Top 11 Email Marketing Hacks
by Julie Weishaar
May 4, 2024
Top 11 Email Marketing Hacks

Email Marketing is a long-term digital marketing strategy, but that doesn’t mean there are no hacks to achieve a faster result.

Promoting your business with an email list has been proven to be a highly converting marketing strategy.

Email campaigns allow you to segment your audience and send personalized and targeted messages to your prospects.

Below are some email marketing tips that work.

1.  Send Other People’s Content

Your prospects join your email list for valuable content and amazing offers.

However, developing great content consistently can be challenging and time-consuming, and sharing someone else’s content can be the solution.

The original content owner gets more traffic to their website while you feed your audience with great content.

It is a WIN-WIN at the end of the day. You must also ensure that these contents match your audience’s interest for a better marketing result.

2.   Great Subject Line

An excellent message or email newsletter may be useless if the subject line is poor.

It is the subject line that prompts many people to check the actual content of their email.

Your subject line must be catchy enough to get your audience’s attention.

Words like “Lottery,” “Free,” and “$” can be incorporated in your subject lines to increase your email open rate.

One email marketing hack is to use one of the free online Title Generator Tools to get email subject line ideas.

Meanwhile, below are some tips for writing a good subject line:

  • Write like a human
  • Avoid spelling errors
  • Ask questions
  • Avoid capitalizing each word

3.   Telling Stories is an Excellent Email Marketing Hack

Stories bring emotions, which matters most when selling or generating leads.

Storytelling entertains your prospects and is a great way to let them know you understand their problem and have a solution.

Your prospects will likely buy from you when you tell a story because they feel you have been in their shoes and you already know what works.

Below are steps to craft an excellent story for Email Marketing;

  • Create a subject line that promises them something
  • Get them interested in the content
  • Tell the story
  • Slide in naturally to your pitch

4.   Collect Email Addresses Everywhere

You are mistaken if you think the only way to build an email list is through your blog.

There are other ways to build your email list, and one of them is using Twitter.

You only need an opt-in landing page with a gift on it. Then, you can squeeze the link everywhere on your Twitter account, including your bio, comment sections, tweets, and pinned tweets.

This process can be repeated on social media sites like Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook.

5.   Email Marketing Hack Known as Retargeting

All guesswork is eliminated with email retargeting, as you will only be working with the available data.

Email retargeting requires tracking subscriber activities and sending them emails based on interest.

For instance, an eCommerce store that sells shirts and trousers creates an email offer.

As most of their subscribers show interest in shirts, then a ‘shirt email list’ will be created for them so that retargeting will take place.

6.   Personalization is a Valuable Email Marketing Hack

You can personalize your emails further by including your subscribers’ first names in the subject line.

This is a perfect old email marketing hack that still works. Compare the subject lines below;

  • Check out this offer before it closes
  • “First Name,” Check out this offer before it closes

The second one is more likely to be opened than the first one because it is focused on the prospect.

7.   Email Marketing Hack: Be Negative

Sometimes, it is not about what you can do for your subscribers but about the danger that may happen if they don’t take your offer.

Interesting right? Now compare the two headlines below;

  • 5 Ways to Promote Your Business
  • 5 Ways Lack of Promotion is Hurting Your Business

Both headlines focus on business promotion, but the negative word ‘Hurting’ will likely get clicked more as it addresses a pain point.

8.   Optimize Your Email For Mobile First

Studies show that 58% of adults are likely to check their email from their mobile device first thing in the morning. Also, 85% of email users access it from their smartphones.

Therefore you need to consider mobile-first. Below are some tips to help;

  • Keep your subject line short
  • Use buttons
  • Keep messages short
  • Break up texts
  • Keep the Call to Action (CTA) near the top and center of the screen.

9.   Use a Single Call to Action (CTA) For A Single Email

Having multiple CTAs will only confuse your prospects, and they may end up clicking on nothing.

A single Call-to-Action will quickly show the reader what’s next and will more likely lead to a conversion.

Also, try tweaking your CTA texts to show the benefits of clicking. Instead of generic ‘Download Now,’ you can try ‘Send Money without Going to the Bank.’

10. Allow People To Unsubscribe

You don’t need to hide the unsubscribe button because you are trying to avoid losing a potential customer.

Anyone who unsubscribes is only doing you a favor by not giving you a false impression.

It is better to have 100 interested subscribers than a list of 1000 subscribers not interested in your content and offer.

This is an example of an email marketing hack that puts the emphasis on what is more valuable to you as a business owner.

11. Coordinate Your Emails

Your email content must be consistent and meaningful to your readers.

You should relate your new email to a previous one that engaged your prospects.

This email marketing hack will create an impression that you are dedicated to providing value to your readers.

Final Thoughts About Email Marketing Hacks

It is not enough to know these email marketing hacks. You will only make a difference when you start implementing them.

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Originally published February 22, 2022; Republished May 4, 2024, to update content and add video.


Top 11 Email Marketing Hacks

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