6 Ways to Get the Best Out of Email Drip Campaigns
by Julie Weishaar
December 12, 2022
6 Ways to Get the Best Out of Email Drip Campaigns

Whether you’re an expert marketer or a new business owner, the marketing world is chaotic.

Coupled with the many competitors, you need something unique to bolster your sales and lead conversion.

That’s precisely where Email Drip Campaigns come in.

If stats speak louder, you should know that drip email campaigns generate 50% more hot buyers or ready-to-spend leads than non-drip emails.

And in this article, you will learn what drip campaign emails are and how to get the best out of them to ace your ROI.

What Are Email Drip Campaigns?

Drip-Drip! Remember that sound you heard when raindrops slid down your roof?

Email Drip campaigns more or less share the same features as these drops.

In drip campaigns, you regularly send emails to a segment of your subscribers’ list.

Say you have an online course. You could create a free mini-email course to build your subscribers’ expectations of the original course.

Once the series ends, your audience should be ready to offer you their cash in exchange for more value willingly.

Sounds great?

There’s no rocket science approach to email drip campaigns, especially if you’re already an email marketer.

Just set up your series and start sending. But casually doing so will probably yield little to no results.

So, follow these tips to optimize and get the best out of your email drip campaigns.

1.   Target The Right Audience

Targeting the right audience means finding a group of people who genuinely need your products or services to solve their problems.

Not only will this approach streamline your marketing efforts, but you will also be able to create personalized offers for your potential customers.

Imagine setting up your SaaS Marketing campaign with an email list filled with non-SaaS business owners. The results and conversion are definitely going to be very low.

That’s why you must know your craft well and who are the right people for you to reach.

Create your email drip campaign list with the contact info of your previous, existing, and yet-to-be customers.

You can paddle things smoothly by adding a lead magnet which is an offer such as a free eBook reward for signing up, a free email course, or discount offers.

You can also use your website to build a targeted list. Set up an email box pop-up where page viewers are asked to sign up for your list if they want.

Email leads gotten from website pages are more targeted since they initially had an interest in your services. Otherwise, go for paid lists from trustworthy sources.

2.   Your Email Drip Campaigns Should Nurture Before Selling

If there is one mistake most email marketers make, it is that they sound too salesy. Your email’s open rate will hit rock bottom when everything you talk about is money.

You certainly don’t want to plaster a “buy me” all over your emails.

Instead, you should create a flow, nurture and educate each lead until they have built a substantial interest in the value of what else you offer them.

A lead nurturing email drip campaign focuses mainly on sending informative data to leads.

It’s more or less like a process of walking your email lists through getting something done or solving a problem.

If you’re trying to promote an online course, first develop a free and mini email course as part of your drip campaign.

Give your email lists valuable excerpts over a span of six to seven emails.

Afterward, you can pitch your offer to them to get the full package and see the conversion rate spike up automatically.

3.   Prioritize Infographics Over Texts

Humans process images more easily than text. In fact, a study showed that images are processed 60,000 times faster than non-image elements.

It shouldn’t be surprising since we all know how intriguing and engaging visuals can be compared to a block of text on our mobile screens.

Similarly, you should incorporate infographics – a simple visual representation of more bulky data.

Instead of going over the average email text count of about 50 to 125, stuff all those details into charts, images, graphs, etc., and send them as an infographic.

Grammarly is an interesting tech company that utilizes this strategy for its email drip campaign.

4.   Create A Sense of Urgency with Your Email Drip Campaigns

Have you ever walked into a brick-and-mortar store and saw your favorite pasta shelf having just one pasta left?

Okay, you might not be a pasta lover, but what about other products?

The fear of missing out (FOMO) automatically kicks in, and you try to get the product before another person does.

That’s Urgency!

Most e-commerce stores use the same strategy during black Fridays.

Most deals are rolled out to have a time limit before the discounts are removed.

As such, online shoppers try to buy as much as they can before that happens.

Use time-limited discounts or attractive offers to create urgency in your email drip campaigns.

However, be truthful in your words. Don’t send the same time-limited discount email that was supposed to have expired a week ago.

If your leads are not converting the way you want them to, try to see what’s wrong.

Ask those who are yet to convert why they didn’t take an action and see how you can help. But don’t sound pushy. Go personal.

5.   Add Clear CTA

Gone are those times when marketers add call-to-action text such as “Click here” or “Call now.”

You need something more interesting and clear such as “Schedule a meeting with the CEO” or “Own your book copy.”

Generic or robotic CTAs might also land your emails in the spam box.

So, make sure all the elements of your email drip campaigns are written with personalization at heart.

But that’s not all. You can insert your major CTA within the email.

Put it immediately at the end of your email body for more priority. Placement also matters if you want a high conversion rate.

Email signatures are a great place to put your social media links.

You can also link it to your email signature. However, that’s not ideal especially if your link leads to checkout or conversion pages.

6.   Track Performance Metrics

You need to track your reports when you’ve implemented all the necessary checks and balances.

Look for metrics like Open rate, Click through rate, and many others.

With these insights, you can determine which email content is performing well, what time of the day receives more open rates, the crucial touch points, and engagement level.

Note that performance tracking is only possible with email tools offered by some SaaS firms like Hubspot or MailChimp.

Of course, there are other lots in the market. Just make sure you choose one with the features you need.


The email drip campaign strategy is one of the best and most widely adopted email marketing approaches.

You can nurture cold leads into hot buyers in no time so long you do it right.

First off, know your audience on a personal level. That will help you create relevant content.

Afterward, try your best to nurture interest before selling. Hit your leads with visual elements and entice their retina.

Finally, round everything up with a clear-cut CTA, and track your campaign performance for better optimization.

6 Ways to Get the Best Out of Email Drip Campaigns

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