How To Set Up & Use Gmail Templates
by Julie Weishaar
December 26, 2022
How To Set Up & Use Gmail Templates

If you find yourself repeating the same emails, sending the same answers, or recycling the same cold emails, now might be a great time to consider Gmail Templates.

We have reviewed the relevance of Gmail templates, and below is a detailed guide on how they can make your work easier.

What Are Gmail Templates?

Gmail Templates are ready-made emails or outlines that sometimes contain textual content and visuals.

While the name sounds like default messages from Google, Gmail Templates are your original emails.

This ensures you don’t have to craft the same email repeatedly for different recipients in the same category.

Let’s say you’re running a drip email campaign that consists of a welcome email, middle content, and sales-closing email.

You need to have a saved draft for these sequences so that you don’t have to keep creating new ones whenever you want to do another similar campaign.

Gmail templates are excellent marketing strategies that help business owners manage their drafting time.

The account owner can also set up filters to schedule these drafts and automatically send them when the filter requirements are met.

While Gmail Templates are only available on Desktops, you can create up to 50 templates.

Each account has default storage for generic messages, but you can also designate the stored messages’ signatures, recipients, and other features.

How To Set Up Gmail Templates

Before you can create email templates for your Gmail, you need to enable the template option. Follow these simple steps to start:

  1. Create A Gmail Account or log in if you already have one.
  2. Open the settings button and select “See all Settings.”
  3. Click the “Advanced” tab
  4. Locate the Template option in the section and Select “Enable.”
  5. Click on “Save Changes” to complete the process.

How To Create Gmail Templates

Activating Gmail Templates means saving your drafts and filtering them for their recipients.

The next step is drafting the generic emails and preparing them for use. Follow these steps to Create your first Gmail template:

  1. Select the “Compose” option at the top left corner of your Gmail home screen.
  2. Draft your email.
  3. Click the three dots at the bottom left corner of the compose screen. It is next to the delete option (a recycle bin)
  4. Locate the Template option and place your cursor on it (You don’t have to click).
  5. Select the “Save As New Template” Option
  6. Enter the template name in the next screen and click “Save.” (We should include an argument for saving your templates with distinguishable names here. Try something memorable, like the name of the recipients or the subject of the email.) Using Template 1 or My First Template is not a great idea.
  7. Rinse and repeat up to 50 times. Delete and create new templates as necessary.

How To Send Gmail Templates

You now have ready-to-use Gmail Templates but sending them is not the same as sending your regular Emails. Let’s see the simple steps to sending Gmail templates:

  1. Select the “Compose” button to create a new draft (Don’t worry, you are not drafting anything. This time.)
  2. Select the three dots at the bottom of the compose screen (Yes, the same one you selected when creating the Templates.)
  3. Locate the Template option and place your cursor on it (Again, you may feel the need to click it, but it is not necessary. Hovering on the Template option works)
  4. The next screen will display the names of all your Templates.
  5. Select the template you need, and it will appear in your Compose screen
  6. Edit as necessary and send.

Alternatively, you can create a filter to send your templates automatically.

How To Set Up Filters for Gmail Templates

There’s nothing wrong with sending your Gmail templates individually, but filters are more effective.

Filters help you send the templates as soon as it confirms the conditions.

These conditions could be time, keywords, or emails from specific accounts.

You can set up filters to send the templates to any mail that includes specific phrases or schedule it in response to some Gmail addresses.

The best part is that setting up filters is as simple as every other step in activating Gmail Templates. Let’s go through the steps together:

  1. Click the “Show Search option” icon in your Gmail search box. (It is the icon with intersecting lines on the right side of the search box – in case you didn’t notice. There is a search box in the top center of your Gmail.)
  2. Fill in the popup screen as necessary. Use keywords, email addresses, or dates.
  3. Click Create Filter

How To Edit Gmail Template

The huge downside of Gmail Templates is that there is no edit option. But you can overwrite the saved Templates.

Overwriting the drafts means replacing a previous one with an update without editing the content. Here is how you overwrite a Gmail Template:

  1. Select “Compose” as if you are creating a new draft.
  2. This time, you must make a draft. An update to the template you want to edit.
  3. Select the three dots at the bottom right corner of the Compose screen. Yes, the same one next to the recycle button.
  4. Hover on Templates (You can click it if you want.)
  5. Select “Save Draft as Template.”
  6. Your existing Templates would appear in a list below the space to Name the New Draft
  7. Select the Draft you need to Overwrite
  8. Click “Overwrite Template,” and we are done.

How To Delete Gmail Template

You can also delete a Template by following the same steps, but instead of selecting save Draft as Template, you will Click Delete Template.

The next screen will then show the list of your existing Templates, and you can click the one you need to delete.


Gmail Templates should be at the top of your mailing strategy.

The Templates offer instant and automated responses to frequent emails.

Moreover, you get to save time and redirect focus to more pressing tasks.

How To Set Up & Use Gmail Templates

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