How Can Agile Marketing Help You Grow Your Business?
by Julie Weishaar
November 2, 2023
Agile Marketing

The market sees new trends every minute, such as agile marketing. It is well-suited to rapidly growing businesses.

Without a change from the typical silos, rigid, and incapable frameworks, most businesses will find it challenging to maintain their lead in the long run.

Take Sony Interactives (SIE) as a case study.

SIE has about 150 million active global PlayStation customers who expect quality product releases frequently.

However, the problem is that developing a quality product requires time and a cohesive working structure among team members.

SIE employed the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) to overcome this difficulty, enabling fluid collaboration through 12-week iterations.

The result? SIE witnessed 23% less initial product planning time and reduced downtime.

Moreover, the famous PlayStation network company could avoid a devastating loss of almost $30 million annually.

There are many other businesses whose ROI has taken a good turn because of the implementation of agile marketing practices.

In this article, we’ll talk about how this flexible marketing methodology can help your business, too.

What Is Agile Marketing?

Agile marketing is an approach that utilizes rapid bursts of short, intense work frequently to achieve better project results.

The core methodologies of this approach deal with speed, predictability, and adaptability to get high-value deliverables within a short time frame.

In contrast to the traditional methodology, agile marketers do not focus on developing a product in one step.

Instead, they break the massive project into short assignments, which an agile marketing team then iteratively works on together.

Businesses that use agile marketing techniques need an adequately developed team to adapt to a fast-paced environment using sprints.

Sprints are fixed but short periods during which your agile marketing teams must fully refine an output or complete a project.

As formulated by the developers of Agile Marketing Manifestos, these are the key components to prioritize when implementing the Agile methodology:

  • Collaborative functioning over silos.
  • Learning through data-backed facts over conventions and opinions.
  • Prioritizing customer value over more marketing content.
  • Iterative and adaptive campaigns over a one-time big-bang perfectionist project.
  • Flexible response to changes over rigid or static procedural plans.

When these features come together, businesses can rapidly respond to market changes, implement newly tested strategies, and achieve optimal results through never-ending growth.

Agile marketing allows businesses to launch project campaigns and revisit them later for tweaking based on customer feedback and data-backed results.

Marketers can also introduce new changes for products placed on the market and revise approaches for better output.

3 Ways Agile Marketing Can Help Your Business

As mentioned earlier, agile practices ensure your marketing strategies are foolproof for each season of change. Below are the three ways it does that:

Speed and Increased Productivity

Developing a new product or update takes time to plan, implement, test, and release. All these happen even before marketing its release on the market.

For a market that expects rapid releases and for customers that want quick solutions to their problems, every delay can cause significant damage to your business’s reputation and ROI.

This is also why colossal companies like Apple avoid long-winded marketing practices to satisfy their enormous customer base.

Agile marketing brings an integrated collaboration where every member is part of the decision-making process.

Doing so ensures a faster conclusion and less initial planning time, as experienced by Sony Interactives (SIE).

Since each team member isn’t working in silos – individually – problems are tackled as soon as they arrive. This leads to speedy outputs and increased productivity.

Additionally, there can be several iterative cycles simultaneously for different teams of the same organization.

As a result, there’s no team left behind or update that is not addressed.

Quick Adaption to Market Changes

The market is not a static entity. This is also where many marketers get it wrong.

Launching big-bang projects expected to be completed in one go is very dangerous.

This means your company might risk developing a product or content that isn’t current by the time of release.

Agile market practices keep you abreast of everything happening through customer reports on previous releases and surveys.

It is a release, test, feedback, and implementation cycle.

When you finish the iteration cycles, your company has a refined product or content to generate social buzz.

Content marketers benefit significantly from the agile methodology since they will find it easy to avoid stale content.

Flexible Implementations with More Significant Results

Agile marketing emphasizes a streamlined workflow from the top management to departmental members.

This ensures accurate information gets to each member and allows them to respond flexibly to market changes.

Why is this important?

As one of the core values, businesses that employ agile marketing can’t work with static plans and must implement changes as soon as they pop up.

Rapid responses to feedback give your business more assurance of getting more significant results than before without changing your primary goal or causing administrative chaos.

Collaborative success will increase your employees’ satisfaction and have them give their all to the fast-paced requirements.

Key Points from Using Agile Marketing

  • Predictability gives you more control over your desired outcome.
  • Marketers can adapt to market changes faster and respond flexibly to challenging updates.
  • Your output is more refined when it is customer-focused.
  • There is cross-functional collaboration and fewer project risks.


The market is not what it was several years ago. And if the market is growing, so must your strategies.

With agile marketing practices, you can keep up with the growth pace and adapt to reasonable changes that will positively influence your business.

Moreover, you’ll get to spend less while earning more ROI instead of running huge bets at a go with several risks.

Originally published September 11, 2022; republished November 2, 2023, to add video.

How Can Agile Marketing Help You Grow Your Business?

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