Everything You Need to Know About Video: From On-Site, to Inbound and Outbound Marketing

Video marketing is the fastest growing digital marketing sector (eMarketer). It is not only the cause of a lot of hype, but also the cause of a lot of business interaction. Video marketing comes in a number of distinct variations, some can be multipurpose, others have unique purpose. Let’s look at some of the most important factors in video marketing: onsite video content, inbound video marketing and outbound video advertisements.

Onsite Video Content

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then the value of a video is some astronomical equation that I’m not mathematically equipped to answer.

Onsite video content is a great way to engage your website visitors. It breaks up the monotony of text, with an occasional image. People love videos! And you want them to associate that love, with your brand!

Let’s look at a 30 second clip on your site. Clicking play is an actionable event – which boosts SEO.

30 second clip on your site

It also keeps people on site for the 30 seconds, and engaged. If the video is interesting and designed appropriately, you can then guide them along a path to take further action (this is a standard content creation strategy regardless). Worried about people that can’t play videos during work hours or search engines placing keywords – annotate your videos on site for better results!

The best part is, these on-site videos can be re-purposed to fit other roles – such as inbound and outbound marketing efforts.

Inbound Video Marketing

YouTube, Facebook Videos, Vimeo, and others are great ways to attract followers, traffic to your site or even conduct business off-site.

Note: Video heavy content providers can earn money directly on YouTube (funny thing is this is through others’ outbound marketing efforts).

Putting your videos on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube get your videos in front of your market and a community of their friends. Twitter has even caught up with Facebook in allowing auto-play for videos, which actively puts your message in front of people looking through their feeds. An engaging video says “share” all over it! The amount of additional features that videos provide are substantial on Facebook, considering you can’t put a “Learn More” button on a text your sharing (find out how to easily aggregate video content from around the web to your benefit with Twitter tools).

This added spark of engagement is all you need to get ahead in the constant struggle for viewers’ attention.

Outbound Video Advertising

Outbound advertising has had many negative hits on its reputation lately – namely titling it to outbound rather than the individual marketing efforts. Of these, includes video advertisements or commercials.

Outbound marketing has also received the name – interruption marketing – because at the root outbound marketing interrupts a person’s frame of attention. Display advertising has ads on screen where people are consuming other content, email advertisements show up in a person’s inbox where they are looking for correspondence and video advertisements show up before or during a video they are trying to watch – all invasive, interruptive and outbound marketing techniques.

Despite the negative reputation this has garnered, it continues to drive results. They extend your audience reach and placement.

Video ads can show up like standard commercials on YouTube, or show up in-feed on Facebook, through Facebook Video Ads.

Video ads need to be short though because they are invasive. If you don’t disrupt too much of a person’s time they’ll overlook the interruption and focus on the message.

Continue the story when they click onsite. And that brings us to a full loop, because now we’re back at onsite video content! Use 15 or 30-second clips for video advertisements, then link those larger on-site video content. The reason being is it is not just a matter of attracting new visitors but to continue to engage them the entire way through the purchase funnel, until they’ve become a customer – and continue through repurchase.

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