Does Quality Matter Anymore?
by Julie Weishaar
July 11, 2019
Does Quality Matter Anymore

How Important is Quality to You?

It can be difficult for everyone, business owners and consumers, to make ends meet.

As a consumer, we want to spend as little as possible but also want to get the best possible product or service of the highest quality we are looking to purchase.

Unfortunately, this isn’t often possible. Business owners want to deliver quality products and services, but quality costs.

You Have to Decide on Your Pricing Structure

So what is the small business owner to do when it comes to putting a price tag on his/her brand?

It might be tempting to lower your prices so that you don’t lose customers to your under-priced competitors.

However, in doing so, you are also undermining the quality of your business offerings.

If you pride yourself on the quality and value of your brand, you will more than likely find yourself spending the time you normally would on adhering to your high standards.

This means you will could end up in the long run losing money as your time is money.

Quality or Quantity?

I had two conversations recently with people I have met on social networks.

One of them is plagued with the burden of not wanting to compromise his value.

But he is also concerned about losing customers to those who are only interested in price shopping.

The other person I spoke with recently told me about how one of his customers truly appreciated his taking the time to fully understand her needs and help her find the best fit for her specific situation.

He knows his company is not the lowest priced in his niche. But, he also knows that his target market is not made up of those who are only shopping by price.

So what is the answer? You have to decide for yourself which category suits your skill level and needs best. However, keep in mind that in the long run, quality will prevail.

How many times have you bought something because it was a “great deal” and found that it either breaks or needs to be replaced by a higher-end product?

Or how often have you hired the neighbor’s son to paint your house (he did a great job painting his garage!) only to find yourself having to hire a professional to make your living room NOT look like a garage.

Remember, you get what you pay for…

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  1. Michael Cohn

    For me it is always about quality. Although it seem that the trend is going the other way.

    • jweishaar

      Thank you Michael for your comment. True to your word, you ALWAYS deliver top quality content 🙂

  2. Syed Brothers

    Very interesting blog and a very good read thanks for sharing.


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