8 Customer Service Tips to Improve Your Buyer’s Journey
by Julie Weishaar
March 1, 2024
8 Customer Service Tips to Improve Your Buyer's Journey

While most of your potential customer’s buying process depends on their needs and values, following our customer service tips can actively or indirectly influence their decision.

The process through which a person decides to buy a product or service is rife with many factors and nuances often resulting from their customer service experience.

Or, at the very least, make choosing your products easier for the individual.

An efficient customer service team is an essential and effective method of getting new customers and retaining existing ones.

How you attend to your customers’ inquiries, complaints, and feedback can make or break your company’s growth.

The following tips can serve as a guide to developing and delivering efficient and effective customer service.


Make Your Support Easily Accessible

The best and most effective customer support worldwide would be useless if consumers could not find and use them.

It is essential to make your customer support easily accessible to new and existing customers.

This customer service tip ensures that people can easily and quickly connect to a customer service agent on your website.

Place your contact details, email addresses, and social media addresses in prominent sections of your site.

Better still, add links that will connect the user directly with an agent.

Develop Good Interpersonal Skills

A customer support agent comes in contact with people from all walks of life and with different temperaments and personalities.

Hence, while some customers calmly state their problems and ask for help, others might choose a more aggressive approach.

Regardless of the customer’s approach, it is essential to remain levelheaded and accommodating.

This is where understanding human behavior plays a vital role.

Let the client pour out their mind without getting defensive or arguing.

Calm them down by apologizing for the inconvenience they are experiencing and asking them to state their problem.

Provide Solutions Quickly 

No one wants to waste hours or days before they get a response to their inquiries.

Frustrated customers can abandon their carts, terminate their subscriptions, or deactivate their accounts.

Pro Customer Service Tip: To avoid losing clients, provide answers and solutions as quickly as possible.

You can achieve a fast response rate by increasing your customer service agents, having multiple agents working on one ticket, or using automated software.

Deliver A Personalized Experience

When your customers feel and know their importance to your brand, they are most likely to remain loyal and refer people to your business.

Add personal touches to your correspondence with potential and existing customers when appropriate.

Pro Customer Service Tip: Something as simple as using their names to address them in speech and print usually facilitates a positive response.

Use a less formal tone in your emails to generate rapport.

Listen carefully during live calls and address their concerns to show that you are invested in their satisfaction.

Offer Live Chat on Your Website

Live chat is an avenue through which customers can have direct conversations with support agents.

Clients can contact your company whenever they need help and receive a response immediately.

This can be the right push for customers to buy your products instead of another company’s.

Good live chat software allows your support agents to access the customer’s information and history, reducing the need to repeat themselves and providing seamless interaction.

Provide Round-The-Clock Support

Clients should be able to get the help they need at all times of the day.

Use strategies and software to communicate with the client during and after the workday.

A live chat option allows agents to assist customers even outside the workplace.

Articles, videos, and infographics about commonly asked questions and issues that would likely occur should be added to the website.

This way, people can find solutions to their problems when you cannot help them.

Get and Use Customer Feedback

Customer feedback is invaluable for improving your products and increasing your sales.

Surveys and questionnaires help you get information about your product’s weak points, possible areas for improvement, and ideas for future offerings.

Use this data to your advantage by addressing the problem areas in your products and customer services.

Take your customers’ needs into consideration when developing new products.

Show Appreciation

A loyal customer base is the driving force of any successful business.

Showing your customers that you value their patronage is an effective way of keeping their loyalty.

Implement a rewards program with transparent terms and easily attainable milestones.

Offer discounts to returning customers regularly through email.

Ensure to thank your customers through a personalized note or a thank-you mail.

Hold events that give back to the clients and reaffirm their value in your company.

What do you do to make your potential customers’ journey’s positive experiences?

Originally published October 10, 2021; Republished March 1, 2024, to update content and add video.


8 Customer Service Tips to Improve Your Buyer\'s Journey

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