Business Tips: Be Careful Who You Step on – on Your Way Up…
by Julie Weishaar
August 31, 2019
Be Careful Who You Step on – on Your Way Up

You Might Just be Reporting to Them on Your Way Down

Variations of this phrase have been around for years. Jokes have been made using the same concept about our children:

“Be nice to your kids, they will be choosing your nursing home one day”.

The basic principle is the same; BE NICE – period! It is really a very simple concept that stems all the way back to biblical times. You know that:

“Do Unto Others…” thingy.

Well, I really believe that this principle is a good one to follow in all aspects of our lives. I always try to treat others as I would want to be treated. Now of course, there are always exceptions to every rule.

There are some people – we all know at least one – who just don’t deserve to be treated as we would want to be treated. So, I am not talking about “those” people here.

Business Tips: A Successful CEO

My dad was a very successful CEO for years and a man that I have always looked up to. He led by example, was loyal to his staff, and admired by all.

A long-term employee of his named my dad as his “Personal Hero” in an Interview with PPFC. I witnessed first-hand how people who worked for my dad over the years felt about him when I made him a surprise 80th birthday party.

One man in particular, re-arranged his business travel plans so as not to miss the event. The gentleman who did the interview with PPFC was so excited to be included in this celebration.

He arrived camera in tow and became our party photographer taking great shots that I later put into a video (shown below).

I remember when my dad mentioned how he realized that he was probably one of the few U.S. executives who had worked for three United Kingdom companies, where their bosses were knighted by the Queen.

Success with Integrity

It is very refreshing to hear a success story from someone I love and admire, who made it to the top keeping his integrity and respecting others along the way.

Naturally, he was not a push-over, or else he would not have been successful. He has pointed out to me on several occasions that he had to play hard ball many times and fire people, but that is part of being a successful businessman.

In my opinion, if the business world were run by people like my dad, it would be a much better place than it is today. I have a wonderful role model to emulate – now to just be able to pay my bills 🙂

Thanks to my dad for showing me the right way to be.

Update: We lost my wonderful father in 2012. There is not a day that goes by where he isn’t missed, loved, and still admired by those who hearts and lives he touched.

In addition to being a wonderful dad, outstanding CEO, and incredible human being, my dad was a writer. He had a flair for comedy and ran writing groups during his retirement.

One of his stories “Those Pesky Electrons” is a hysterical account of a retired man trying to keep up with technology.

I also compiled all his stories into a book that can best be described as: Life’s Journey Through the Absurd Told With Sophistication and Wise-Ass Humor.

Movie From Dad’s Surprise 80th

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  1. Adrienne

    I understand what you are saying Julie, my Dad was the same way. He treated all his employees with respect and I never remember anyone ever saying a bad thing about him. At his memorial service it was standing room only and it was held in our sanctuary.

    I also believe that you should treat everyone with respect and I also go by that same saying, “treat people the way you want to be treated”. I think if more people did, the world would be a much better place.

    Thanks for this and really enjoyed the video. Your Dad looks very happy and I’m sure he enjoyed everyone being there to help celebrate his big day.

    Have a wonderful afternoon.


  2. Julie Weishaar

    @Adrienne: I realize how lucky I am that I still have my dad – nice to know that your dad was a great role model for you too! Yes – my dad really enjoyed his party. I think he was in shock for the first half of it though LOL. He was really pleased to see such an assortment of people who love him from all walks of his life.

    @Megan: Ouch – that is kind of sad to hear that “money” talks but I think you are right. It is a shame because of there are a whole slew of very intelligent, wonderful, young people out there who also deserve respect.

  3. waterpearls

    It is a very nice and interesting post.Your dad is really a great man and he worked very well as CEO.Thanks for sharing the video and It looks you all enjoyed birthday party so much.

  4. Julie Weishaar

    Thanks so much for your comment – yes, my dad is a great man and a wonderful businessman. You really watched the whole video? LOL – it was tons of fun and a definite day to remember! 🙂

  5. jasmine

    Absolutely true! Be nice, because it will reflect back on to YOU. Nice or not, you will reap what you sew!

  6. Evan Griffin

    I certainly agree with you Julie…We have to be careful in people we are facing with…They can make or break our success…I have proven that for years…

  7. Jason Mitchve

    What a wonderful tribute to your dad! I did not follow in my dad’s footsteps but I, too, try to remember his lessons that my dad taught and try to apply to the positive ones to my daily life. Be thankful you had such a kind father—and continue to recognize the wisdom there.

  8. Julie Weishaar

    Hi Jason, Thanks for appreciating my post and my dad. 🙂 I am and I do!

  9. Linda D. Morehouse

    yeah I agree too..

  10. Norma Doiron@Living | Healthy | Wealthy | Wise

    Thanks for sharing about your dad… x0x
    Norma Doiron @ the LEARNED Preneur

  11. Solvita

    Thank you so much Julie for sharing a personal story about your dad ~ I appreciate it! You are so lucky indeed… it is so wonderful to have such a great person in your life to look up to, love and respect! Loved the video! 🙂

  12. Julie Weishaar

    Hi Solvita – yes I am very lucky! The video was fun – you should see his epic film I made as part of the surprise. It was a 40 tribute to him starting from when he was a little baby going through his life. There wasn’t a dry eye in the house 🙂

    Hey Norma – thanks for stopping by. I am grateful to be able to share stories about a wonderful man!

  13. Alison

    Such a lovely story and a great moral to the story be nice!


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