Testimonials and Recommendations
“Julie created a fantastic explainer video for BizSugar.com, one of my websites. She not only was creative with the video, but she worked on her own and made it super easy on our team. The end result is superb, and I highly recommend her video creation services!“
Anita CampbellCEO of Small Business Trends LLC SmallBizTrends.com
“Julie listens with great care to get the best result for what you are looking at doing. She will be honest to you and tell you what she thinks along with your ideas. Just a GREAT GREAT person to work with!“
Matt KuehnisPresident of Cruvinet Winebar Company
“On behalf of the foundation and the family thank you for the fantastic video. Your creativity and sensitivity are clearly discernible in this attention holding production. That were many points to cover and you did all that while making the time fly by. Who knew two minutes could be so short!“
John HuntAuthor
“Julie created a fantastic explainer video for BizSugar.com, one of my websites. She not only was creative with the video, but she worked on her own and made it super easy on our team. The end result is superb, and I highly recommend her video creation services!“
Graeme SpryCEO at Pacific Enterprise Pty
“I needed a video project quick, asked Julie to come up with something. Within 24 hours she had presented to me an incredible video that far exceeded my expectations. I was so impressed, she did a second video for a project that already had a video. Great work! Charming lady. Very easy to work with.“
Jay Stockman Partner New York Vision
“Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert “As soon as I saw Julie’s work, it had the desired effect on me and led me to one of the best connections of my marketing life, with Julie undoubtedly being another. Anyone who hasn’t started to benefit from using Video Marketing yet really has to try one of Julie’s presentations. They are dynamite!“
Ron SewellOwner, Huntingdon Fusion Techniques
“Staying alive in our current market place as well moving forward requires more sophistication than ever. When you consider that there are billions of online marketing methods as well as company owners pushing their products into the market place… you really need trimmed down, no BS tools…AND help to learn how to use them. Of all the professionals I have ever worked with withing the realm of marketing products and services, Julie Weishaar of NewHorizons123 is my choice and the very best of my recommendations. She has dozens of videos she’s produced to showcase the tools and tricks of the trade. Hire her as a Media Consultant and save thousands of dollars..yes, I did say thousands! She also will produce the video for you if you require one – she has many styles of video production to choose from. Her videos will sell your products thru a system that is 2nd to none. Easy to work with, generous to a fault, and more knowledge in her head on this subject than you can glean by a Google search!“
Petrushka PavlovichPresident at New Media Resources, Inc.
“Using compelling video takes your marketing to another level. With the huge growth of mobile viewers it is NOT optional. We must have video that expresses key points and includes call to actions. Julie is my go-to person for affordable custom videos because she has the skills and tools to bring together multiple solutions and create videos that grab attention and provoke action. Check out her portfolio and you’ll see why I recommend her services.”
Gail GardnerSmall Business Marketing Strategist
“I asked Julie to help me revolutionize business in the 21st century and what she did was revolutionary. She placed videos that I had created on my website and was able to create about 5-6 pages for me revolutionizing business in the 21st century. Very, very powerful! Julie’s work is so impressive that I I asked her to please promote her video website business on my website for free because she has definitely helped me to revolutionize business in the 21st century. Thank you Julie and we’ll see you in the video.
Keith A. DavisRevolutionizing Business in the 21st Century
“Julie produced a video for us and it came out terrific. She was great to work with and I strongly recommend her.”
Hank JaworowskiOwner, Precision Home Inspection of America
“We have just concluded a search for a business partner to create the videos for our internal social media projects as well as those of our clients. We viewed several hundred videos as well as had test videos developed by each of the vendors in our search. Julie’s work hands down was the most creative and expertly designed and provided the greatest impact and value of all video vendors. Julie is a genius in the area of developing videos to market companies and their solutions. Take a look at any video example she has to offer. The video will speak for itself.“
Dave KalstromCEO, Outbound Excellence
“Julie has created a fantastic book trailer for me. She has really committed herself to the task, and I highly recommend her as a person and a professional. It was difficult to select only three attributes because I feel all of those listed describe her and her work. In addition to the ones I could select, I must add that she is an expert, excellent value, on time and very creative.“
Sylvia L. RamseyAuthor
“Julie and I met via another business collaboration and we instantly hit it off. Julie has a zany sense of humour, huge energy and a crazy personality. That coupled with her perfectionist eye for detail and in-depth knowledge of marketing and video marketing make her an amazing choice for anybody looking to create company videos that have flair, edge and will get your brand noticed – fast …Highly recommended.”
Mandy SwiftOwner, Your Online Marketing Personal Trainer
“You would be hard pressed to find someone as passionate about their business and helping others as is Julie. She has great ideas and skills that will help you to contact your customers and friends with superb videos that can easily be sent and seen by your target market. I have seen several of her creations and have been extremely impressed with her ability to put into video format the perfect message so it can be delivered to the perfect client. I am a recipient of her creative talents and energy and look forward to continuing to work with her in the future.“
Lyman RoseOwner, Creative Promotions
“I reported directly to Julie as VP of Marketing, while I was interning at MarketCounsel in the Summer of 2008. Julie is a great person to work for because she is down to earth and always willing to help. She is organized, hard-working, and very professional. Her office door was always open and she always made time for her colleagues I would recommend Julie because she has the determination to get the job done well and the willingness to manage those under her. She would be a great asset to any team.“
Caitlin MillerMedia Buyer, Starcom MediaVest Group
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