Our Marketing Systems Have Unlimited Subdomains! What Does That Mean to YOU?
by Julie Weishaar
May 20, 2013
Our Marketing Systems Have Unlimited Subdomains

What Does Unlimited Sub-Domains Mean?


It Means You Have the Ability & Resources to Create Webpages for ALL the Different Things You Promote

What does that mean? OK, if you are a network marketer, your company probably supplies you with a replicated website, right? That means that you can now send a customer or opportunity prospect to YOUR rep ID on the company website to buy or join. Great! But who is the person doing business with? You or the “company”? REMEMBER, people like to do business with people they KNOW, LIKE, & TRUST. You are not the company, you are YOU! So…

  1. With unlimited sub-domains, you will now be sending these prospects to a page that is branded to YOU – not the company. You can decide what information you want to include on that page and you might very well decide that you will include much of the same information that is on your replicated website. However, this page will have YOU on it: your brand, your face, your video, etc. You get the point.
  2. In addition, let’s say your company sells 8 different products along with the business opportunity. With your replicated website, you have ONE place to send your customers/prospects. You might have a separate customer site that has different pages for each product. That can be a little overwhelming for someone to have to search ONE website for the product they are looking for. What if they aren’t interested in the other products? With unlimited sub-domains, you can SUPER target your marketing for each offering and each market – thereby increasing your chances of reaching a specific target
  3. How about SEO? Are YOU being found in search when someone searches for company ABC’s latest skin cream or is the company you are a rep for being found? The answer to that is pretty obvious!

WAIT! I am NOT a Network Marketer so Why Should I Care About Unlimited Sub-Domains?

Does your company promote only ONE thing? Is your target market only one demographic? If so, then maybe you don’t have as strong a need for unlimited sub-domains; however, you can STILL super focus your targeted marketing

Do you promote more than ONE offering? Many do. Many folks are business coaches, affiliate marketers, have written or are writing a book, etc. Your website might or might not include all these aspects of “you”. With unlimited sub-domains, you can create a separate Sales Funnels for each offering. You can and probably should direct your sales pages BACK to your website where the “call-to-action” can be carried out: “buy now”, “sign-up now”, etc. You can and SHOULD SEO your sub-domains with the same targeted keyword/keyword phrases as you have on your website so you are increasing your changes of being found in search for your targeted niche. You have also now added the ability to capture leads, follow-up automatically with a targeted auto-responder campaign, and get people to your sales page for EACH of your offerings without having to either have multiple websites of complicated over-stuffed websites.

This Must Cost a Fortune, Right?

NOPE! Only $30.00/month!

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