What Are Calls to Action?

It is your telling your customers and prospective customers EXACTLY what you want them to do – period.

Without a call to action, your content is just that – content! It might provide value, but the end result of all your marketing efforts is to MAKE A SALE, right?

Your sales process might be several steps that lead up to the ultimate “Buy Now” or you might go right for the juggler and make your first call to action “Buy Now”!.

Whatever it is that you want the viewer of your content to do – make sure you TELL THEM! If you don’t – it is pretty much guaranteed that they WON’T!

Have you even been searching on a website for something you wanted to buy but have trouble finding where to check out? You might find a contact form but can’t figure out how to make your purchase?

This is beyond frustrating and more than likely, your potential buyer will move on to another website where their purchase experience is clearer and easier.

If that website had a clear call-to-action, you wouldn’t have had so much trouble trying to make a purchase.

Calls-to-action give visitor’s to your website a clear path to accomplish their objectives. Making your website more efficient by making things easy and convenient for your potential customers will help your business grow.

Your Calls-to-Action Should be:

  • Visually-appealing and compelling
  • Short, clear, and concise
  • Action-oriented: Begin with a verb like “Download” or “Register”
  • Easy to locate
  • Valuable to your website visitor
  • Relevant to your business

You also want to make sure that what you say in your call-to-action is what is received. Using calls-to-action correctly on your website provides focus to your site, a way to measure success, and a clear direction for your users.

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