The Rise of Video in Digital Marketing
by Lior Krolewicz
June 28, 2021
The Rise of Video in Digital Marketing

We are in the age of social media and the rise of video. Whether you like it or not, it’s getting more and more popular every year. Between YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok, video content is on the rise.

Between YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok, video content is on the rise.

Your digital marketing strategies should be adapting and changing with the times. This means if you aren’t using video marketing yet, it’s time to start.

Whether you want to expand your marketing, don’t understand video marketing, or haven’t realized its value, this article can help you.

What is Video Marketing in PPC?

Before you start creating a video advertisement, it’s essential to understand what exactly video marketing is. Commercials are a form of advertisement, but video marketing is slightly different.

First off, video advertisements on social media run on a Pay Per Click or Impression model. This means the business pays a fee every time someone clicks on their ad or views the video.

Video marketing in PPC refers to the video advertisements on social media channels and search engines.

Video content is an excellent tool for marketing because it’s generally engaging, attention-grabbing, and creative.

YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Google are just a few platforms that have video marketing in PPC.

You Need Video Marketing to be Competitive

As video marketing grows in popularity, the competition will only get fiercer, and the demands will be higher.

Platforms that heavily use marketing videos require high-quality videos to be noticed and clicked on by an audience.

Simply making a boring video ad isn’t enough because people see multiple marketing videos whenever they open a social media app. If the quality of the ad is subpar compared to others, it’s less likely to be clicked on.

The quality of marketing videos needs to be perfected because video marketing is so popular and will continue to grow. The more competition there is, the better your quality needs to be.

The reasons why video marketing is on the rise are the same reasons why the quality of marketing videos has increased dramatically.

Why is Video Marketing on the Rise?

1.     Consumers Love Marketing Videos

Video marketing has been remarkably successful so far. For example, in Wyzowl’s State of Video Marketing Survey, 84% of people were convinced to make a purchase after watching a marketing video.

Another impressive statistic from this survey is 87% of video marketers said they earned a positive Return of Investment (ROI) from their marketing videos.

Marketing videos are more engaging and entertaining for consumers. In addition, social media is centering around video content more and more, so it makes sense that video marketing is successful.

When you create your own marketing video, keep in mind that people are on social media for entertainment.

So, make an engaging, fun, and enjoyable video. People will retain the information from your ad and be more likely to click on it.

1.     Grabs Attention Faster

Marketing videos are generally short, considering people may be scrolling past them or can skip them.

For example, you can skip ads after waiting for 5 seconds during a YouTube video. If the beginning of your ad falls short, the consumer will skip or scroll right past it.

Since every marketer’s goal is to grab the consumer’s attention before they skip it, marketing videos are engaging and interesting right from the beginning.

This makes it crucial to brainstorm and conduct research when making your ads. Spend time thinking about how to effectively grab your target audience’s attention.

After the creative beginning, your video can go more into the vital information.

2.     Multiple Marketing Channels

Video content is no longer exclusive to YouTube. Instead, it has expanded to most marketing channels, which provides the opportunity to advertise on more than one.

YouTube includes ads at the beginning of videos and sprinkles ads throughout longer videos.

Google Ads is more commonly known for its Search, Display, and Shopping campaigns. In addition, there is a Video option, and you should launch a video campaign for a successful Google Ads account.

Facebook and Instagram are expanding their video options. Both have Live Video features, where people can start a video and talk to their audience in real-time. In addition, Instagram recently created Reels, which are short videos users can create and scroll through.

Each marketing channel requires its own attention and specialization, as people are on each app or digital platform for different reasons. Therefore, you cannot create one marketing video and slap it onto every platform.

Instead of making bad videos for every single platform, create high-quality marketing videos that will work for a few platforms. This requires research, imagination, time, and effort.

3.     Most Marketers Use Video

Everyone’s jumping on the video marketing bandwagon, and you should always be where your competition is.

When there’s more competition, the quality of everyone’s work gets better and better. You’ll want to create the best video content and improving the quality of your ad is the only way to win.

Check out Renderforest Vs. InVideo: An Unbiased Detailed Comparison for an overview of two powerful and robust video creation platforms.

4.     Mobile Devices Support Video Content

People use smartphones every day, and everywhere they go. Your video content should be appealing on a computer and phone, not one or the other.

For example, if a video is blurry and stretched out on a computer screen or congested and small on a phone screen, the audience will react poorly.

Your business and product can be outstanding, but people will quickly judge and trust your brand based on the advertisement they see. So, ensure your marketing video looks clear and vibrant for the best results.

Final Thoughts

If you’re used to writing headlines and ad copy, don’t be afraid to step outside your comfort zone.

While you need to have high-quality videos to be competitive, that doesn’t mean your business can’t create a successful marketing video.

If you do your research, work closely with your marketing team, and work diligently, you’ll be a pro at video marketing before you know it.

The Rise of Video in Digital Marketing

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