How to Make an Animated Video from a Blog Post
by Julie Weishaar
April 1, 2024
how to create videos from blog posts

An animated video from a blog post will appeal to many people with short attention spans and busy lifestyles.

They would rather get their information from watching visual presentations than reading through lots of textual content.

You could write a highly informative blog post but get very few views because people no longer take the time to read.

What if you could find a faster and more entertaining way to publish the main points of your blog posts?

Animated video summaries of your blog posts are the perfect solution to this problem.

You could create an animated video highlighting all the topics and critical information discussed in a blog post and quickly gain thousands of views.

Why Animated Videos from Blog Posts?

People love to watch animated videos. If someone must choose between clicking on a blog headline or an animated video thumbnail, they will select the video every time.

The average animated video lasts for about three minutes or less.

InVideo_Get access to 6000+ video templates

You could fit 30 to 60 minutes of reading material into a three-minute animated video.

You do not have to get in front of the camera or purchase expensive equipment.

Anyone with a computer can create eye-catching animated videos without investing much money or appearing on camera.

Once the videos are created, they can be uploaded to social media networks and video-sharing websites for free, such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

These social platforms receive billions of views per day. They can bring enormous free traffic to your videos and the brand you want to promote.

Could you get the same amount of free traffic to a blog post?

Not unless you spend 5 to 10 years building up a loyal audience. Who has time to wait that long?

Animated videos attract more attention a lot sooner. You could accumulate thousands of followers within months rather than years.

You could also get lucky and have one of your animated videos go viral, as in the example below.

Then you could potentially have tens of thousands of people coming to your social media channels and engaging with your other content. There are endless possibilities.

How to Create Animated Videos from Blog Posts

You do not need illustration or computer animation skills to create digitally animated videos.

Several companies offer AI animation tools and templates to people wanting to develop personalized animated videos without experience.

Easy Video Creation for Content Marketers

If you have a microphone, keyboard, and mouse, you can start making animated videos immediately.

Below are the five main steps for creating an animated video from a blog post.

1) Write an Informative Blog Post

You cannot create an animated video without a basis for the content. A blog post can be like the script of your animated video.

Take portions of your blog content into infographics and bulleted points in a slideshow presentation.

Don’t worry about the length of your blog post. You will not need to use all the content in your video.

Go through the post and pick out the essential facts and points you want to highlight to your audience.

You can also combine multiple blog posts. Based on the content you have written for your blog, it would help to write an entirely new video script.

The only difference is this script is much shorter and to the point.

2) Choose a Platform for Your Animated Video from Blog Post

There are dozens of video creation platforms available online.

Many business professionals will use the classic Microsoft PowerPoint.

The newer versions of the software allow users to save video files of their slideshow presentations.

Below are several examples of videos created using PowerPoint only.

That makes it much easier to distribute the slideshow content without forcing people to own the software.

Microsoft PowerPoint requires a little bit of skill to operate effectively.

Check out the following AI-powered video content creators if you need more user-friendly options. (Note: some are affiliate links):

3) Browse the Templates and Stock Footage

Some video creation platforms provide a library of stock video footage, graphics, and animations for you to use in your video presentations.

You can browse around and see which visuals correspond with your blog post content. My favorite annual membership site is

The platform also offers other elements needed for videos, such as audio, images, and templates to customize.

Start adding your main blog points to your video scenes. Add the video assets you want to support those points in various ways.

It might help to sketch a storyboard of the entire video on paper before you assemble it digitally. This will help you stay more organized throughout the process.

4) Personalize the Animated Video from Your Blog Post

Stock videos and graphics are good, but you should not rely on them for everything.

It is crucial to personalize the video with your brand’s logo, color scheme, and product imagery.

Personalized videos are easier for people to remember. That is how you gain more attention and customers.

Including your logo, contact information, and a call-to-action in your videos is imperative.

5) Test the Animated Video, Save and Upload

When you have finished assembling your video scenes, play back the entire presentation from beginning to end.

Each video slide or scene should flow nicely into one another. Apply any edits needed.

Once you’re satisfied with the presentation, save it as a video file. The most popular video files are MP4 or MOV.

Either one is acceptable to upload on YouTube and social media.

Upload them to as many free video-sharing platforms as you can.

Track the Results of Your Animated Video

Now comes the fun part. Check out each platform’s analytical tools and see how well your videos perform.

Look at metrics such as the number of views, shares, clicks and comments.

These statistics will inform you which videos are the best and worst.

Then, you will know where improvements should be made in the future.

Originally published April 23, 2021. Republished September 13, 2023, to update information. Republished again April 1, 2024, to update content and add video. 

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  1. Justkeepdistance

    These are some great ideas, Julie. Personally, I am not a video person really I only watch stuff to fall asleep. But yes everyone is different and these are quite good uses of video marketing to reach a broader audience.

  2. Julie Weishaar

    Hi, I listen to podcasts to fall asleep 🙂 Yes, video does appeal to many visual learners who prefer to watch than read. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.


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