7 Tips for Creating Engaging Visuals to Attract Your Target Market
by Julie Weishaar
October 26, 2023
7 Tips for Creating Engaging Visuals to Attract Your Target Market

We already know that using engaging visuals in your content creation is crucial for the success of your marketing strategy efforts.

This is true whether you’re advertising your products online or creating a display stand in your brick-and-mortar store.

However, there are some things that you can do to make the visual content you create more engaging and attractive to your target audience.

Include Relevant Header Image

If your website contains articles, blog posts, and the like, start by adding an accompanying header image relevant to your content.

Some businesses include the blog post title in their header image.

At the same time, others find a relevant image that matches the content’s central message.

A header image is also an excellent way to introduce your readers to your content.

For example, an article about traveling to Japan could include famous Japanese scenery.

In contrast, another article outlining the best places to eat in Kuala Lumpur could have a collage of various popular dishes in the state.

You can insert these engaging visuals into your articles and blog posts, whatever the length.

If your piece is long and has several sections, you might want to insert more photos in between.

Develop a Brand Style

Is your business based on data and precision? Or, perhaps your company prides itself on being fun, energetic, and outgoing?

A professional, data-based business would probably use real-human photos. In contrast, a fun and quirky graphic design company could use colorful vector-based characters.

Your brand visuals could also be clean and minimalistic or colorful and popping.

Mix graphic elements into real-life photography for your content marketing strategy to make your unique style.

There are many different combinations available depending on your brand persona.

If you aren’t sure how to start, consider how your business should be portrayed to reflect its nature and unique selling points best.

You can look at similar companies to see how they represent themselves.

Take notice of the content they create through their engaging visuals and develop your branding style from there.

Create stunning visuals

Use a Consistent Color Scheme

Consistency is critical for pretty much everything, and the same goes for your marketing efforts.

You may have noticed how some brands have a color palette that they stick to for their logo, website theme, and other design elements on marketing collaterals.

This is because a color palette consisting of primary and secondary brand colors helps increase brand awareness in the long run.

Think of big brands like Coca-Cola and McDonald’s. Most of us can identify these brands by seeing an ad with the color splashes associated with their logo.

Try sticking to your color schemes. But also remember that you can use a secondary brand color palette so that your designs will not look too plain.

Visualize Your Data

If you’re sharing blog posts reflecting some data, you can create a few designs to include the data to highlight the main findings you’re sharing.

The rest of your text paragraphs can elaborate your data further while your designs include the data points.

For example, suppose your article is about increasing your website page loading speed.

In that case, your visualized data could include the percentage of site visitors leaving your website after waiting several seconds.

You don’t have to worry too much about making the design.

Graphs, pie charts, and similar data representations make visuals engaging and informative.

Just label your data points properly so that your visuals are accurate and easy to understand in one glance.

Create Engaging Visuals with Infographics

Infographics can enhance any articles with lists and some data.

Think of infographics as a one-sheeter you can share and link back to your article for more explanation.

Your infographics can include the summarized main points of your writing.

For example, if your article is about symptoms of depression, your infographics would include the title and a visualized list of symptoms.

signs of depression

Image source

You can also include a short description of each symptom in the infographics.

But you should still have a more detailed explanation within your article and provide sources for your data where you use them.

Your readers could be sharing these infographics you created, too.

As such, it would also be a good idea to include your business name or logo in the infographics.

List the sources of the data you use in fine print to enhance the credibility of your infographic.

Use Varying Visual Media Format

Infographics aside, you could also include other visual content formats for your digital marketing.

Instead of using static images all the time, you can vary between multi-image posts, infographics, GIFs, and even short animated videos.

Create and test different visual formats to determine which creates better engagement for your website, social media pages, or other platforms.

Need more ideas? Add different formats of your media on multiple landing pages so that you can A/B test them before you launch your next marketing campaign.

Some website builders provide the option for A/B testing.

This involves delivering different variants of your landing pages to site visitors and capturing how they interact with both page versions.

You should also try to share your media on different social media networks.

For example, Instagram is an excellent platform for storytelling.

Another option is to include stickers and hashtags so your followers can interact with your posts.

create presentations infograhics and social graphics with Visme

Finding Your Perfect Audience

finding your perfect audience

Image Source

Following these tips will help you attract your target audience with engaging visuals.

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Originally published February 20, 2022, Re-published October 7, 2022, to add an infographic. Re-published again on October 26, 2023 to add a video. 

7 Tips for Creating Engaging Visuals to Attract Your Target Market

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