Are AI Writing Tools the Next Gen Search Engines?
by Julie Weishaar
October 23, 2023
Are AI Writing Tools the Next Gen Search Engines

Artificial Intelligence (AI) writing tools have been used for content creation for years.

But the usage has varied over time. Brands use artificial intelligence in many different ways, creating content being one of them.

Businesses are increasingly using AI-powered tools for generating social media content, email content, and a touch of personalization to every message.

Today, we will go into the depths of AI and the future of SEO impacting the overall content creation process.

What Is an AI Writing Tool & AI Content Writer? How Do They Work?

AI writing tools assist in keyword research, search engine ranking pages (SERP) analysis, and content creation targeting user intent.

These tools are often related to search engines due to their understanding of the user intent, keywords, etc.

The writing works well on algorithms and analyzes content topics in detail to suggest compelling ideas.

Then it helps draft sentences and paragraphs that writers, marketers, and editors use.

One recent advancement in AI writing tools is Generative Pre-Trained Transformer (GPT-3) which targets human language for a conversational tone.

It helps create content that performs online without sounding robotic or machine-made.

Other examples include AI Writer and Jasper.  These are tools that use Artificial Intelligence to form sentences or content drafts based on specific keywords or information you provide.

Earlier AI writers successfully provided snippets of text. But many businesses now use this technology for writing full blog posts due to their improved efficiency over time.

It helps them successfully overcome writer’s block and fuels them with creativity.

Here are some different content formats tackled by an AI writer.

Blog Topic Ideas

AI writing tools work exceptionally well in generating blog content ideas to fill your calendars.

Target the right keywords and provide an example to help the software understand your requirements.

You will likely develop consistency when you have great engaging content ideas ready.

Blog Posts

You can write an entire blog post using an AI tool or choose specific sections.

Additionally, AI tools enable you to write these specific sections by providing details about your blog post.

Let’s say you are bad at writing introductory paragraphs or conclusions.

Similarly, let’s say you want to delegate content outlines to your fellow writers.

You can easily create detailed outlines with relevant headings and subheadings.

Marketing Copy

If you need to generate marketing copy from scratch, AI writing tools can help.

Your focus should be on providing content that improves engagement and retention rates.

Lastly, analyze the results to understand what works best for your brand.

Marketing Emails

Marketing emails often require a touch of personalization to obtain better output.

Many AI tools understand the significance of cold outreach for generating leads or increasing traffic.

They assist by providing personalized cold email marketing templates to brands for improved results.

Brand Names

Sometimes you are aware of everything your brand stands for and represents.

Yet, you are confused about a suitable brand name. Just fit in every relevant information and generate a unique brand name that speaks for your business.


Let’s say you aren’t satisfied with the final results provided by the AI content writing tool.

Still, you have enough ideas you can modify to come up with an engaging slogan.

Your target audience will recognize you better when a crispy slogan accompanies the unique brand name.

Social Media Copy

Keeping your social media updated with engaging content plays an important role.

Meanwhile, generating ideas frequently isn’t easier, especially when writer’s block is around the corner.

Use the AI writing tool to type in your keywords and post type to generate results that will help you boost your social media engagement.

But how do AI tools help with Search Engine Optimization or SEO?

  • Automated Keyword Research helps identify a list of short-tail and long-tail keywords with search volume. Marketers get free from the hassle of manually selecting keywords.
  • Automatic Content Creation assists in researching and quickly producing high-quality content, keeping the user intent in mind.
  • SEO Automation helps in optimizing website performance to improve SERP rankings.
  • Increase Website Traffic by consistently posting relevant content and automatically optimizing posted content.

Let’s move forward to understanding the benefits of using AI writing tools.

Pros of Using AI Content Writing Tools

Now, let’s look at some pros of using AI content writing tools for generating content pieces.

Quick At Generating Ideas

AI writing tools are super quick at generating content ideas and finishing final drafts. Content writers often deal with writer’s block.

By easily creating engaging content using various tools, you increase efficiency and ensure that the final content performs well in search engines.

Negligible Grammatical Errors

The final content contains minor mistakes, as AI automatically corrects most.

Editors have to put in little effort to modify the provided drafts.

It also completes your sentences based on your typed words.

You will find the final sentences are sometimes crafted better than you planned.

Increased Frequency of Posting Content

The demand for content marketing is ever-growing. Posting high-quality content consistently will help in improving search engine rankings.

Marketers can use AI writing tools to post high-quality content pieces more frequently.

You are likely to interact and engage more with your target audience.

Helps In Meeting Strict Deadlines

AI writing tools are beneficial for companies with strict deadlines. Creating a single content piece often takes days.

Many brands use AI tools to save time and deliver work more effectively.

Writers can quickly produce multiple pieces of content in a day without affecting the quality.

Save Time and Money

Brands often save time and money by investing in AI writing tools.

These tools eliminate all mundane tasks performed by writers.

It gives them space to run their creative juices and generate worthwhile ideas.

Some writers work better when they don’t start with a blank page.

Editing and humanizing content become easier, and the final draft provides excellent results.

With these tools, you will enjoy increased brand awareness and sales and improved retention rates.

But the most common question is – will AI writing tools replace human writers?

No, they will assist them in creating more engaging content in a reduced time frame.

Brands must integrate AI writing tools to strengthen their content strategy and final drafts.

Replacing writers is never a good option; simultaneously, making the most of them is the way to go.

Many brands successfully make AI and humans work together for highly improved results.

SEO-friendly content is written quickly using AI tools with a touch of human creativity.

Writers and editors will ensure the created content conveys the right message to the audience.

Cons Of Using AI Writing Tools

Let’s now go through certain drawbacks of investing in an AI writing tool.

Lacks Human Touch and Creativity

Artificial intelligence can generate highly researched content pieces through algorithms and data analysis.

Yet, it lacks the creative aspect that provides a human touch to content pieces.

It emphasizes the importance of humans despite the enhancement in technology over the years.

The content aims to drive traffic and engagement but lacks a human connection.

Unlikely To Have a Differentiated Voice

AI writing tools are created to provide logical content pieces that boost engagement.

They are great at researching and writing plagiarized-free content.

But they are mostly re-phrasing what’s already said out there.

Humans might be doing the same, but they don’t fail at connecting the acquired information with the brand to ensure it resonates with the target audience.

Provides Abundant Information with Limited Keywords

Many brands use AI content writing tools to generate SEO-optimized long-form content.

AI writing tools quickly generate topic ideas to fill your content calendar.

After successfully generating ideas, you can use the topic to write the final drafts.

Search engines give preference to websites that regularly update the blog section.

The top AI writing tools will provide you with a topic idea generator template wherein you insert the following information:

  • Company/Brand Name
  • Blog description
  • Target audience
  • Brand tone
  • Example

The above information will help you generate topic ideas for your upcoming blog posts.

Use the list to fill your content calendar and select a topic to start your first posts.

You will come across different templates you can fill in to assist you in creating content for other parts of a blog post.

For example, below are the typical details required by AI to write the introductory paragraph.

  • Blog title
  • Target audience
  • Brand tone

You will come across a beginning paragraph on which to build.

Similarly, you can use templates to create an outline with various headings and subheadings. Lastly, feed it information to add a conclusion to your post.

Will AI Content Writing Tools Tackle SEO on Its Own?

Automating outline creation is easy with an AI writing tool.

However, optimizing it for search engines requires a little more effort.

Providing proper content and instructions to the AI content writing tool will ensure a well-drafted outline.

Your headlines must include relevant keywords. Be sure to keep frequency in mind.

Like search engines, AI tools provide abundant output after inserting minimal keywords or information.

You will generate an entire blog post within 15 minutes of work.

Once you go through the process, you will understand the importance of humanizing content, as discussed earlier.


AI writing tools help create content with minimal inputs. Over time, these tools will become smarter and enhance brand results.

Lastly, artificial intelligence will likely grow in the coming years, but one must understand the balance required to make the most of it.

Many different AI writing tools are in the market, and their functionality varies based on different factors.

Go through the available options and select tools that assist you in your content creation process.

Originally published August 15, 2022; Republished October 23, 2023, to add videos. 

Are AI Writing Tools the Next Gen Search Engines?

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