How to Get Your Prospect’s Footprint
by Julie Weishaar
May 24, 2020
How to Get Your Prospect's Footprint

The goal of all businesses is to increase revenue. In the digital world, getting more potential customers to your website and leaving their digital footprint is a pre-requisite to success.

How do you increase your revenue through your website? You must have traffic that converts. People must be able to find your site first. You need to be where potential customers are when searchers are:

    • Looking for what you are offering, or
    • Searching for a solution, having a problem, or
    • Browsing the web not knowing they have a problem but finding your content that makes them aware that they do have a problem and you offer the solution

What is a Digital Footprint?

A digital footprint is everything you leave behind as you are using the Internet, including:

    • Comments on a blog post and social media
    • Email records
    • Skype calls
    • Filling out a form
    • Updating your status
    • Checking into locations
    • Using a search engine
    • Visiting a website

Others can potentially track everything you do on the web in a database.

Knowing which digital footprints matter the most can help companies prioritize their marketing strategies according to their specific business needs.

Times are changing. There is a shift in consumer perspectives. Businesses who want to succeed must respect this transition.

Embrace the Changes and Trends in Digital Marketing

If your business is not doing as well as you would like, you must change how you are reaching prospects and marketing initiatives.

To get different results, you must do things differently. 2020 starts a new decade that brings with it a growing Internet audience and technological breakthroughs.

The way shoppers prefer to approach products and services is one of the most significant changes impacting businesses.

When shoppers look online for products or services to purchase, they typically type the name of what they are looking for into a search engine.

At most, people will look at the first three search results pages.

Many will not go beyond the first page. Your brand must show up on when someone searches for it.

How Can Small Businesses Increase Their Online Exposure?

The Internet is a HUGE place, and the competition in most markets is fierce!

So, what can YOU do to get more customers, get more customers to buy more often, get more customers to make larger purchases, and grow your business?

An optimal position in search engines is a necessity. Below are some practical solutions for small businesses to increase online sales and get their prospects footprints:

    • Stay in touch with customers by listening to them, knowing their preferences and need, and providing all information about your offerings
    • Monitor and respond to online reviews and social media posts
    • Include relevant keyword phrases in all your online content
    • Use social media to connect with potential customers, build relationships, and increase sales
    • Create PDFs or slides to visually represent your business offerings and upload them to SlideShare.

Capture the Contact Information of People Coming to Your Website

You absolutely MUST know who is visiting your web site and get their digital footprint.

If you do not, you might very well be leaving money on the table.

I was having a conversation today with a woman who is not using her website to make money, but instead to help people who have a need. The concept is the same.

If you are not capturing the contact information of website visitors, how can you help them?

You Need Your Website Visitor’s Footprint to:

    • Know who visits your website
    • Get their PERMISSION to send VALUABLE emails to their inbox
    • Follow-up with relevant, helpful, compelling content via auto-responder emails
    • Develop and nurture the “relationship” with your website visitors
    • Continue to provide the information they need or want
    • Allow them to get to “know” you, so they learn to like and trust you
    • Keep the relationship moving forward and when your product or service meets the needs of your potential clients, they will already know, like and trust you, and then they will buy from you

You Have Their Attention – Now What?

Now is your opportunity to connect with and establish a relationship with your website visitors and potential customers/clients.

Once they opt in to your list, they have permitted you to send them emails and/or newsletters.

Do your best to provide VALUABLE information to your list. Do not jump right in and start trying to make a sale.

That is not how the process works. Instead, focus on providing information, tips, trick, and other information that they will find useful, that they can relate to, or that they need. Let then get to “know” you, like you and trust you.

Be genuine, be yourself, and start establishing yourself as your industry-expert with your potential target market.

Not everyone is ready to make a purchase when shopping online.

However, if your company stays in contact with someone who landed on your site, when they are ready, they will remember you and will very likely return to place an order.

How Are You Going to Capture Your Website Visitor’s Information?

There are many tools and products on the market today that you can use.

You can buy lead capture pages, get an auto-responder, create or find something of value to give away as an incentive.

Or you can use an all-in-one marketing system like The Power Lead System and have all your tools in one toolbox.

You can try The Power Lead System FREE for seven days so you can see all the powerful marketing tools the system offers. Look at what you get:

    • Unlimited lead capture pages
    • Unlimited sales pages
    • Powerful contact management system
    • Unlimited subdomains
    • Your own blog
    • And much more…

Try it, and you WILL like it!

Post updated 5/24/2020

power lead system
How to Get Your Prospect\'s Footprint

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  1. Elena Anne

    Right on! You must first bait the customer in. Then you get their information so you can give them what you have to offer, the hook. And after you have them on the line you just bring them all the way into the boat!

  2. Julie

    HI Elena, Right on – provide value and then the rest will follow. Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

  3. Julie

    Hi Nicole, yes you are right and you also have to be sure that what you are selling IS actually needed or wanted.

  4. Julie

    Such a useful tutorial! I was always wondering how these footprints could be captured. It is really useful to know what kind of people are visiting my site: are they just lost or are they maybe potential customers?

  5. Nicole

    You must know what the costumer needs in order to deal with them in their demands.

  6. Keyuri Joshi

    You’ve given me great food for thought. I particularly like what you say about giving tips and suggestions to keep the prospect’s interest alive. Also like that you’ve dubbed this post “footprints.” Very clever!

  7. Julie

    Hi Keyuri, “thinking” is good, right? Thanks for leaving YOUR footprint here 🙂

  8. curi lema

    personally i think the secret is to provide value and then the rest will follow, giving tips and suggestions to keep the prospect’s interest alive is a fantastic idea, it shows professionalism and everyone likes something for nothing

  9. Julie

    Thanks Curi – I agree. It all boils down to value especially in this day and age where there is SO much information on the web. Those that provide true value WILL stand out!

  10. hero

    intersting articel

  11. Joshua Woodman

    m>Great article on web marketing. Yes indeed it’s true that whatever the reason is your website for you need to set up a relationship with your potential clients. If you succeed on that you don’t need to think about your product selling or service. They’ll come back to you all the time. Great post,very informative.

  12. Julie

    Thanks Joshua, everything in life, including business, is about relationships, right? If you have integrity and value, the rest will follow. 🙂

  13. Andy

    Great article Julie!!!!

  14. Priti

    It is indeed necessary to know your audience in the world of blogging. I feel that bloggers must write with the audience in mind rather than just writing what they feel like writing. Blogging can be compared with a shop and visitors as customers, if the shop knows what the customer wants and serves accordingly, then there is a good chance of progress and the same applies with a blog.

  15. Anna

    Such a useful article! I haven’t heard about the importance of monitoring the visitor’s footprint, bit from now on I am going to take care about these useful informations as well. Thanks for this inspiring post!

  16. Carol

    It depends on how they expose the company. I suggest to use twitter it is really helpful 🙂

  17. Mark

    Excellent and time proven advice Julie!

    Without building your list (on or offline), as you mentioned, you’ve just got a glorified online brochure for a website and you have no idea who’s stopping by!

    That is extremely sound and proven advice.

    And if you’re paying to drive traffic to your site, that’s an awfully expensive way to try and market online, because it’s so inefficient!

    Thanks for sharing your extremely sound advice!

    • Julie Weishaar

      Hi Mark, thanks for leaving YOUR footprint 🙂 “Online brochure” or “file cabinet” a term that I often use. Different term – same concept!


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