Fun Facts About SEO
by Julie Weishaar
March 18, 2017
Fun Facts About SEO

How Search Fun Facts Can Impact Your SEO

What are 6 Fun Facts about online search?

Fun Facts SEO Google

How about Fun Facts about the internet in general?

Internet Fun Facts

Maybe you just want to know 12 Fun Facts about Japanese cuisine…

Japanese food fun facts

Fun Facts Drive Curiosity Search

Face it, we are curious people and generally we have more time on our hands than we know what to do with.

This is the same principle that drives the endless YouTube binging of pointless videos or hours of nonsensical online content consumption.

On top of it all, people just like fun facts. I’ve noticed it. You’ve probably noticed it.

I can tell you Google has definitely noticed it; hence, the ever important Google knowledge graph dedicated to “Fun Fact” search.

SEO Fun Facts are driving the way that people skyrocket to the top of Google search results.

This is top-of-funnel awareness at its purest. A user searches for fun facts about an item and you provide the answer. Getting your site in Google’s knowledge graph is a huge step in the direction of gaining eyeballs!

Post-Listical Driven World

The days of pure listical driven SEO are behind us. Too many people are just doing list style content. “Top 5 Tips for…”, “5 Things to …”, “3 Best Ways to …”, etc. fill our world.

These blogs have been guiding people for too long, and often times have lacked substance, while others are just aggregates of different lists on the same topic (someone wrote a list of 5 things, another wrote a list of three and then magic – you have a list of the top 8 items).

The observational of you are probably thinking, “Well, weren’t the majority of your above examples list-driven Fun Fact articles?” You are correct and I’m not “slamming” list driven articles but rather listical-only style articles. You can branch out.

What’s more is that the “Fun Fact” lists clearly indicate someone is looking for recreational facts rather than articles with real value.

Let’s face it, most of the people out there that are writing for SEO purposes are not writing to provide real solid information, they’re doing it to keep content fresh rather than making ground breaking news – this falls better into the category of “Fun Facts”, to me at least.

SEO That Meets Expectations

One of the main problems that SEOs have is the fact that they take the “Content is King” rule and paint their website with numbers. They get out as much fresh content as often as possible, most of which lacks substance.

I can’t tell you how many times I search for a specific item that I want a quick answer or real knowledge about but find these “Top 10 lists” of anything but substance.

The problem is I’m really looking for something and these SEO strategies do not take research and knowledge as a fundamental aspect of what they’re developing – their focus is top of page search results.

When I type “Fun Facts”, I’m not looking to write a thesis on this information – I’m looking for recreational information.

Something to make me wittier at the next dinner party someone accidentally invites me to. Something for the next time I sit down after dinner with my grandma to watch jeopardy – so she knows my college tuition was worth it.

How to Optimize Your Keywords

As much as we can tell, the structure of the search is important. Of over 2,000 searches, queries that yield the keyword plus “fun facts” directly after provides the Google Knowledge graph and automatically selects a Fun Fact oriented article. It was noticeably absent however from any time “Fun Facts” preceded the keyword.

Make sure your optimizing for the full keyword string – title tags, contextual keywords and link structure follow the keyword then “Fun Fact” rule.












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