Top 10 Video Content Marketing Statistics in 2023
by Julie Weishaar
June 20, 2023
Top 10 Video Content Marketing Statistics in 2023

Video content has become the latest norm for marketers today.

Talk about taking a walk down your street or scrolling your favorite blog posts – there is a high possibility that you’ll find some video clips as advertisements or content launches sticking around.

Research by Wyzol shows that 86% of marketing organizations use video content to increase their lead-generation results and sales objectives.

So, if you’re currently not leveraging this incredibly powerful marketing channel, the following statistics will give you the push you need.

According to Forbes, Users Remember 95% of What They See In Video Content

People are more likely to remember visually conveyed information.

That explains why most marketers use visually appealing elements when designing websites, crafting email newsletters, and promoting their brands.

Even if your potential customers are not prepared to buy something right away, your content will serve as a reminder through constant flashbacks.

60% of People Prefer Online Video Content Over TV shows

TV is slowly losing its place as the dominant form of advertising.

While many individuals still watch television shows, a growing number prefer YouTube and other online entertainment options to access their needs.

Have you heard about the latest “cutting the cord” trend? With the abundance of easily accessible video content online, people are tired of paying outrageous prices for cable or satellite.

Even those popular reality program genres can be found on YouTube these days.

These Video platforms also host millions of users where you can promote your brand and generate more leads.

Only 37% of The Video Content Online Fully Retains Their Viewers

There are probably millions or billions of video content online, but not all deliver the expected visual experience and value. That’s why most viewers click the exit button within seconds.

If you want to captivate your audience, keep them watching until the very end, and ensure that they retain the information in your video, make sure your videos are of outstanding quality. And you must provide relevant value through your content.

Most Customers (69%) would Rather Watch A Video Than Read Textual Guides

Compared to reading, people remember information better when it is presented visually.

A large percentage of your customers will choose to watch a short product video over reading textual content on your webpage.

And just so you know, 1.8 million written words are equivalent to one minute of video. That is quite a lot!

Over 1 Million Videos Are Reportedly Watched Every Second

That is a tremendous amount of content. While a chunk of this content is made up of TV series and movies, you should remember that there are also many marketing-oriented videos.

Services like YouTube feature quite a lot of sponsored material and adverts. Tiktokers and influencers promote brand products with videos. Instagram is also not lagging.

Adding Videos to Your Landing Page Will Skyrocket Your Conversion Rate By at Least 80%

Have you ever heard of the saying, “more conversions equal more sales”?

You’re looking at a spectacular Return On Investment (ROI) just by adding video content to your landing page.

Imagine how many conversions you’ll get if your videos are well-optimized and adequately placed.

That’s why you should hire an experienced video marketer to help you get things done.

58% of Respondents to a Survey Said Videos Were Essential to Their Growth and Learning

Given how much people enjoy watching videos, it should come as no coincidence that video marketing is very effective, from simple advertising to product demonstrations.

After all, consumers pay attention to and remember information from high-quality videos.

The same applies to videos as your go-to option when creating an onboarding experience.

New customers or clients will rather watch a 10-minute video wizard than read tons of blog posts or product guides.

79% of Respondents Said They Downloaded a Piece of Software or an App as a Result of Watching Promotional Video Content

Undoubtedly, you would have seen a promotional video on platforms like Youtube and Facebook.

Often, these videos prompt us to download an application after watching, while others lead us to a landing page to make purchases.

Interestingly, not just any promotional video pops up when you’re busy streaming your Youtube videos.

Most platforms’ algorithm ensures you only get content related to your previous searches and browsing experience.

This personalized method of delivering only relevant promotional videos to the right audience ensures you get the best for your marketing investment.

Instagram Has More Than 1 Billion Users Each Month

Although it’s not the largest social network, Instagram is perfect for video marketing based on your target user demographics.

If you’re in the fashion and beauty industry, Instagram stories give you the ideal opportunity to paint a good image for your brand.

Top companies like Starbucks and Burberry leverage this social media platform to generate many prospects using video content marketing.

There Are 2.93 Billion Active Monthly Users On Facebook

In addition, Facebook users watch almost 4 billion hours of video daily.

Facebook also features Stories and Live streaming options to reach your customers and potential prospects effectively.

All of this implies that you can’t disregard Meta’s influence on your marketing efforts.

If Industry giants like Nike and Chevrolet successfully built their brands on this platform with video marketing, then you too can.


Video marketing has so much more to offer your business; you can already see that from the statistics above.

Also, you should prioritize platforms like Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram for your video distribution.

Finally, ensure your video content is optimized and clear and targets the right audience for better conversion results.

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Originally published February 12, 2023; Republished June 21, 2033, to add video content.

Top 10 Video Content Marketing Statistics in 2023

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  1. Lisa Sicard

    Hi Julie, those are some powerful stats, especially for landing pages. I think I have my work cut out for me now. Are there any special tools you like to use for video creation now? Thanks.

    • Julie Weishaar

      Hi Lisa,

      Yes, we all have our work cut out for us. 🙂 My favorite tool of late is I find it easy to use the most effective when time is of the essence.

  2. David Leonhardt

    I am obviously an outlier. Unless there is entertainment value to the video that cannot be conveyed by text – like Geddy Lee rocking Free Will or Closer to the Heart – I would much prefer text.

    But clearly I need to wrap my head around video content this year.

    • Julie Weishaar

      Hi David,

      Nothing wrong with being an outlier 🙂 Different strokes for different folks. That’s why it’s important to use both text and video so that your message is received in the preferred medium of your target.


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