What is a Buyer Persona in Marketing & Why is it Important?
by Julie Weishaar
August 1, 2023
Buyer Persona

You’ve probably heard of a truckload of marketing terms.

Still, there’s one more you must pay attention to a buyer persona – a piece of partially real, partially assumed representation of your ideal buyers, customers, or clients.

As most marketing gurus say, information is the lifeline of every digital and non-digital business.

Once you have a good grasp of who your audience is, what they want, their jobs, pain points, and expectations, your brand has all it takes to dominate the market.

What Is A Buyer Persona?

Think of buyer personas as the qualification standard during your admission days into the college.

These requirements were used to sieve through the many students applying so that only the best fits were admitted.

Similarly, buyer or customer persona is a down-to-earth outline of the type of client you want to reach through your marketing campaigns.

HubSpot also described it as a semi-fictional representation of your ideal target audience – meaning your persona is derived based on researched data and expectations.

In a nutshell, your buyer persona features:

  • Who your buyers are.
  • What their preferences are.
  • The challenges they are currently facing.
  • Needs, jobs-to-be-done, and pain points.
  • Their demographic, sociological, and psychological data.

Note that a single persona might not be enough to represent the entire base of your audience.

This is because two customers might be getting your product but for different reasons.

In cases where there is a vast disparity between your leads or if you have multiple target audiences, creating more than two buyer personas is totally acceptable.

Why are Buyer Personas Crucial For Marketing?

According to Broadview, 82% of businesses that use buyer personas were able to craft a better value proposition. Another 90% found it easier to identify and understand their customers. Amazing right?

These two statistics depict the importance of creating a persona for your business, but that’s not all. Buyer or customer personas can offer you even more, as explained below.

Work With A Filtered Audience

We have about 5 billion active internet users. Yes, that’s a huge count. But note that not everyone is your audience, and not everyone will become your customer.

Let’s say you run a B2C business and mass-produce scarves – your probable gender target will mainly be females.

Demographic data can be directly inserted into your marketing campaign and advertisements – especially for digital marketers using Google ads and Facebook.

Likewise, behavioral insights and pain points can be used to narrow down the set of people you want to target.

Does a filtered audience mean less reach for your marketing efforts? Well, yes, it does.

But which would you choose between a broad 10000-leads campaign with 1% conversion and a 1000-leads targeted campaign with 50%?

Your marketing strategy becomes more focused and effective when communicating with a narrower and more filtered audience.

Take Your Personalization To Another Level

A filtered audience equals increased personalization for your target audience and customers.

When you have a buyer persona on standby, your teams will find it easier to pivot messages and campaigns in a way that favors your audience.

It’s pretty straightforward – buyer personas give you what to expect and how to present a better value proposition tailored to those your campaign is targeting.

When you have that much information, personalization becomes easy.

A recent study shows that 74% of customers get frustrated by websites and brands with non-personalized content.

It’s more or less like getting bombarded with uninteresting and irrelevant ads on Youtube – ever had that feeling?

Buyer Persona Is A Marketing Compass

Marketing is a dynamic process starting the moment you plan out your business.

And it’s prevalent for new companies to experience a lot of tries and errors on the way to building a good customer base.

However, be aware that your business can skip all these hurdles and stand at its peak within a shorter time.

Buyer personas act as a marketing compass by guiding most of your marketing decisions, the type of content to produce, the emotion you must convey, and how and when to launch your product.

There’s no myth here: once you know what problems people are facing and how your product can help them, it becomes a no-brainer to devise an effective strategy.

Eliminate Sales Barriers

Sales barriers are problems or limitations that can result in the inefficiency of the marketing team.

Although there are tons of these barriers, the most common ones include – the inability to connect with target audiences and a crippled ability to communicate with potential customers.

The Marketing team is responsible for attracting target audiences to the company through different tools like paid ads and organic content marketing.

Flip the other side of your coin, and you will discover that most marketers cannot connect with their preferred audiences regardless of how much they spend.

Why? It’s primarily because no buyer’s template guides their campaigns. And when marketing is affected, sales share the fall too.

Buyer personas empower the marketing team to find the right audience and surpass the connection barrier caused by the lack of data.

Spend Less, Earn More

There is a plethora of benefits to using a buyer persona in marketing. However, none of them tops earning more while spending less.

Remember we talked about personalization? 80% of consumers are likelier to purchase a product from brands that offer tailored experiences.

Moreover, 71% of buyers find it easy to trust brands with personalized services.

And if you ask Netflix or Google, these two tech giants will show you how they’ve experienced a boost in revenue due to their trust score.

When you have a large base of loyal customers, there is no need to spend excessive funds on marketing.

Loyal consumers automatically become your brand advocate and recommend it to their friends and families.

But trust can only be built when you understand your audiences right from the start.

why buyer personas are important


Buyer personas have a lot to offer every business – including yours.

Regardless of the market competition and its intensity, your brand will remain at its peak as long as you know your audiences inside out.

Don’t forget that a detailed and semi-fictional representation of your ideal customer can fundamentally change your marketing strategy for more efficiency and quality results.

Originally published 10/22/2022, Republished 11/02/2022 to add infographic; Republished August 1, 2023 to add video.

What is a Buyer Persona in Marketing & Why is it Important?

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