and attracts the target audience.

Several business owners understand the need for this digital marketing strategy and would pay the necessary cost for an optimum video marketing service.

How To Sell Your Video Marketing Services Online

Like other industries, video marketing thrives on the service provider’s ability to deliver their clients’ demands and generate the necessary engagement and adequate conversion.

However, there are still some actionable steps that you need to take to attract potential brands and sell your video marketing services online:

1.    Find a Niche for Your Video Marketing Services

Choosing a niche means deciding on the type of companies you want to work with instead of becoming a generalist.

It also involves choosing between a full-blown video marketing service and a video creator.

Let’s say you want to deal with only SaaS companies. This specificity will narrow down your choice of clients to work with.

However, a narrow list of target customers is effective for honing your expertise in that industry and will help you nail high-paying clients.

For a full-blown video marketing service, you can write the script, create videos, and run marketing campaigns depending on your client’s needs.

On the other hand, you can choose to handle campaigns only or optimization for already-created videos.

Often, though, clients prefer someone who can handle everything for them.

2.    Understand Your Target Market

Understanding the market would help you see the competition, know their needs, and design an effective strategy for selling your services.

However, it is also necessary to see the target brands as individuals instead of a part of the larger market.

Some brands require more animated videos as explainers, while others prefer Demos and expert interviews.

Understanding your client’s preference is necessary to design services that match those demands.

An excellent way to know more about your target market is by sending surveys to relevant parties or contacting other professionals offering the same services in your niche.

Check out some essential channels like Quora and see what industry leaders are saying about their marketing needs.

That way, you can tailor your pitch appropriately to the right audience.

3.    Put Yourself Out There When Selling Video Marketing Services

This goes without saying since you are offering an aspect of digital marketing services.

However, the challenge is that most service providers don’t see the need to push their brand identity. Perhaps they don’t know how.

Offering video marketing services means having a vibrant video marketing identity.

Your clients must clearly understand what you offer and how it would work for them.

Here are two simple ways to create your brand awareness as a video marketing service provider:

●      Create A Portfolio

Providing video marketing services requires you to have adequate knowledge of what you do and how you can meet the client’s needs. Your portfolio is the only proof of this knowledge.

Of course, you can flaunt certifications and recount how many YouTube videos you watched to learn the latest video editing tool; your customers would always choose someone with experience.

Most brands only want someone who can produce the desired results.

Fortunately, not all clients mind the fact that you have little practical experience with top-ranking companies like Nike.

Create a portfolio that reflects how well you can meet the brand’s video marketing needs.

●      Leverage Social Media

Every video marketer knows social media is the best place to show off your work.

It is a neutral ground for all service providers to build brand awareness and become more popular.

While you wait to close that big client, you can become popular as the brand that makes insightful video marketing guides or even makes money off tutorial videos.

If you are as good as you think, put your work online and watch it become a sensation.

Social media videos are the perfect way to create engagement while refining your skills.

It is not a sure-fire way to get clients, but several service providers get their payday from clients who saw their works on social media.

4.    Set a Price That Matches Your Worth

Setting the right price is an essential step in selling your products.

If it is too high, your clients will flag your services red while choosing an alternative.

Conversely, pricing your services too low means you must deal with capital losses.

As a general service pricing rule, you should have fixed service costs.

The best way to set these costs is to make projections from your market research and clearly understand what these services will cost you.

Tabulate your expenses and set a particular percentage of preferred profit.

Anywhere between 30 to 50% profit is awesome. The goal is to ensure your return is worth the investment.

Final Thoughts on Video Marketing Services

Selling digital products and video marketing services online has never been easier.

You now have access to eCommerce solutions and stores on Facebook and Instagram; most of these options come at no cost to the service provider.

Find a niche, understand your target audience, build a credible portfolio, and set a price that matches your worth.

Originally published on January 14, 2023; republished October 29, 2023, to add a video.

4 Tips for Selling Video Marketing Services Online

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  1. Ryan Biddulph

    Putting yourself out there is such a big step Julie, with video marketing or any business. I put myself out there more and more on a daily basis with my blogging courses and blogging eBooks. We need to really desire freedom more than fearing the idea of promoting ourselves, building portfolios and hustling a little bit. Great content as always.

    • Julie Weishaar

      Hi Ryan,

      You are so good at putting yourself out there – it’s something I need to work on. Thanks for stopping by 🙂

      • Ryan Biddulph

        You’re doing great in that department! I see your blog posts all over the place.


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