Video Email Marketing: Ultimate Guide for Marketers In 2022
by Julie Weishaar
January 29, 2022
Video Email Marketing

Did you know that you can boost some crucial metrics like open rates and click-through rates by adding Video Marketing to your email strategy?

Emails have been associated with digital marketing since their inception and are also one of the most effective components.

Video email marketing is an amalgam of strategies that uses elements such as static images with play buttons, GIFs, animated videos, and HTML5 videos to increase customers’ engagement.

When you’re marketing, you want to catch the attention of your audience, and there’s no better media file than a video to do so.

Those marketers who prefer video email marketing have seen a 19% boost in open rates and a massive 65% growth in click-through rates.

According to HubSpot, the video consumption of 96% of the consumers has increased significantly. So, there’s no reason why one should shy away from embedding videos in their emails.

Benefits of Video Email Marketing

Before you proceed with building a video email marketing strategy, it’ll be good for you to know what kind of returns you can expect. Here are some of the benefits of using videos in email marketing:

Improves Important Metrics

As we mentioned earlier, the addition of video in emails can significantly increase open rates and click-through rates.

Here are some more stats which suggests that videos should be an indispensable part of email marketing campaigns:

  • It reduces the unsubscribe rate by 26%
  • Nearly 100% of the businesses believe that informational videos can help improve product understanding.
  • Videos under two minutes generate the most engagement
  • 80% of the customers want demo videos

Captures Attention

Video catches the attention of internet users almost all the time. In fact, one-third of all the activity on the internet consists of users watching videos.

Considering it’s one of your goals, using videos to capture attention is a no-brainer. Using this, you can deliver complex information quickly and more effectively.

Moreover, more than 90% of customers believe that videos make the decision-making process easy.

More People Share

If people find your videos interesting or informational, they are more likely to share them with their family, acquaintances, and connections.

When people share your videos in their circle and community, it helps spread awareness about your brand.

Tell the Full Story

There’s a saying that a picture is worth a thousand words. In that context, one can’t even calculate a video’s worth in words.

It is obvious that you can share more information with your audience using videos than with static images.

Using videos sent through emails, you can make your audience comfortable enough to make a purchase.

Your Audience Wants it

You can’t play around with what your audience needs– if they want video content, you better give it to them.

There’s a reason why YouTube is the second most visited site on the internet.

Why does such a broad audience use Tik Tok and Reels? Because videos are engaging, attract attention, and are effective mediums for message delivery.

When you use video in your emails, your unsubscribe rate dips significantly.

How to Use Video in Email Marketing

As a marketer, it is your job to make your video stand out from the rest.

Based on your audience, you can make your videos as sophisticated or as simple as they like them to be. Let’s see how you can use videos effectively:

Ensure That it Fits the Channel

Video creators should know who is likely to view their videos. If not, then they are wasting time.

Not only is it vital to know your audience, practical execution of video content and formatting it correctly for the platform where it will be used are also essential.

Harness the Power of Emotions

Videos are the best source to elicit an emotional response from your viewers and potential customers.

Although words can encourage potential customers to take action, videos appeal to more senses.

Be sure to appeal to the audience’s emotions by creating content based on their pain points.

Optimize it for Emails

Let’s say that you want to embed HTML5 video(s) in your email. There are a lot of things that you can optimize for better performance.

To start with, you can reduce the size of the videos and add them strategically for specific purposes.

The video you are adding should align well with your email templates. Before hitting the send button, ensure that the video can easily be played on mobile devices.

Try Using GIFs

Using full videos might not appeal to everyone. You can begin with using animated GIFs.

Compared to full-length videos, GIFs are easy to create and lightweight. And the best part about it is that all the email clients support GIFs.

However, you should keep in mind that GIFs can sometimes be considered a bit casual.

You can avoid using them if you are one of those companies that like to have a business-like and highly professional relationship with your customers. If you are not, then GIFs can do wonders for you.

Is Email Still Effective?

Even though there are numerous ways to reach customers, email marketing remains highly effective and powerful.

The statistics in the infographic below might surprise you.

email marketing

Image source


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Video Email Marketing: Ultimate Guide for Marketers In 2022

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