How to Productize a Video Marketing Service
by Deian Isac
May 25, 2021
How to Productize a Video Marketing Service

With productized services, video marketing companies can successfully scale their business with minimum effort.

The following blog post will show you how you can productize your existing video marketing services.

Regardless of if you are a freelancer or an established agency, selling custom services is challenging.

Many business owners fall into the pit trap of offering a “free discovery call” on their website.

They rarely realize how much time it takes to talk to prospects, discuss their needs, and create a custom offer.

This is where productized services come into play: rather than creating a customized offer for each customer, you let them choose from one of your pre-built packages.

The Power of Productized Services

Here is why every video marketing business should think about productizing their services: instead of spending hours every day in meetings with prospects, you can:

Do not overthink about the fact that you are selling products instead of services. A service can be turned into a product, after all.

The Types of Productized Services

To give you a general idea of productized services, here are a few examples.

The paid trial

Let us be honest: your time is valuable, and you should charge for it. Have you seen a lawyer offering free consultations? Of course not.

The easy solution is to turn your free discovery call into a paid consultation. Make it short enough to be worthwhile but long enough to seem like a good investment. Thirty minutes is enough to get the ball rolling.

If clients want to see your work without paying for it, send them to testimonials or to your portfolio page.

It is time to showcase your best work to potential clients so they fall in love with your skills.

The one-time service

As a video marketer, you most likely will be asked to create one-time projects for your clients. Take this opportunity to sell them your service by the hour.

Or you can build a custom calculator on your website that allows potential clients to build a package.

For example: if someone is interested in a 30-minute book trailer, they might need additional services.

The calculator could allow them to select multiple trailers (of different lengths). You could also upsell them to order social media marketing.

The recurring service

If you are looking to scale your business, nothing is more effective than offering recurring subscriptions.

Once your clients are subscribed to a monthly, quarterly, or yearly offering, you can easily plan your recurring revenue.

This helps you make better decisions about your business; it lets you invest in new opportunities and scale your company.

You can also cut down on admin time by letting clients upgrade/downgrade their subscriptions themselves or even cancel them.

Determining What Your Clients Need

Based on the previous examples of productized services, the next step is to choose the right ones for your business.

To do that, take a look at your past projects. What are the most asked for services? Which services take too much time and are not worth the effort?

Try to bundle your services into products that have a lot of value for clients and do not take too much time and effort to complete.

The idea of productization is that you focus on the most lucrative services to scale more easily.

Of course, you can take a look at the competition. There are many successfully productized video marketing agencies. Here are over 100 for inspiration.

Cutting out the Bad Apples

One significant benefit of productizing your services is that it will help you eliminate bad clients. You can usually spot bad clients from a mile away because they ask for special treatment.

With productized services, you can set clear ground rules of what to expect by mentioning the deliverables in your service offering.

Create a clear pricing page, link to your terms of service page, and mention your refund policy.

While you might still have to deal with the occasional difficult client, try to make your life easier by creating self-service options for them.

A study published in Harvard Business Review shows that customers are loyal when a company helps them solve problems quickly and easily. Create a knowledge base, set up a ticketing system, and automate your email campaigns.

Scaling the Business with Automation

Once you have switched to the productized services business model, you can think about ways to scale. An effective way to do that is to use targeted email marketing campaigns.

Ideally, you put your leads into one funnel and your clients into another one. Nurture the leads with targeted emails until they become a client.

Make sure that the emails are not too frequent. For existing clients, you can send marketing emails that remind them of your services, or you can send abandoned checkout emails.

Depending on your checkout process, your provider might have integrations for major services, such as MailChimp. If not, set up email automation with Zapier instead.

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How to Productize a Video Marketing Service

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