How to Create Engaging Infographics with Venngage
by Julie Weishaar
April 15, 2020
How to Create Engaging Infographics with Venngage

Do you have any idea of how many people are on the Internet daily? Or how many brands are competing for their attention? Have you thought about grabbing their attention with engaging infographics?

There are over four billion Internet users online at the same time, over one billion websites, and more than six billion daily Google searches. Take a lot at these mind-boggling live Internet stats.

Focus on Visually Appealing Content

With so much content for everyone to see, you want to make sure you are tailoring your message to your target market in the most compelling way.

Visual content such as infographics, images, and videos are engaging, easy to understand, boost brand awareness, and increase user engagement.

  • 51% of B2B marketers prioritize creating visual assets
  • 88% of marketers include visual content in over 50% of all the written content they publish
  • 65% of the human population are visual learners
  • People are 30 times more likely to read an infographic from top to bottom than articles or blog posts
  • 45% of B2B marketers say visual content is their most important type of content
  • In the last four years, B2B marketers have had a 65% increase in the usage of infographics
  • People are likely to remember only 10% of what they hear three days later. When an image is included in the same content, they retain 65% of the information
  • Content that features visuals gets 94% more views on social media that content that doesn’t
  • 37% of marketers prefer to use original visual content such as charts and infographics
  • According to HubSpot, infographics get 178% more links than text articles
  • Infographics get shared three times more than other types of content on social media

Wow Your Audience with Engaging Infographics

An infographic is a mixture of minimal text, images, and data displayed memorably and engagingly. Why should you include infographics in your digital marketing initiatives?

Because infographics:


  • Are eye-catching and attractive
  • Boost brand awareness
  • Make complicated data easier to read and digest
  • Tell engaging visual stories
  • Can be embedded and shared
  • Quickly catch the attention of your target audience
  • Make content go viral
  • Increase SEO

Would you rather read a 2500-word blog post or look at an infographic with the same information?

Get Started Creating Engaging Infographics with Venngage

Are you convinced about the power of visual content? Ready to try creating your first infographic? This article will show you how to use Venngage to tell your story, present your data and make an infographic your audience will love.

Start by signing up for a free Venngage account.

Select a Template

After you sign up and log into your new account, click on the plus sign in the big green circle.

Choose from one of the professional templates. Click on Free from the dropdown menu next to the search box.

You can also choose only to see infographics based on Page Size by clicking the down arrow. Your options are:

  • Letter
  • Custom
  • Square
  • Landscape
  • Portrait

There is also a search box to search for a specific template by keyword.

When you find a template you like, hover over it and click PREVIEW or CREATE to start using it.

Visualize Your Data

Add charts and visuals by adding images and icons from Venngage’s library or upload your own.

Customize with Your Information

Choose a template that suits your needs. Personalize and edit it by changing the text, colors, fonts, styles, visuals, and charts to represent your message. Enhance its visual appeal with icons and images from the built-in library or upload your own.

Drag and Drop Editor

It’s easy to customize a template using the drag and drop editor. You can drag widgets onto your canvas, customize their color, size, and orientation, and lock groups into place.

Why Use a Template?

Unless you are a designer, creating an engaging infographic from scratch could be challenging. Templates enable you to create stunning visuals by customizing professionally built designs to suit your needs and convey your message.

Add Some Pizzazz to Your Data with Engaging Infographics

There is nothing worse than seeing a whole bunch of data in front of your and trying to focus on the details.

Why not make it easier for your readers to digest relevant information by making it easier on their eyes? Most marketers already know using bullet points to break up large chunks of data makes it look less clunky.

However, sometimes too many bullet points can get boring. Using a chart instead can have a positive impact.

visual marketing stats

An added bonus of using Venngage is the ability to embed your infographic on a web page. You can make edits to the template and don’t have to change the code on your site. The changes automatically update.

The only way to succeed in today’s information overload global marketplace is to get the attention of your target market.

If they don’t see your message, products, or services, they won’t become a customer. Using infographics is a great way to use visual elements that make your content interesting and more enjoyable to view.

How to Create Engaging Infographics with Venngage

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