Use Visme to Attract and Engage Your Audience with Compelling Visuals
by Julie Weishaar
May 16, 2023
Use Visme to Attract and Engage Your Audience with Compelling Visuals

We all know that content is king. But content without visuals is boring. Would you prefer to read large blocks of texts or see engaging and compelling visuals break up the content or even as stand-alone elements?

Your audience’s attention span is short. The best way to capture their attention is with compelling and engaging visuals.

However, when dealing with images, it is vital to pay attention to how they affect your web page speed. Be sure to size and optimize all images appropriately for faster loading times.

How about boring data? Rather than causing your audience to doze off reading, why not translate that data into stunning visuals?

But what if you are not a graphic designer and don’t have the budget to hire one? No worries. This is where Visme can come to your rescue.

visual content marketing

What is Visme?

Visme is a free online tool to create  presentations, infographics, and other engaging visuals such as:

  • Social graphics
  • Documents
  • Printables
  • Content
  • Presentations
  • Infographics
  • Reports
  • Charts
  • Flowcharts

Anyone can create beautiful content with minimal effort and no design experience.


Visme has recently added several improvements and new features, including thousands of templates, a new user interface, over 40 content types, and additional compelling visuals.

Smart Search for Compelling Visuals with Visme

Easily and quickly browse templates using Visme’s smart search capability. Search by keyword or scroll to find a template you want to use.

Visme search

Improved User Interface

Visme redesigned the user interface for a better and smoother user experience. The left panel is now a dark color to make the content you are editing stand out.

Visme user interface

Visme has also added more tabs that support new functionalities and assets for third-party apps, photos, animated objects, and a video library.

Visme tabs

Download and Share

Users can now download content in additional formats including:

  • Images (JPG & PNG)
  • Document (PDF & PDF with Bleed Marks)
  • Video (MP4 & GIF)
  • PowerPoint, Keynote, or HTML5
download Visme

Animated Illustrations

Animated icons are a really cool feature that makes Visme stand out from other visual content tools.

These engaging graphics can take your content to a new level. Every icon is pre-animated. All you have to do is drag and drop selected icons to your canvas.

Animated Illustrations

To use animated illustrations, look on the left-hand panel of the editor, click on the graphics tab and then ANIMATED GRAPHICS.


What can you do with animated visuals?

  • Add to a presentation rather than an image to add visual appeal
  • Create social media graphics to grab the attention of your followers
  • Use animated visuals in reports and infographics

Animated Gestures and Animated Characters

Have fun creating visuals with ready-to-use animated gestures and characters to add some pizzazz to what might otherwise be boring content.

  • These animations are unique to Visme
  • Customize the color, pose, and the pace of the animations
  • Download high-resolution vectorized animations in multiple formats

Below is an example of an embedded graphic I made in Visme with animated illustrations. Isn’t it cool?

Made with Visme

Choose a character you like, change the pose, skin color, and clothes. You can also set the speed and repetition of your animation in the settings section.

animated characters
Visual cues play an important role in storytelling. Visme includes a selection of hand gestures to draw attention to your content, such as waving hello, saying goodbye, or pointing to relevant content.
Visme gestures

How to Create a Professionally-Designed Presentation

Browse or search through the ready-to-use themes with HD backgrounds. Each theme has over 20 categories of content with hundreds of slides in multiple layout options.

Visme includes three themes from which to choose.

Simple Theme

Choose from over 320 minimalistic slides in 20 different categories.

simple presentations

It includes crisp fonts and straight lines.

Creative Theme

This theme uses a creative and fun style.

creative themes Visme

Choose from more than 318 professionally and beautifully designed slides. The bright colors and creativity help grab the attention of your viewers to the content included in your presentation.

Create stunning visuals

Modern Theme

This is the most popular presentation theme and is included in the legacy version of Visme.

modern presentations

The Modern themes contain more than 900 slides with 20 categories. Use it to create anything, including biography slides and process visualizations.

No matter which theme you choose, Visme gives you the freedom and flexibility to customize the fonts, icons, colors, and images.

Each presentation template has automatic transitions between slides. You can use what is built-in such as zoom and fade, disable them, or customize the settings to your liking.

slide transitions

To create a presentation:

  • Create a new project
  • Choose a theme
  • Select the slides you want to use and drag and drop them into your slide panel
  • Customize and edit with your own content
  • Download or share your presentation

Yes, You Can Even Use Videos, Too

Most business owners and marketers already know the power of video in communicating messages to their audience.

Videos appeal to visual learners. Choose videos from the thousands of stock videos to use in your designs.

Using Visme, you can use a video as the background on any slide or embed a video next to text to add value to your content.

Made with Visme

Is the video too long? No problem. Use Visme’s built-in video trimmer tool at the bottom of the editor.

trim video

Adjust the video settings by turning the following settings on or off:

  • Show control bar
  • Mute
  • Auto-play
  • Looped
video settings

Can’t find a stock video you like? No problem. Visme has you covered there, too. You can embed external videos to your designs from YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia, and Vidyard. This setting is under Apps.

Enter the video URL and select the settings you want to use. Then drag the video onto your canvas and adjust its size.

We have barely scratched the surface of the vast number of cool features and visuals you can create with Visme.


Visme offers three categories of pricing plans. You have the choice of paying monthly or yearly.

Ready to take your visual content to the next level? Give it a try for free today!

create presentations infograhics and social graphics with Visme

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a Free Account Worth it?

Yes. You can continue to use the free version of Visme for as long as you want.

In addition, the free version gives you access to approximately 80% of the functionality available.

How Can I Use the Projects I Create?

You can use the HTML embed code or download a file as an image and upload it to your server.

Am I Able to Edit a Project After it is Published?

You can edit your project as often as you want. Just be sure to click the “share” option in the Visme editor and don’t forget to republish it.

Originally published March 22, 2022; updated May 15, 2023 for additional content.

Use Visme to Attract and Engage Your Audience with Compelling Visuals

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