Local Businesses Don’t Need to Include Video in Their Marketing Mix
by Julie Weishaar
January 4, 2020
Local Businesses Don’t Need to Include Video in Their Marketing Mix

A lot of owners tell me that they don’t need to use local business video. They say that it is only for online businesses. While they may have a website, their focus is on the brick-and-mortar side of things.

Well, that’s all well and good, but here’s the thing. Your local customers are using the web to find businesses.

If they want a restaurant to go to, they aren’t hauling out the Yellow Pages to see where to dine in their area.

They’re turning to their iPhones, laptops and other mobile devices to search for what they want. If they can’t find you online, then chances are many of your potential local customers will never see you and what your company offers.

Increase Your Online Visibilty

One way to increase your online visibility is through video. Online video is just about everywhere.

Engaging, entertaining, and compelling videos are shared more often by others than textual content. Search engines, notably Google, display online video in their listings.

In short, video increases your chances of being found by those looking for the products or services you offer.

So, you see, local businesses do need video marketing.

What Role Does Video Play Specifically in Your Local Business?

It’s not just about being found, but also a question of familiarity and credibility. Video is a great way to speak to your prospective customers face to face literally.

Here are a Few Roles Video Can Play in Your Business:

  • Familiarity, Branding and Reputation: People do business with people they know. When your prospects and your current customers watch your videos, they feel they know you better. Video is an opportunity to get ‘up close and personal’, and the value is enormous.
  • Increased Conversions: Video demonstrations on your product pages can dramatically increase your orders and inquiries. Think about it; if your customers see how your product works instead of just reading a description, they’d be more likely to buy, wouldn’t they?
  • Attract New Prospects: Publish helpful how-to videos for your customers to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty. Your how-to videos will show up in online search, and your ideal target prospects can find your content too. For example, if you sell power washers, create a video on “how to power wash aluminum siding.” You will attract people who need the equipment you sell to do the job.
  • Boost Social Media Campaigns: Animated videos are all over the web. The reason is that consumers are attracted to clever, funny, entertaining animations. Your potential customers are on social media platforms, such as YouTube and Facebook. They are there to get information about anything and everything. Consumers share creative, engaging, informative, and inspiring videos. Local business owners who include videos in their content marketing strategy appeal to visual learners because of their psychological and emotional appeal.

Videos Make it Easier for Potential Customers to Find You

When you publish demonstrations or infomercials about specific products, web users can also find them through their searches.

Whether they’re searching for certain brand names or products, having that video information out there makes it easier for new prospects to find you.

Video Can Be Added to Just About Every Aspect of Your Marketing

Show videos in your store in on-screen product demonstrations. You can send videos to potential customers and existing customers about new products and developments.

You can create ‘welcome’ videos for your web site that increase familiarity with you and your business. Video demonstrations bring your product pages to life.

Create Live stream videos of events your business is hosting such as fundraisers, conferences, or round table discussions.

Record interviews with experts or thought leaders in your industry to share relevant and helpful information.

Use video in your email marketing to build stronger relationships, showcase your products and more.

Create and share explainer videos to help your target marketing understand why they need your product or service.

Showcase loyal and satisfied customers in a case study video to show to others. Ask them to describe their problem or challenge that your company helped them solve on video.

These are some of the possibilities. Just imagine how a video would work in your own unique business.

All businesses, large and small, should be using videos in their marketing initiatives. For those interested in advertising, video advertising is becoming more widespread and affordable.

Creating marketing videos requires knowledge of human psychology and creativity. Learn more about how using video marketing can help your local business grow.

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Local Businesses Don’t Need to Include Video in Their Marketing Mix

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