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Cinsay is the next-generation e-commerce, viewer interactive, video-based platform for any size business. Cinsay’s Video Smart Store package (VSS), provides SMBs and merchants with a multi-patented video free video ad offer with purchase of a cinsaycommerce platform that enables them to showcase compelling video and incorporate that media with products and services.

Users are able to sell products and services, display printable coupons, capture donations, generate leads, and place link-outs all inside their Video Smart Store™

Once published, the Video Smart Store can be embedded into social media sites and WordPress sites. Users can watch on the web, tablets or on Smartphones and share the content in various ways.

Forbes named Cinsay one of “America’s Most Promising Companies” while eTail Conferences named Cinsay a “Rising Star” in innovation for 2012. Cinsay’s eCommerce video-based platform can be used for any individual or business (source)

As a New Horizons 123 Merchant, you are eligible to receive this cutting-edge service at the low, preferred rate of $19.99/month!

  • Sell your products & services to new and existing customers as they watch your video(s)
  • Track engagement with real time analytics for views, shares & purchases
  • Share your point of sale across all social media such as Facebook, Twitter & Many Others
  • Gather lead generating customer information to develop insights into your core segments
  • Included with your Smart Store™ is a free listing on MyCinsay – the world’s largest video eCommerce directory
  • Watch. Shop. Share.

power on your channelsPower On Your Social Channels

With the Cinsay video player, you can share videos right on social media platforms like Facebook. And within your videos, viewers can make donations and buy your products!

 Tune Your Marketing ApproachTune Your Marketing Approach

With excellent built in analytics, Cinsay gives you the power to watch your clients’ engagement in real time. Gone are the days of trying to figure out why they didn’t do anything after watching your videos!

 Pictures Don't Tell The StoryPictures Don’t Tell The Story

According to Internet Retailer Magazine, video could increase your sales up to 85% or more! Cinsay video player creates a shopping cart within the video so that they never have to go to another site

What’s Included

  • Free Domain Name Registration (1st Year free)
  • Website (3 pages built-Home, about and contact us) Examples:
  • 1 Email address
  • Merchant processing available  for new companies and connectivity to current processing relationships available today for instant activation.
  • CINSAY’s Sharable Video Smart Store (The world’s only multi-patented eCommerce enabled and virally sharable video player with full shopping capabilities built in with Sharable with links and embeddable to Facebook, Twitter, Tumbler, Google+, LinkedIn, MySpace, Instagram & Yahoo and even email)
  • PLAYER 1
  • # of PRODUCTs 25
  • STORE 1
  • # of VIDEOS 5
  • VIEWS  3000

free video ad offer with purchase of a cinsay

How Can You Redeem Your FREE Video Ad?

1) Order your Cinsay platform at the link below.

2) Send your confirmation email and/or logins to

3) Be sure to include your phone number in the email

4) Expect a phone call from us to get started on your video ad.

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