Why Surveys Can Be Key to Understanding Consumer Preferences
by Brian Wallace
October 27, 2023
Why Surveys Can Be Key to Understanding Consumer Preferences

Corporations employ several tools to understand their consumers better and how to tailor company efforts to suit them better.

However, one of the best solutions is also the simplest. One of the most effective ways to understand consumer preferences is to ask the consumer what their preferences are via a survey.

Naturally, this makes surveys a powerful tool in companies’, investors’, and consultants’ toolkits. However, understanding surveys is more than a simple tool.

It is a comprehensive and methodological approach that is key to getting the best results for a survey.

Steps to Creating an Efficient Survey

With any efficient survey, there are four steps to ensure data collection and analysis are as optimized as possible.

These are planning and scoping the survey, creating the survey, executing the survey, and analyzing and reporting after the survey is completed.

Firstly, the survey must be planned out. For this step, it is essential to cover the five bases the survey must answer:

  • Why is the research being conducted?
  • What must we ask to conduct i?
  • Who should we ask?
  • When should we ask them?
  • Where should respondents respond to the survey questions?

With these five questions, you are not only sure the survey has a direction but also that there is a purpose in conducting the survey.

What Are the Common Errors to Avoid?

After this initial step, we can create the survey itself. While this second step is relatively straightforward, it is essential to avoid a few common errors.

The most common mistakes are leading questions, loaded questions, and multi-part questions.

After properly segmenting and designing questions, we can move on to the third step, which involves data collection and preliminary analysis.

Many new applications, such as IncQuery, even allow filtering and sorting of data to view results before the thorough and rigorous analysis in step 4.

In step 4, the data collected is subject to analysis, and the interpretation of the data will be conveyed in numerical and visual formats.

Most prominently, data within Excel files are used to construct pie charts, bar charts, and line charts.

Ultimately, survey providers such as IncQuery offer services that allow both creative freedom and survey support.

These are the keys to maximizing survey productivity, from better survey preparation to easier data collection and swifter data analysis.

Selecting the correct survey provider is crucial to maximizing the efficacy of surveys.

designing surveys to make better business decisions

Why Surveys Can Be Key to Understanding Consumer Preferences

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