Tell Me Why I Need To Be Online?
by Julie Weishaar
April 15, 2019
Tell Me Why I Need To Be Online

Build your website and they will come, right? Uh…WRONG! If you buy a new phone, but don’t give anyone the number, will it ring? I don’t think so!

A website is like anything else, for people to look at it, they’ve got to know it’s there first.

Even if a business owner truly doesn’t see the NEED for Internet marketing, just the fact that their competitors DO is reason enough……to make darn sure they are on the web too.


The best thing about the Internet is that people go on it predominantly to find information…In other words, information is being virtually force fed into search engines on a daily basis, every second. This is a marketer’s dream come true!!!

Gone are the days where you have to go out and painstakingly collect data…All the data that is needed is right there in front of you, on your computer screen! People are searching the web with questions or have problems.

YOU provide the ANSWERS and SOLUTIONS! A perfect match!

How Internet Marketing Works

Regardless of whether you conduct your marketing online or offline, it’s all the same. You’re still the problem-solving middleman. A marketer who works “offline” tends to work as part of a team.

They might be charged with the task of trying to sell a product and finding the group of people to whom the product is best suited.

This may involve surveys, giving out free samples and getting people to do short questionnaires. At any rate, it’s pretty time consuming and a lot of it involves the marketers themselves having to go out and collect this data. The great thing about the Internet is how everything is networked together.

You can be on different sides of the planet and still be talking to someone who needs your products or services.

Think about it. If someone is typing in the phrase, “how to lose weight”, what do you think that person is after? Information on how to lose weight, of course. Then again, they might be after a diet, an exercise or a liposuction clinic in their local area.

Whatever they are looking for is what they will type into the search box. Someone who types in, “how to lose weight by skipping rope” has a clearer idea of how he or she wants to lose weight than the first person. If you provide them the means of “how to lose weight by skipping rope”, what do you think you’re doing?

Being a marketer, of course! And doing your marketing ONLINE!

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