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See What Our Satisfied Customers Have to Say

Julie created a fantastic explainer video for BizSugar.com, one of my websites.

She not only was creative with the video, but she worked on her own and made it super easy on our team.

The end result is superb, and I highly recommend her video creation services!

Anita Cambell

CEO, Small Business Trends LLC

Using compelling video takes your marketing to another level. With the huge growth of mobile viewers, it is NOT optional. We must have a video that expresses key points and includes a call to action. Julie is my go-to person for affordable custom videos because she has the skills and tools to combine multiple solutions and create videos that grab attention and provoke action. Check out her portfolio, and you’ll see why I recommend her services.

Gail Gardner

Small Business Marketing Strategist, GrowMap

Julie’s expertise in video production shined through as she quickly and professionally created three videos for me at Inspire To Thrive – with one gaining over 300 views on YouTube within the first few days!

Lisa Sicard

Social Media Time Saver | Blogger and Consultant | Teacher, Inspire to Thrive

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Why Are Animated Videos Vital to Digital Marketing Success?

1. Instantly Grabs Attention: Animated videos are inherently attention-grabbing. They use vibrant visuals, unique characters, and dynamic storytelling to draw viewers in from the very beginning.
2. Boosts Engagement: Animation sparks curiosity and holds viewers’ attention for longer periods. This means your message has a better chance of being heard and understood.
3. Simplifies Complex Ideas: Animations simplify intricate concepts, making it easier for your audience to grasp your products or services, which is crucial in a crowded digital landscape.
4. Enhanced Emotional Appeal: Animated videos can evoke emotions, making connecting with your audience and driving desired actions easier.
5. Shareability: Engaging animations are more likely to be shared on social media, extending your reach and potentially going viral.
6. Increased Conversion Rates: When used strategically, animated videos can increase conversion rates, turning viewers into loyal customers.

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