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You know that you should be using video in your marketing mix because it is the most engaging form of communication, activating more of the senses than any other single communication form. You also know that video provides an opportunity to build trust, to literally speak to your viewers, and to showcase your business products and services in a way that is not possible with static content. You have seen TONS of products being promoted on the web. So how do you know which tools to use? You can buy all of them and see which ones you like best! But that will take a lot of time, cost a lot of money, require many learning curves, and might NOT lead to your satisfaction.

DIY Video Marketing Templates


Video Marketing Templates


Video-templated products are easy-to-use and very effective. They are valuable for both the beginner video marketer and the pro. Why? Because the beginner can use the template making only minor changes to customize it where most of the work has been done for you. The more experienced video creator can add bells and whistles to the same video templates, oftentimes making it almost unrecognizable by the average person from the original template.

Graphics Products, Audio And More…


customized images


You need images for any online content marketing, including videos. What is the best way to get someone to read your content? Wrap it in a visually-appealing, attention-grabbing image as the hook. But where are you going to get your images? Your videos not only will have images, but you also need a creative video thumbnail to attract attention to your video! What about audio for your videos? You need compelling music to bring attention to your videos!

Julie listens with great care to get the best result for what you are looking at doing. She will be honest to you and tell you what she thinks along with your ideas. Just a GREAT GREAT person to work with.

Matt Kuehnis

President, Cruvinet Winebar Company

Julie Sahud Weishaar has been an amazing person to work with, giving of her time and knowledge. Returning every phone to answer all of our silly questions and give us valuable marketing information that has helped us very much! Thank you Julie.

Jude Elizondo

Health and Wellness Consultant, Growmap

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