Top Types of Shareable Content and How to Get Started
by Ann Smarty
June 14, 2023
Top Types of Shareable Content

As the competition keeps growing, creating shareable content is becoming more challenging.

Web users are overwhelmed with all types of visual content from various sources, from blogs to TikTok and Instagram.

There’s no single answer to creating content that gets shared: You’ll have to experiment with various kinds of types, formats, and tools. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Talk with a Popular Expert or Personality

An interview, debate, or feature works best. Interviewing a well-known niche influencer is an excellent way to generate shares through that powerful association.

Part of the thing that attracts readers to interviews is recognition.

So, try your best to create a stand-out interview or an “Ask the Experts” article that intrigues many people into clicking. Your odds are even better if:

  • They are usually timely and relevant to the latest news in your industry.
  • You offer multiple viewpoints, which naturally appeal to more readers.
  • Engagement and participation are encouraged because there are differing opinions and questions posed.

However, it’s still worth noting that sometimes you can create a shareable piece of content with someone unknown, but this is where a killer headline comes into play.

If the CEO of your company lived in a van in New Zealand when they decided on the winning strategy for success, highlight that first.

No matter how great a story you have, simply saying “interview” might not be enough to get you the clicks you need to earn those shares.

Create Fun Content Such as Quizzes

Ensure that your quizzes are either long, detailed, meaningful, or short and fun. Usually, nothing in between.

Quizzes have always been fun content options companies never seemed to bother creating, but they’re almost absolute now.

Thanks to BuzzFeed and their outrageous “What Kind of Pizza Are You” quizzes, it’s clear that the younger generation likes to learn about themselves and share their thoughts without having to think.

Creating a fun, short, silly quiz like this can still be relevant to your industry and earn you many shares.

Of course, if you’re a company that isn’t trying to get into the buzz of it all and wants to remain very professional, maybe for an older audience, those quizzes work well too. It’s fun to test your brainpower or hear another perspective on yourself.

The best part: Quizzes are very simple for a company to create, primarily if you use one of these quiz plugins!

Share Videos That Have a Unique Format or Idea

Any type of video is shareable – informative, funny, introductory, educational, sales-oriented, etc.

If your audience is more serious and looking for advanced, professional advice or education, create a video of someone explaining something specific.

A video will work well if you produce short and entertaining content.

Videos are informative and visual, easier to consume, and they’re something that most people aren’t going to create on their own, meaning that sharing yours is the easiest option.

Make sure your video stands out. More video content created these days needs to find something unique. Interviews can also be in video format!

Consult with a video expert to define your unique style.

Create Long Listicles with Little Content

Those looking for lists want something quick. An article that lists the top 5 ways to do something or tips is excellent, but a list of 50 is better.

People want to see all options, so these extensive lists do it. They don’t have much content, so they’re easy to digest.

A “link page” can also look like a list and be very shareable. This page provides links to different resources, tools, etc., that might be relevant to a topic.

Because you’re linking to other resources on the web, this is also the perfect opportunity to reach out to those resources and ask for a share.

Research and Produce Original Data

This is one of my personal favorites because it allows you to offer something completely unique from other articles.

When you conduct your own research, you appeal to your readers and other blogs and companies in your industry.

People will want to reference your study to make other points and help analyze, so the chances of earning additional links are just as good as acquiring those shares.

In addition, an excellent research piece published on your blog will help you establish authority and credibility. However, there are a few things to keep in mind if you want to be successful:

  • You still have to present your data engagingly; for many, this is a video or an infographic. The exact numbers are great, but make sure it’s easy to understand.
  • Research studies can be expensive, so plan for it beforehand so your analysis genuinely covers all angles.
  • Research studies are going to be time-consuming. Ultimately, you should have something very detailed, so share it to get the word out! Find companies who would benefit from sharing your work.

Since this is a time-consuming tactic, make sure you make the most of it using content repurposing. Turn your findings into slideshows, videos, and infographics.

You can also create and distribute whitepapers using tools like Visme and printables like Vistaprint.

Going Beyond Shares: Earning Links Through Shareable Content

Shareable content is terrific because it helps bring attention to your brand, but you ultimately want to drive traffic to your brand through those shares.

While this is entirely possible for brand recognition, the links will also entice people to click.

Fortunately, many sharing options include a link automatically, but there are still things you can do to help improve your backlink numbers:

  • Always link back to yourself if you’re creating a list of tools, companies, people, etc.
  • Create a linkable badge for those who score well on your quiz.
  • You should share your content multiple times to increase visibility and encourage retweets or reshares.
  • Let users ask an expert their own questions by including a link somewhere online.
  • Make sure your social sharing buttons are easy to find and use.

Make sure to use digital marketing tools for agencies to keep track of your content performance. This will allow you to define your most successful types!

Of course, many other types of content can be very shareable depending on your industry and company, including infographics, memes, and many more. But this is a good start!

Top Types of Shareable Content and How to Get Started

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