Top 5 Most Amazing Tips for Better Content Creation
by Julie Weishaar
April 9, 2024
Top 5 Most Amazing Tips for Better Content Creation

Are you looking to boost your online presence through outstanding content creation?

Discover the ultimate set of tips tailored to enhance your content creation abilities and leave a lasting impact on your readers.

Content Creation Tips to Make Your Life Easier and Your Website Stand Out!

Content creation can be one of the most time-intensive functions for digital marketing, yet it can also be one of the most valuable.

It is a long-term game you are playing with content creation.

Unlike Pay-Per-Click (PPC) or Display Advertising, content creation will continuously benefit you.

Keyword-rich and intriguing content can drive your relevance in search engines and increase your Search Engine Results Page (SERP) ranking.

It also promotes you and your business as a professional and trustworthy source of information to come back to repeatedly.

Effective content creation will benefit your business in countless ways. So, let’s look at five tips for delivering better content.

1. The 3 P’s: Prepare, Present and PROVIDE Answers for Content Creation

Effective content creation does not require just gathering and presenting information.

It also involves presenting it in a way that is engaging and quickly provides answers.

People do not have enough time online just to sit around and search through information. They are hoping you do that for them.

Remember when creating content that your readers want to find an answer to a specific question quickly.

And they generally search for the answer directly through Google.

The best way to ensure you show up on that SERP is to ensure you are answering the questions your target market is asking and answering them directly.

Provide a quick answer to the question, then support that with details.

People will only give details a chance when their questions are satisfactorily answered.

2. You’re Not a Journalist, Stop Acting Like It

This can be a tough pill to swallow for some. A lot of us go out there aspiring to be digital journalists when creating content.

We need to come to terms with this, and then we can get past it. Journalism is chock-full of proper grammar and formal speech.

But when that is not in a two-column-inch newspaper format (or online news format), it bores the reader!

Don’t get me wrong, your readers probably want a newsworthy read, but it doesn’t have to be presented in a news format.

Keep your readers interested and have a conversation with them online.

When creating content, converse in a way they will enjoy, not in a heavily stylized format.

Knowledge and informality rule on the Internet. Be a bit edgy. When creating content, try the unconventional.

Know Your Audience, Then Write to Them When Creating Content

People who tell you that jargon is not appreciated are full of it. We love jargon so long as we understand it.

Coming out and talking about V6s, air intake systems, and CPU regulators on cars drives motor enthusiasts wild.

They love it. Granted, if you’re not a car enthusiast, you’re confused.

But if you are selling sportier or cool old cars, do you want those who don’t understand to stick around too long?

You probably won’t want to (I apologize in advance for this cheesy pun) “spin your wheels” on these people. It’s better to get rid of them as soon as possible.

Likewise, I talk about content and video marketing more to eliminate the people who aren’t concerned about it and attract more people who are knowledgeable and interested in this area.

3. Add Value When Creating Content

The content you create has some value to a person. There are various kinds of value a person can get from content.

The value adds could be new information; it could even be a bit of humor.

Even when you look at information, you can break that down into various types: breaking news, valuable information, how-to guides, consolidated information, and more.

Use these different types of value-added content to their benefit and try to mix it up a bit.

You don’t have to use every content format, and you shouldn’t use the same type every time.

The main thing here is that a viewer should walk away from this with something added to their life.

4. Use a Content Calendar

One of the most important things for content is to be regular in the production of it.

You want to put new content on your website regularly because you’ll have regular viewers who become reliant on it.

And because it is the best way to stay fresh on search results.

Google likes dynamic content and will reward websites that provide it.

Build a content calendar to plan out when these different pieces of content will go live. Take a strategic view of your full content plan.

This will allow you to encompass all the items you want to target in each period and make your content more coherent.

You’ll also be able to build better links between articles to keep readers on-site longer.

5. Re-Purposed Content Creation

This is not a one-and-done game. You don’t just create content, get a couple of views, and then delete it.

Content stays around; get the most out of it. Re-purpose it for maximum effectiveness.

You can do several things with content to keep it relevant continually. You can revisit past content and add a quick update to it.

This update could be added content or just linking to other articles you have that fit into the article.

You can even build on it or reference it from newer material.

There is no reason to explain something twice just to get it out there again; instead, remind your readers that it exists.

You can take repurposed content further and turn a good article into an engaging video.

Need more on repurposing content?

Content Creation: Unleash Your Creativity

Don’t be afraid to think outside the box and infuse your unique voice into every piece you create.

Let your creativity shine through and captivate your readers, leaving them hungry for more outstanding content.

Originally published September 7, 2019; Republished April 9, 2024, to update content and add video.


Top 5 Most Amazing Tips for Better Content Creation

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