Video marketing has increasingly become the hottest online marketing format because of its versatility, and it is being eagerly adopted by newcomers and experts alike.

In fact, video marketing’s status as the “go to” favorite of online marketers can be attributed to how it allows them to easily capture the attention of prospective clients within seconds, while also creating a powerfully engaging experience that is impossible to replicate with static media.

Because of this, video marketing is the perfect format to achieve any type of marketing goal and to go well beyond what other online marketing formats can achieve.

Video Marketing Do’s

Always Keep Your Marketing Videos Short

It’s been found that shorter videos are more engaging, so make sure that your marketing videos do not exceed the 30 second mark if possible!

Upload Your Videos to as Many Channels as Possible to Maximize Your Reach

Potential placements for your marketing videos include your own website as well as video sharing platforms such as YouTube and Vimeo.

Make Sure to Also Promote Your Videos on Social Media

Especially on popular platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Always Use Calls to Action

That way you can instruct your viewers about what to do with your offers during your videos and after your videos are over.

Use Video to Engage With Your Viewers

Always responding to feedback left on your videos by your audience is the best way to directly connect with them!

Take Care of Video Aesthetics

Attractive, sharp and professional looking videos are better at communicating your marketing message!

Polish Your Video Marketing Scripts

This way you’ll be sure to always include the information that is of most interest to your target audience.

Be Consistent on Camera

Always send the right message and make sure that it is consistent with what you are promoting.

Use SEO to Optimize Your Videos

Search engine optimization will tremendously help your marketing videos to reach the top of search results.

Pay Attention to Your Metrics

Most video sharing platforms have built in analytics, so always be on the lookout for what is working and what needs to improve!

Video Marketing Don’ts

Don’t Use Complicated Language

Complicated jargon or slang on your marketing videos can confuse your viewership, so don’t use either unless you don’t mind catering to a limited, very niche audience.

Don’t Use Video Marketing to Brag

Shamelessly promoting your brand instead of offering value is an instant put off. So only focus on giving your target audience what they are looking for.

Don’t Lose Track of User Engagement

Pay attention to what your viewers are saying about your products or brand through comments and other interactions.

Don’t Rely on Audio as Your Primary Means of Communicating Value

Remember that videos on social media play on mute, so make sure to include annotations and engaging graphics to drive interest at first glance.

Don’t Use Video Marketing to Cold Sell Your Stuff

Instead, use your marketing videos to help your viewers to create an association between your offers and their own lifestyles.

Don’t Overload Your Marketing Videos With Information

Make them clear, concise and to the point to avoid overwhelming your viewers.

Don’t Focus on Going Viral

Focus on driving as many sales or conversions as possible, because a million impressions will not necessarily translate to a million dollars in net profit!

Don’t Get Started Without a Plan

You can’t just upload a video and wait for the views and conversions to magically happen, so make sure to map out a video marketing plan beforehand!

Don’t Ignore Split Testing

Testing two or more variations of a single video can help you to identify the elements that work and the ones that don’t.

Don’t Create Generic Looking Videos

Marketing videos that stand out and reflect your brand’s personality are most likely to be remembered, so make an effort to make yours to not look like every other marketing video around!

Now Let’s Say The Same in Video

Wondering How to Grab Your Audience Attention and Retain Them Forever? Hint: Use Video!


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