Video is versatile and can be applied to everything from introducing your product to showing how it is used. Those wondering how to begin can start with some of the most popular pieces, such as a quality video blog (vlog). Video blogs are proven to increase search engine rankings and are perfect for engaging your audience.

For instance, you can do interviews with executives and staff members to add a personal, family feel to your image.

A clear and user-friendly Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) video will help answer all of your customers’ questions about your product or service. Other ideas include a video tour to give consumers the inside scoop on your business. This could be a tour of your facility or a thorough 360 degree exploration of your product or service.

Testimonials from satisfied customers are extremely attractive to potential buyers, so this is definitely an option to get your feet wet with online video.

Promotional videos for your product or service will grab attention and encourage viewers to participate.

Businesses can also break into video marketing with the highly popular “How-To” video genre. Well-liked for their visual assistance in mastering skills, these videos are extremely popular online.

Viewers frequently search terms beginning with “how to”, and have stated that they enjoy learning at their own pace. “How-To” videos are easier and less expensive to film when compared to other types of videos.

What should your “How-To” video topic be?

Check with your customer service department. They can tell you the questions they hear most from your customers. Take that information and create videos that will answer those questions.

Your future viewers will thank you for an online video that explains the answer before they even have to ask. While the helpful nature of your video is the primary purpose, views lead to sales as many people will click through to your site for more information.

Many business owners think of video production as complex, labor intensive, and expensive.  However, there are many cost-effective options for video production that will enable even the smallest budgets to connect with prospects online.

Hand-held video cameras, web cameras, and cell phone cameras have come down in price and are streamlined for ease-of-use.

Most personal computers have standard video editing software and tablets offer apps designed especially for this purpose. This means making and sharing video is now accessible to everyone, regardless of budget constraints.

Of course professional footage has an edge over do-it-yourself, but even professional videos are affordable and well within the average small business owner’s budget.

Learn How to Create Professional Videos


Create Professional Videos That Generate Conversions and Build Trust

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