What You Should Know About Podcast Advertising
by Julie Weishaar
February 13, 2022
What You Should Know About Podcast Advertising

Are you interested in learning about podcast advertising? If yes, then you are in the right place.

Before considering any medium for advertising, it should attract a large audience.

Is Podcast Good for Advertising?

Research carried out by Edison Research and Triton Digital in 2021, discovered that over 78% of Americans (approximately 222 million) are now familiar with podcasts. This is an increase of 4.72% within a year.

The same research cites 57% of Americans listen to Podcasts, and growth has increased by 29.5% in 3 years.

Podcasts are a significant and growing medium where advertisers will be willing to promote their business while creators generate revenue.

What Is a Podcast?

The podcast is a series of digital audio files downloadable to your device or streamed directly on audio streaming platforms.

These files can be about varying topics, including educational, news, entertainment, motivational, and other content.


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Because the number of listeners of podcasts continues to grow, it is an excellent option for business owners to promote their companies.

Below are several things you should know about podcast advertising as a business owner.

Use Podcast Ads for Your Brand Awareness & Not Lead Generation

Podcast Advertising is best for exposure and brand awareness rather than lead generation.

It will be difficult for podcast ads to fit into a lead generation funnel but easier for people to learn about your brand.

This is because podcast listeners are often caught up with other activities such as driving, cooking, or working out.

A person driving wouldn’t risk signing up for your newsletter or subscribing to your YouTube Channel.

The Cost for Podcast Advertising Depends On The Number Of Listeners And Ads Duration

Podcast Publishers use a pricing model known as Cost per Mile (CPM), the same as cost per 1000 listeners.

According to AdvertiseCast, the average CPM publishers charge are:

  • $25 per 30 Seconds Ads
  • $35 per 60 Seconds Ads

The higher the number of listeners and ads duration, the higher the charge.

For instance, if the podcast has 10,000 listeners and your ads last for 30 seconds, you will pay $25 × 10,000/1000 = $250 and $35 × 10,000/1000 = $350.

Podcast Advertising Networks Bring Faster Results

If you don’t like to deal directly with podcasters, you can try Podcast Advertising Networks.

Ad networks will ensure that your ads are spread across various Podcast Shows related to your ads’ content for optimum conversion.

Some well-known podcast ad networks you can try include Midroll, AdvertiseCast, and PodcastOne.

Using these ad networks can bring a lot of impressions to your network in a short period.

Allowing The Podcast Host to Introduce Your Product Can Boost Conversion

Letting the podcast host share a brief about your product during the show will enhance personalization with your prospects. Keep in mind this might come with an additional charge,

You can share a free trial or promo code with the host to offer to their listeners.

If the host is knowledgeable about your product, he can also share the benefits with his audience.

Podcast Analytics Platforms Are Useful for Ads Targeting

Podcast Analytics Platforms like Podsights and Chartable can help you gather enough data to improve your advert targeting.

You can get specific information with these third-party platforms and can help with targeting the right audience

Analytics platforms collect data such as the:

  • Number of unique listeners
  • Total time the audience listened to a particular episode
  • Ranking of listeners by country.

Things You Should Know About Podcast Advertising

Podcast advertisers should understand industry standards in terms of ad length, the number of ads, ad placement, and ads choice.

You should also be aware of podcast ads pricing models.

Podcast Ads Length

On average, Podcast Ads are short (often less than a minute).

They should not be too long because listeners have short attention spans, especially if they are not interested in the advert.

So, to avoid losing listeners to your competitors, keep ads short and on point.

Ads Placements

Below are the three major ad placements:

  • Pre-roll ads are usually 15-20 seconds long. They run before or after the introduction to the show.
  • Mid-roll ads are usually presented in the middle of a show and last 30-90 seconds.
  • Post-roll ads are typically 15-20 seconds and played right before or after the closing of the show.

Number Of Ads Per Podcast Episode

The industry standard for the number of podcast ads per episode is between 2 to 4.

Too many ads on a single episode can affect the show’s flow, thereby leading to listeners’ loss of interest.

Podcast Ad Types

Below are some podcast ad types you should know about  as a Podcaster:

  • Announcer read ads are pre-recorded and inserted into a show. They are typically recorded by an announcer, third-party voice over artist, or sometimes the advertiser themselves.
  • Host read ads carry more weight and are often more effective because of the relationship between the podcaster and his audience.
  • Baked in ads are part of the podcast content. Often, the host reads them leveraging his influence and personality.


Podcast Advertising seems to be growing by the day, so you should consider adding it to your other ad campaigns.

What You Should Know About Podcast Advertising

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