4 Ways Video Can Improve Dentist Practice’s Dental SEO
by Julie Weishaar
October 24, 2022
Video Can Improve Dentist Practice's Dental SEO

Have you utilized videos to improve the SEO for your dental office? These are the ways video can mean more traffic and higher rankings:

  • Move your Google My Business (GMB) listing to the top.
  • Increase time on site which means better rankings.
  • Grab a spot in a video carousel for information queries.
  • Use videos in posts to answer questions.
  • Feature your services and products in video.

Keep reading to discover many creative ways to use a video campaign to improve your SEO and also increase your profitability.

GMB Dental Video Testimonials

Go to Google search and type in “dentist near me”. What you will see are Google My Business (GMB) / Google Business profiles.

With Google controlling over 92% of search traffic, nothing is more important to your dental practice than optimizing your GMB listing.

And testimonial reviews are vital in pushing your GMB listing to the top. Google considers views on your GMB videos a positive ranking signal.

Your reviews can stand out when you upload dental video testimonials from your patients.

Dental SEO expert Justin Morgan provides six questions you can ask your patients to get the perfect video testimonial.

The very best testimonials are the ones to feature. Here is an excellent example of a patient sharing her testimonial on camera:

Note that they cleverly positioned her in front of their logo and an attractive floral arrangement.

And thirty seconds or even shorter is an ideal length. Refer to this guide on the ideal length for each type of testimonial.

Make capturing video tutorials, uploading them to your GMB listing, and embedding them on your website a priority!

Videos Increase Time on Site

Google is focusing more on user experience. They are measuring signals that a visitor enjoys your site.

So, the longer your visitors stay on your site, the higher Google will rank it. Studies consistently show that video keeps people on sites longer.

According to Wistia:

“People spent on average about 1.4x more time on pages with video than without!”

And staying on the site longer is an obvious signal to Google that you value what you found there.

They will move you up in the SERPs, leading to your site getting more traffic!

Video Carousel Spots for More Traffic

Ranking your site for informational queries is another source of valuable traffic and potential patients.

Create the best videos answering common questions or showing dental procedures, and your site can be rewarded with more traffic.

Many patients are terrified of going to the dentist. Use video explanations of common dental procedures to calm their fears.

These could be explainer videos that include images or show someone actually being treated.

For example, this video, apparently created by a manufacturer of dental implants, walks people through the process:

Dental Videos for Marketing

Consider using colorful, humorous and entertaining videos to attract new customers.

Make them memorable, so they search for you online. When Google sees people searching specifically for you, your site will be rewarded with higher rankings and more traffic.

Yours might even go viral on social media! But the real goal is to attract incoming links to improve your rankings in the SERPs.

First, decide on a primary purpose for each video. Do you want the video to be educational or ease someone’s fear of dental exams?

Or maybe you want it to be entertaining to attract new customers and potentially get shared across social media?

Things Kids Say at a Dentist is a good example of an entertaining video.

While that is a compilation of funny things a child has said at the dentist, shorter can be even more effective.

Run Contests to Increase Time on Site

Here’s an idea to get others to make the videos for you. Have an ongoing contest within your practice letting parents submit clips from their children’s dental visits.

You could choose a monthly winner to feature on your page. Give them a prize, maybe 10% off a cleaning for the adult and a dental-related coloring book for the child.

Pediatric Dentistry Videos

Videos could be especially useful for pediatric dentistry practices. Your goal is to get your current patients to share these videos.

Make it easy for them to send their friends to your website to watch them there. That increased time-on-site will get Google sending you more visitors!

When making a video, keep the intended audience in mind. Ask yourself whether a video is intended for a child patient or that child’s parents.

Here’s an example of a video meant to put a child’s mind at ease about what happens at the dentist:

Can you see how watching that video could reduce children’s fear and stress about visiting the dentist?

By demonstrating all the common tools and engaging with the child, this dental hygienist can set the tone for this and every future visit.

Consider taking plenty of time on the very first visit because you reduce the chances of causing a lifelong fear of dentists.

Time spent once will save vastly more time in the future!

But even more importantly for your SEO results, the child’s parent will likely tell their friends.

Send an email as a follow-up and include a link to the page on your site where that video lives. Don’t forget to suggest they share it with others!

Upsell Products and Services with Video

What products and services does your dental practice offer that at least some of your patients haven’t seen?

Videos can introduce those products and services so that even your dental practice can upsell.

These videos could be educational or simple ads in between other videos. They could even be funny or educational.

Focus on offering unique items so that anyone seeing them online will be more likely to share them with others.

Those shares will bring new visitors organically. And every visitor tells Google your site deserves more traffic!

Feature these videos on your social media pages. Or put them on a loop to play in your waiting room or during the time patients are in the treatment rooms waiting on the dentist or dental hygienist.

Dental Videos Increase Credibility

Brainstorm with your team on what kind of videos you could produce. It is worth your time because they will:

  • Increase your credibility
  • Show off your expertise and abilities
  • Answer commonly asked questions your patients and future patients have
  • Entertain viewers so they will share them for free publicity and lead generation

Don’t forget to share every video you create on your Google My Business page. That is where they can send you the newest patients!

Ready to Use Video to Improve Your SEO?

Professional video creators will tell you that you need fancy equipment, lighting, and a paid editor.

But many small businesses have found that videos captured on smartphones can be just as effective.

And, of course, those are far less expensive to create! You can always hire a pro if you have a very upscale clientele.

But it is better to have spur-of-the-moment videos than no videos at all. Are you ready to get started creating videos for your dental practice?

How Good is Your Dental SEO Strategy?

Videos are just part of an SEO strategy for your dental practice. You may want to consult with a dental SEO expert who keeps on top of algorithmic changes.

Local optimization, technical SEO, and attracting incoming links are essential parts of SEO that most dental practices neglect.

Yours could stand out in your local area by focusing more on doing it well.

4 Ways Video Can Improve Dentist Practice\'s Dental SEO

Boost your SEO Rankings

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