What is the Impact of AI in Video on Creators?
by Julie Weishaar
August 17, 2023
Impact of AI on Video Content Creators

Can AI in video creation tools replace the human touch?

There has been a significant surge in artificial intelligence (AI) in recent years.

AI has proven to be a disruptive technology from content writing to medical diagnosis.

The process of producing videos is no exception, with AI-powered solutions promising to change this process.

Despite its amazing achievements, AI can’t entirely replace humans when producing video content. This post explores why the human touch is still vital in this creative space.

Can AI Add Human Creativity and Emotional Depth?

Video content creation often relies on creativity and emotions.

While AI algorithms can analyze data and mimic patterns, they cannot show the genuine emotional intelligence of humans.

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Only humans can connect with an audience’s emotions, convey subtle nuances, and elicit authentic reactions.

Whether it’s a heartfelt documentary, a sentimental short film, or a comedy skit, the human touch can combine creativity and genuine emotions into videos, whereas AI can’t.

Is AI Capable of Understanding Context?

Despite its strength, artificial intelligence has difficulty interpreting and understanding context.

Creating effective video content goes beyond simply putting together sentences and using special effects.

Creators need to understand the underlying message, topic, and other nuances to produce captivating and relevant video content for their target audience.

For example, look at a situation where you are using an AI-generated video platform and are referring to relationships between brands and their customers.

I have found that the AI-generated content returned for my text prompt about relationships often shows a romantic relationship instead of a business one.

So, as a video creator, creating more explicit text prompts for the AI to pick up your intention is necessary and not always successful.

However, this doesn’t always work and requires the video creator to manually replace irrelevant visual elements to make sure they accurately reflect the context of the text and message.

Only humans, not bots, can interpret subtle hints, adapt to unexpected changes, and make creative decisions based on a solid understanding of the content.

Does AI Have Intuition and Adaptability?

Because creative efforts are inherently unpredictable, AI still lacks these tasks’ fast thinking and adaptability.

Human designers rely on intuition when making split-second judgments, adjusting the plot, or changing the visuals to improve the overall impact.

These natural perceptions of narrative result from years of experience, individual insights, and intuition.

While AI algorithms can analyze data and trends, they cannot replicate a human’s ability to make instinctive and intuitive choices that enhance the quality of the video and accurately reflect its intention.

Can AI Include Personalization and Make a True Audience Connection?

A significant factor that sets human-created video content apart is its ability to establish a genuine connection with the audience.

Humans can tailor content to specific audiences, making it relatable, engaging, and resonating with their target market’s emotions.

They may add their distinct viewpoints and life experiences to the content to make it more relatable and genuine.

AI-generated videos, on the other hand, lack the personal touch required to build a strong bond between video content and its viewers.

Is AI Capable of Making Moral Decisions and Judgements?

Video content often explores complex themes and moral issues that require careful consideration.

Human content producers can better make moral decisions and judgments and consider how their work may affect society, culture, and specific people.

They can navigate the fine line between artistic expression and responsible representation.

AI, however, lacks the moral compass and ethical understanding to make such judgments.

This human aspect ensures that your video content truly reflects your specific intentions.

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Only Humans Are Capable of Unpredictable Creativity and Innovation

Creativity is the ability to use one’s imagination or develop original ideas by thinking outside the box.

Human creators add an unpredictable element to video content production and can surprise audiences with innovative concepts.

AI algorithms, which largely function based on learned patterns and historical data, cannot reproduce the aspects of spontaneity, experimentation, and risk-taking.

Human creators push the envelope of innovation and innovation, whereas AI cannot.


Even while AI has clearly transformed several industries, creating video content is still a field where the human touch is needed.

Human creators stand out due to their capacity for building strong emotional bonds, nuanced contextual awareness, flexibility, and moral judgment.

As technology develops, it is imperative to acknowledge that people will always play a significant part in creating videos that have a lasting impact on viewers.

AI should be embraced as a tool that enhances human creativity rather than being used to replace it.

Using AI technology allows creators to push the limits of their imagination while maintaining the authenticity that only humans can offer.

What is the Impact of AI in Video on Creators?

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  1. Lisa Sicard

    Hi Julie, I’ve been playing with one of those tools and I must say it takes a long time to make all the changes to the videos they create from blog posts.

    It does take away some personalization. So you have to figure out how much your time is worth and if you are better off hiring someone to do it instead.

    It really depends on your needs, your time, and your budget. But if someone thinks it can replace the human touch, and save them oodles of time, they are wrong.

    • Julie Weishaar

      Hi Lisa,

      Yes, it does take time. More often than not, I start from scratch rather than using the visuals provided by the AI as they are often not relevant or not a very engaging element.

      Thanks for your input 🙂

  2. Morris Grand

    Great article, Julie. I agree with your conclusion: Video is one of the fields that AI won’t take over easily. Sure, it’s going to be a valuable tool that can be used in many ways to increase efficiency or improve video production processes. But at the end of the day, humans want to connect with other humans. And that’s what video is all about!

    • Julie Weishaar

      Hi Morris,

      Thanks for stopping by my blog. Yes, AI can’t replace humans – it can help, but at the end of the day, people want to do business with people they know, like, and trust, right?

      It can definitely be a helpful tool, however.

      • Morris Grand

        You’re absolutely right, Julie! Know, like, and trust. AI can help us – but not replace us.


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