Video is Here to Stay: The Video Marketing Statistics Speak for Themselves
by Julie Weishaar
April 25, 2019
Grow your business with video

We have been told for years that video is the best way to enhance your business and website. The continued growth of video shows little signs of slowing down. The video marketing statistics back this up.

In addition, mobile usage is also increasing at a rapid rate. Isn’t it easier to watch a video on your mobile screen than being overwhelmed by a ton of text on a page?

“Just as the Tyrannosaurus Rex ruled the Cretaceous Period, video rules the digital marketing landscape of today”. (source)

Effective Content Marketing Strategy

Video marketing is a very effective means to relay your business story and messaging. As a result, a good video content marketing strategy can increase qualified leads by 66%. Videos are:

    • Cost-effective
    • Highly engaging and persuasive
    • Passive
    • Great for establishing authority and building relationships

When designing your video, make sure you know its purpose and your target audience. Although It is true that publishing videos helps with creating brand awareness. It is also important to have a more specific goal in mind such as:

    • Increasing conversions on a product or service page
    • Outranking a competitor for a relevant and valuable keyword phrase
    • Improving the quality of leads by targeting your message

The more specific and targeted your video message, the greater it will resonate with your audience and drive them to take action. (Be sure to include a call-to-action in your video, so the viewer knows what you want them to do)

Videos by Their Very Nature are Social

There’s no disputing the fact that people (and Google) love video. The average adult watches approximately 6 hours of video every day.

This includes watching videos on a mobile website, in an app, on a smart device, over a TV-connected device, and on a computer.

Videos are no longer exclusive to YouTube. Other social channels such as LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook are also seeing a massive increase in video consumption on their platforms.

    • 83% of consumers consider sharing videos they have watched with their friends and family.
    • Social Media Today reports that videos are 6x more likely to be retweeted than photos.
    • 93% of businesses who posted a video on social media reported getting a new customer. (Animoto)

Don’t forget that Google’s algorithms are focusing on showing users the content they want. They want to see a video.

When you use video in your marketing campaigns, you will be rewarded by Google with an increase in your organic search engine results.

Your Videos Should be Creative, Engaging, and Compelling

Attractive and creative videos will get more attention than dull ones. Boring, sloppily prepared, unplanned, and irrelevant videos will turn away your audience. They will not stay around long enough to watch your message.

Take your videos from “Blah” to “Wow” with video animations. There is no reason that you can’t entertain your audience while informing them about relevant, helpful, and product or service-specific information.

Use the few seconds you have wisely to grab attention by being creative, different, or even humorous.

    • Digital Information World found that 59% of senior executives favor video over text.
    • Organic Facebook engagement is highest at 13.9% on posts with videos. (Locowise)
    • After viewing a YouTube video, 76% of senior executives navigate to the website that posted the video (Single Grain)

Content is King: Video Reigns Supreme

Marketers and businesses have known for years that content is king. There are many uses of video including:

    • Instructional videos
    • Sales pitches
    • Demonstrating a physical product or service
    • Relevant news stories
    • Funny content
    • Live streaming events
    • Video interviews
    • Customer reviews
    • Tutorials
    • Video ads

Viewing a video has a significant impact on consumer decision-making behavior. If you are trying to sell a product or service, you should add a video to your digital marketing strategy.

Do You Have a Video Describing Your Product or Service?

    • Watching a video about a product or service can increase the chances of the consumer making a purchase by 64%.
    • Approximately 50% of consumers will look for a video related to a product or service before going to a store and making a purchase.
    • Companies that consistently use videos in their marketing see year after year revenue growth 49% faster than those that don’t.

What Does This All Mean?

The numbers don’t lie. The video marketing statistics show that video marketing, done correctly, creatively, and strategically benefit the businesses that utilize them. Video marketing is here to stay.

Video Marketing Statistics Infographic

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